Sunday Sweats 50: YTT Week 4

December 7–13

Monday: rest
By the end of yesterday, I felt like I'd put my body through a lot and planned on a rest today. Since I'm not in training for anything running-related, I can take the time to sit out a few days when my body tells me that's what it needs. Runners knee does exactly that, and the pain I felt at the end of my run Saturday and even through a few poses in Sunday's practice said it was time to back off a little.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Donna was a little out of sorts tonight, so nothing crazy in class tonight. It was a small group though which meant lots of adjustments and pushes getting me deeper into poses. Yay. Also, speaking of yay, I had a first tonight! I was able to reach back and hold my king pigeon pose on the right side for the first time ever! I've been working on my left side and making good progress, and held it longer and more comfortably tonight than ever before. That felt pretty good :)

Wednesday: deep hip yin yoga (20 minutes)
I really wanted to run today. I haven't since Saturday, and my body feels restless in a really specific way. But I honestly couldn't tear myself away from work without coming back to a disaster area, which would just undo all the goodness a run would have done for my mind. I was wearing my compression brace on my knee all day anyway, so it's probably for the best because I don't think my right side is up for the kind of run I would have run today.

I contemplated going to a class tonight but my friend invited me to check out an open mic night so that went out the window. I wound down for the evening with some deep hip stretches my joints were seriously aching for.

Thursday: 3.14 mile run (9:05 pace)
I was still cautious about running today because my knee was REALLY bothering me. Pretty tired of that, especially because it's so sudden and inexplicable. But I NEEDED to get out there and get some nervous energy out so I tried to take it easyish. Ended up with the pain creeping in around 2.5 miles in so I slowed up and sulked a little. Sigh. Also, it's December 10 and I went running in short sleeves. So.

Friday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
There was a sub for tonight's class, which was fine by me because it turned out to be a teacher I've been wanting to test out. This class was FUN. Really interesting transitions, super challenging holds, and even a pose I've never heard of before. Nothing like a good, drenching sweat to start the weekend and cleanse away the workweek. (I have work to do tomorrow, but let's pretend for now that that isn't true.)

Saturday: rest
I wanted to run, but today was the first day I didn't feel pain in my knee. Figured it best to give the extra day of rest to my body, rather than undo any hopeful repairs it'd made overnight. Super bummed to have run so little this week, but I'd rather coddle my knee now when I'm not training for anything than do some potentially irreparable damage.

Sunday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
We had about half the people in today's class as we did last week, but the heat was cranked super high and the fact that it was about 60º outside didn't do us any favors. We were all sweating pretty intensely and I actually had something kind scary happen. In the middle of class my heart started pounding really, really fast and my breath almost felt clipped. Kelly could tell we were all pretty tense and she started shutting down the heaters and turned on the fans, and that helped a lot. Even still I didn't feel my heart rate settle down to a comfortable rate until a few minutes after class. If she hadn't started cooling us down when she did, I would have had to take it down myself and go into child's pose. One of my classmates did. Remember, yogis, there's nothing wrong with that.

Weekly Totals
Running: 3.14 miles
Yoga: 245 minutes

Yoga Teacher Training Week 4 Reflections:
Training today was SO MUCH FUN. We finally talked about chakras, which I've been waiting for! I've always been really interested in chakras, which are essentially energy centers. You have 7, and each correlates to a color, element, and several traits or characteristics or strengths. The chakras sort of help direct energy flow to different parts of your body or consciousness, and when your chakras become unbalanced, you can feel excess or deficiency in certain parts of your life. For the past few years I've loved on this hour-long chakra balance meditation by Deepak Chopra, and highly recommend it if you're interested in bringing some balance to your life in this fashion. (It's especially helpful around the holidays, I think!)

After a chakra quiz (figured out where I'm deficient—self awareness is always good when striving for improvement!), we went through some poses and started really getting into sequence building. We're teaching our first sequences soon, so you know my mind is going crazy planning and building my first class opener! 


  1. I've been really interested in learning more about chakras as I've started my yoga journey a few months ago. New reader here and looking forward to following along! xo

  2. I'm doing the same thing with my foot lately - slowly testing the waters, running really easy. Sometimes it can be hard to listen to our bodies and actually do what we need rather than just push through. I had a relatively easy interval workout scheduled for today, but halfway through it (on the treadmill, which made it especially tough!) I could tell my body was just not having it. So I pulled the plug and just ran a couple more easy miles to cool down.

    That is scary with your heart and breathing on Sunday! Glad you're ok!

  3. I need to be honest and tell you that I never read sunday sweats in order. Since you started YTT, I immediately skip to the bottom and read about it, and then go back and read the rest. I'm sorry about your stupid knee and am giving it the Jersey what-for from here in NC (where I've been wearing capri's and December. What.)

  4. ohhh knee pain twins. see, i would know this if i was up to date with my blog reading, so sorry about that. how is it feeling today? i did the it band yoga last night (and some more random videos for a couple mins that focused on runners knee) and i was hoping for a miraculous recovery like that one time with my lower back, but no dice. womp. it still hurts. i'm taking today off though, hopefully it's better soon. rage. all the rage.
    short sleeves in december! i ran in a TANK TOP on sunday. I think i even got a little sunburn. WOAH.

  5. I can't believe YTT has been going for 4 weeks already! I feel like you just started! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Sorry about your knee troubles. Hopefully when I read next week that will be a thing of the past!


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