Sunday Sweats 52: YTT Rest Week + 2 Year Runiversary

December 21–27
Monday: 2.3 mile run (8:56 pace)
I figured my knee, which had been sticky with the twinge of runner's knee on my last run 10 days ago, was rested enough to handle easing back into 3 miles. BOY WAS I WRONG. I'm really upset because I have no idea why this is happening. I most certainly have not been overtraining. I did not overextend myself in yoga. I was fine for my first month of post-marathon running. Without knowing why this is happening, how can I fix it? Threw myself a nice little pity party today during/after this run.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Had a great heart-opening class with Donna tonight that felt really cleansing and crucial. Also bumped into one of my YTT classmates and met her daughter. I so love being apart of this group of great women!

Wednesday: free flow (20 minutes)
We're teaching our first 15-20 minutes in our next YTT session, but we're confined to certain poses. I want to make it good regardless, of course, so I played around to come up with a sequence I've been running through my head.

Despite the STILL THERE knee pain, I was going to tape up and go running because I'm going crazy not running lately. But I didn't, and it might be sort of silly why: There was a note in my building that we would have no heat and hot water between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. today for boiler maintenance, and it was pouring rain (again—STILL) outside. I don't hate running in the rain, but it's kind of a requirement to come inside and get right into a shower—a hot shower. So I iced and foam rolled my entire lower body and crossed my fingers for my sad little runner's knee instead.

Thursday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + 3.02 mile run (9:01 pace)
Let's start with the fact that it was about 70º outside today. Add in the heaters, and add in a PACKED class...we were sweating something crazy. I took my YTT instructor Kelly's class today, and more than half of my YTT group was there so it was a lovely morning. Despite the fact that it was hotter than hot in a hard class. Oh, and I managed something new for the first time ever: I closed my eyes in headstand!

Determined to get some miles in, I headed out on my easy route. The best thing I can say about this run was that I had crossed mile 1 before the knee pain kicked in, and when it did, thanks to KT tape it was only about 80% as bad as it was Monday. But then I was sucking wind thanks to it being 70º with 90% humidity and 15 MPH winds. You know, on Christmas Eve. In New Jersey. I'm sorry, not to be a Grinch, but it has been disgusting here lately and this non-stop rain is really miserable for life in general and running in particular. I'm at a peak of running-related frustration and I just really hope I can manage a better experience this weekend for my two-year runiversary.

Friday: rest
Merry Christmas!

Saturday: slow flow (16 minutes) + 2.24 mile run (9:24 pace)
Today is my two-year runiversary. I've gushed about my start to running here and here and my love affair with it here and pretty much all over this blog, so if you've followed along for a bit you know that I'm almost unnecessarily obsessed with giving excessive meaning to these kinds of occasions and also that running is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I wish this anniversary wasn't caught up in such a challenging week with a knee injury and all that, but even still, color me extremely grateful for this gift of running in my life.

I warmed up a good amount, treating myself to this slow flow class by Erin, and then foam rolled my IT bands and taped up my knee before heading out for my anniversary miles. On a better day, I would have run 7.3 miles today or something like that, for each day I've been a runner. But with the runs I've been having lately, all I wanted on this celebratory day was to NOT wind up in tears, clutching my knee in pain. Luckily, but keeping it short and taking the pace easy, I was able to accomplish that today. I would have loved to celebrate this anniversary with a longer run, but at least I'm able to run today at all.

Sunday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Kelly graciously gave us today off from YTT, which worked out well for my classmates who were traveling for the holidays. I did miss my new Sunday ritual, but used this opportunity to try out another teacher whose class I'm usually in training during. I walked into the studio this morning to find Kelly still there after teaching her own class, and ended up practicing next to her again today during Matt's class.

It was TOUGH, but so much fun. At one point he put us all against the wall and had us practicing handstand, which is always fun—and I was especially feeling good after practicing handstand for a bit yesterday. Spent some time working on other arm balances too, and Kelly had us right under the heater so I sweat off half my body weight. Easy like Sunday morning!

Weekly Totals
Running: 7.56 miles
Yoga: 261 minutes

Remember, this Tuesday the 29th is the LAST TUESDAY OF 2015. Oh, and it's also the last Tuesday of the month, so it's Training for Tuesday. Get your year-end training goal posts ready and chat with Tracy and me about your training goals for the coming year, or reflect back on the past year. Or anything else you want to talk about it. See you then!


  1. How have you only been running for two years?! So proud and encouraged by how far you've come in such a short amount of time! So many miles, milestones, and goals reached! I can't wait to see where this next year takes you with your running journey and your yoga practice!

  2. Seriously, what Carly said! I know I've read the posts you linked to before (side note - is the first one when we became friends?! That scene from Step Brothers is now playing in my head....), but rereading them made me so grateful for your original "trainer" because I realized that him not letting you give up in the early days is what has led you to never give up on yourself. You amaze and inspire me with every single step! And just as much with your YTT. It's been an honor sharing this relatively short but huge part of your yoga journey with you and I seriously can't wait to see you finally complete this chapter and start on the next!

  3. I seriously love reading your Sunday Sweats posts -- they are so inspirational! I am really sorry to hear about the knee pain that you have been having, but that is great that you are working to find a way to still run. Also, yay for the yoga teaching!! I can only imagine how much you are learning and how much fun you are having. Happy runaversary!

  4. happy runiversary! i'm sorry about your knee pain and not so great running week, but yay runiversary! 2 years! that is so awesome. you've accomplished so much, i can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2016.

  5. Happy runiversary! What gives with the knee!?! Geez! Sorry you're still dealing with that. I hate it when the body doesn't cooperate!

  6. I had runner's knee a couple of years back and it was really frustrating. I did quad strengthening exercises (SQUATS/etc.) and it helped over some time, I also wore the patella knee strap which was a bandaid effect, but it did help! Good luck, I feel your pain. Ugh!!


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