What I Was Doing When I Wasn't Here

Don't call it a comeback...because you probably didn't even notice I went anywhere. But if you do keep diligent track, you might have noticed a few fewer peeps out of me the last week or so. I don't ever intend to take a blogging hiatus—I've done that before, and it's always led to the end of whatever blog I was writing at the time. But without saying the "B" word that everyone hates for some reason (sometimes people do just get busier than they anticipated being!) I'll just say that I've had too little attention and energy to divide between all the places and people and things asking for it.

Here's a bit of what I've been doing when I haven't been updating this space...

Sweating. Yoga teacher training (YTT) is in full swing, and it's my life all day Sundays, beginning with a major sweat at 8:45 a.m. Oh, and I love it. And I love all the readings and books for it that take more of my attention during the week. I'm responding to this training even more intensely than I thought I would, and that's fine by me. Included in my tuition is unlimited classes at any of my studio's locations, so I've been taking advantage of that too and sampling every teacher I can find.

• Cooking, finally. Of all the recipes I have pinned, I've actually made probably 5% of them. Last week I cooked up this one-pan skillet meal and oh mah gah it was delicious. Also, in related news, I'm currently obsessed with sweet potatoes.

• Writing elsewhere. I'm contributing for Brit + Co these days. You can see some of the stories I've written for the site here! On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, a client of mine is gearing up for the Consumer Electronics Show, so writing that product catalog has kept me busy.

• Interviewing. I wrote a story about this pretty cool partnership between The Salvation Army and a device called DipJar that lets you make quick donations or leave tips with a credit card, same as you would drop a handful of change into a bucket or jar...except none of us have cash or change on us anymore. I'll share the story when it's posted, but my favorite thing was talking with the CEO of DipJar, Ryder Kessler. Check out DipJar and join me in hoping they go nationwide, like, now.

• Having coffee with Jessi. A Saturday morning coffee date with a sweet friend a time zone away, made possible by FaceTime, is one of my favorite things about life in the future. Love seeing that girl's morning face!

• Planning 2016. I mean, come on. That's a given if you know me. Planning travels and adventures; races and runcations; maid of honor duties for my cousin's spring wedding, bridal shower, and bachelorette; new hair in the new year; setting big and scary professional goals.

• Editing. Feather Magazine is cranking out some amazing content lately, with more interesting and informative stories on deck for the rest of the month. If you don't know, I'm the director of the Life section, and my writers have really been turning in some great stuff. A few recent favorites:

• Hellbent. We're in the final stages of pulling together the Winter 2015 issue! Watch this space for announcements. This next issue is going to be...something different and interesting. We hope you check it out and enjoy it!

• Playing this song on repeat. Literally, on repeat. I have a sickness.

• Getting nominated. Twice. I pretty much couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that I'd been nominated for Karen's Blog Awards. Twice! And I had to pinch myself when I saw the categories. My whole blog was nominated (in the company of, OMG, THE BLOGGESS) for Favorite Inspirational Blog, and this post (<3) was nominated for Most Thought-Provoking post. I've been accused of a lot of things, but being accused of inspiring anyone isn't something I think I'll ever get used to. This was such an amazing surprise, so thank you to all those responsible. And hey, if you feel like I'm inspiring or thought-provoking, please vote! Many of my friends have made the ballot too, so congratulations to them for being recognized for their talent, heart, and wit.


  1. Congratulations on writing for Brit+Co...I love that site and go you on being nominated for blog awards - that is fantastic! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Well someone's been busy! Congrats on all of your accomplishments!!

    P.S. Just wanted to mention, for the Christmas celebrations in Hawaii, the Honolulu City Lights is the main attraction, held in Honolulu, the state capitol. http://www.honolulucitylights.org/

  3. People hate the "b" word because it's become standard and most people use it as a way of sounding more important than they really are. It's lost the meaning it's supposed to have.

    I'm glad you've been doing things that make you happy! It's sounds like you've got a lot of wonderful things going on and it's probably only going to get better from here!

    And...oops. I was supposed to get in touch with someone at Feather at the end of August and completely forgot until right now.

  4. I'm with Jana - I don't hate the B word per se, I just hate that it's abused and misused too often.
    So many good things for you! I love that you're finding YTT even more transformative and engaging than you expected. That makes me so happy! And I love that you have your hand in so many different but equally amazing projects. You are inspiring and thought-provoking and amazing and totally deserve those spots on the ballot (and probably more) <3

  5. I agree with Jana on why people hate the B word. Sometimes I get busy, but I never like to broadcast to the world that I'm busy because too many people are out there like OH MY GOD I NEVER STOP MY LIFE IS SO CRAZY YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND. I hate those people. I think most normal people hate those people.

    You have great stuff going on! I love that you're flexing your writing muscles in many different arenas. That's fun and works your brain so much.

  6. Yay for all the exciting things going on right now! So happy you've been busy doing things you really enjoy. Sidenote- I was one of the people who nominated you :) You ARE inspirational- get used to it!!

  7. That sweet potato skillet looks delish! Right up my alley too. Sounds like you've been busy doing a lot of really productive things!

  8. Ok I checked out Dipjar and I want one for my house / desk ;) I loved our coffee date Saturday and you keep being as busy as you need to be to get all of your dreams into the world. How are we already about to love all over the December issue of Hellbent!?!?

  9. LOLOLOL I am the exact same way with Pinterest recipes. I have hundreds pinned but I've probably only made 5 of them.
    Oooo... just went to listen to that song and I love it!

  10. You have so many wonderful things going on right now!! How exciting!!!! I am totally pinning that recipe, it looks amazing! Sweet potatoes are the best, aren't they?! Love that you had a coffee date with Jessi! And you win all the prizes for motivational blogger in my book!!!!

  11. Girl, you have been crazy busy!! I too am a little bit obsessed with sweet potatoes. I think it might be starting to get on my husband's nerves, so I'm going to have to start switching it up a bit! That post you were nominated for was probably one of my favorite posts that I've read this year, so you better believe I voted for it and the other categories.

  12. okay hi a few things.

    1) miguel is the sex.
    2) i want to have a video date with you soon pleaseeee. it's been too long since our last friday night booze infused chat.
    3) you're seriously such a kickass writer. SO PROUD OF YOU.
    4) planning your trip to see me in 2016 i hope ahem ahem cough cough :)

  13. Congrats on getting nominated and being crazy busy with all the writing! I don't have that many plans for 2016 yet, but it is looking to be a busy year.

  14. i don't hate the b word! haha. it confuses me why people do. that being said, i am NEVER busy, i am not a busy person, so on the rare chance that i am (like the week before vacay when my company is moving) i mean it when i say it. anywho.
    dipjar sounds amazeballs.
    look at you, you cool nominated person you. obviously, i voted for you! because you are amazing and awesome and deserve allllllllll the awards.

  15. One of the coolest donation things I ever did was at JCPenny. They ask if you want to round up your total to the next dollar, so if your total is 1.09 or 1.98, whatever it takes to get to $2 is the donation. That would be awesome if local Targets/Walmarts could link up with Salvation Army/etc who are standing outside ringing the bell, and get donations for them that way. I bet WAY more people would donate too, because it's so much easier than digging out change.

    I feel like such a first world-er saying it's easier than digging out change (if you even HAVE change), yet it's true.


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