Sunday Sweats 51: YTT Week 5

December 14–20

Monday: rest
I don't really love this trend of Mondays as rest days, but it happened again thanks to a pretty crazy deadline. Lots of work to do, not enough hours in the day.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
AHHH. Today was amazing. I went to a morning class instead of Donna's this evening, because there's a new class on rotation at my studio. Agnes, who led my YTT group through an incredible pranayama and meditation workshop, is now teaching Tuesday mornings at my studio. It's a vinyasa flow and Kundalini fusion class, and I was SO happy to be able to attend the first session. Agnes is an AMAZING teacher, and this class really kicked my butt. I'm talking three straight minutes of reclined scissor kicks. Holding warrior two with archer arms for three minutes while breathing Breath of Fire on each side. 54 kundalini frogs. The real win was the chant and meditation at the end, followed by a really peaceful savasana. Also, My YTT instructor Kelly was there too, and I have to say it's really a treat to practice right beside your mentor.

I wanted to run afterwards. I haven't run since Thursday, mostly out of an abundance of caution regarding a surprise case of runner's knee. But it wasn't in the cards for a lot of reasons today, so here's hoping for tomorrow.

Wednesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Went down to my studio's other location tonight for Donna's class, which happens to be in my hometown. I opened the door and walked right into a woman I've known since I was 3 years old, my old classmate's mother. She was there for class and it was lovely to say hello and catch up; I haven't seen her in more years than I can count. Class was small tonight, which I like because Donna is amazing with adjustments and getting us deeper into poses and can get to us all when there are fewer of us.

And then, on the way out, I was stopped by another girl about my age that I've known nearly my whole life, whose mat was right behind me the whole time, unbeknownst to me. The yoga studio is the new townie bar, apparently! (Actually, the studio is located right underneath the townie bar, so... full circle.) But it was great to see them both.

Thursday & Friday: rest
Part of me really wanted to run, take another class, or at the very least do a yoga video at home. But a bigger part of me still felt that runner's knee pain (and panicked), was completely disinterested in running in pouring rain (I'll do it during training, but not if I don't have to), had tons of work to do, and had a Christmas party and in-office meeting throwing my day out of whack. I HATE 0-mile weeks, but it wasn't in the stars for me.

Saturday: ugh
I was sick ALL day long today, and it wasn't even until well after sundown that I started being able to sit up straight for more than two seconds, so there went my dreams of running today.

Sunday: YTT
A little bit of movement in training today, but I didn't take class. I told my teacher yesterday I'd been sick and was worried about an intense class in the heat—wasn't in the mood to gamble on nausea with a 102º-degree room of 30-40 people. Kelly had me sit out and just meet my group for training after class, which I was hugely grateful for after the day I had yesterday.

Weekly Totals
Running: 0 miles (sigh)
Yoga: 150 minutes

Yoga Teacher Training Week 5 Reflections:
Today we received a LOT of information and went over a lot of stuff. A few weeks ago, we were assigned readings of the Yoga Sutras, which are sort of principles inherent in the practice of yoga as written by the guru Patanjali. We each had to select a Sutra from Book 1 and Book 2 that resonated with us and prepare a brief reading. We all got a bit emotional reading our comments on the Sutras we connected to, and in turn connected to each other more. I love this group of women and am so grateful to be experiencing this training alongside them.

After that, I gave the first dharma talk. We will each prepare one, and last week I volunteered to go first today. A dharma talk is just, for our purposes, a few comments to open class with, that may or may not be connected to the practice that follows, that just gives students something to think about or ruminate on. Next, we took a Sanskrit quiz on postures and continued talking about class and sequence building.

We're off next week for a little holiday break, but when we return in January we'll each teach the fist 15 minutes of a class. We're given pretty strict parameters: we're only to use poses we've gone over in-depth in YTT and learned adjustments on. Kelly wants us to talk through every pose giving breath cues and verbal adjustments, so we've got to reign it in and go back to basics for our first teaching. It'll be a miracle if over the next two weeks I have a single thought that isn't interrupted by a pose transition idea or playlist addition.

This reminder may be premature, but with the hustle and bustle of the coming weeks it never hurts to send up the signals a bit early. Next Tuesday the 29th is the LAST TUESDAY OF 2015. Oh, and it's also the last Tuesday of the month, so it's Training for Tuesday. Get your year-end training goal posts ready and chat with Tracy and me about your training goals for the coming year, or reflect back on the past year. Or anything else you want to talk about it. See you then!


  1. oh wow! how exciting that you get to teach the first 15 minutes of a class. and good for you for sitting out when you were feeling sick, hope you are feeling better now? sorry about your 0 mile week :(

  2. Your yoga classes sound absolutely amazing! I am so glad that you are enjoying the classes and teachings so much ♥

  3. Is it weird how much I'm geeking out about getting to go to Donna's class? Oh, it is? Oh well. SO exciting that you get to teach soon! I hope you're finally feeling better!


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