Currently: For Real This Time

Most of the time when we do these catch-up currently posts, we talk about what's going on in our lives in general. What we're listening to this week, what we've been wearing a lot lately, what goals we're working on this month. I'm guilty of it too, and there are two reasons: one, it's a more attractive glimpse at our lives than what we're usually "currently" doing at the moment of writing, and two, it's a better way to show an in-general view of things.

Currently, I'm not afraid to be unattractive and my in-general view of things is both boring and going to be addressed in a a few posts next week.
Thursday night, 8:40 p.m.

writing + this post, in between items on my to do list for tomorrow
wondering + if I'm ever going to reach "to do list: 0," and knowing that I probably won't
eating + nothing, which is how it should remain for a long time considering I just demolished half a pint of Ben & Jerry's
drinking + wild berry herbal tea
burning + Marshmallow Fireside
watching + Friends: The One With Joey's Bag
wearing + a men's black waffle shirt from the Gap that I "borrowed" from a friend what must be five or so years ago, and heather gray Target joggers. Fashion bloggers, step aside
avoiding + a few emails—just until tomorrow
hoping + I manage to hit the ground running tomorrow and get done everything I need to so I can enjoy my bestie dinner date guilt-free
adjusting + to my new haircut and the lack of 12 inches of my hair. I can't get everything up into a ponytail, and the pieces falling onto the back of my neck as I attempt to are going to take some getting used to...
anticipating + a snowstorm, apparently, but taking no actual precautions to prepare. I thought about hitting the wine cellar next door to my studio on the way home tonight, but I like to live on the edge instead. (I do have bread and [almond] milk.)

What are you up to right now? Have a happy (and safe, if you're in the storm's path!) weekend.


  1. I went to the store last night even though we won't get nearly as much snow...but being prepared and all lol!! Ah I havent seen your new hair cut!! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Friends reruns are the best!! i pop in the DVDs just to hear it in the background. my fav episodes are when they lost the apartment (BIG FAT GOALIE!), ross' leather pants, the one where chandler can't smile...oh so many!

  3. We just rewatched the entire Friends series over the last month or so. I just love that show!!! I got Chris to love it too and admit it was better than How I Met Your Mother. Marshmallow Fireside is my favorite candle ever. I wish I would have stocked up better on them this year. Your new hair is so cute!!! I am thinking about going shorter with mine. By shorter for me, I mean medium length, still below the shoulders lol but still! I need a new style! Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

  4. Avoiding emails is my favorite pastime.

    Good luck with the snow!

  5. We have the same warnings of winter madness and took no precautions. We have enough meat and veggies? ok, good. I tried to milk it but then I felt like a fool to not come in to work with clear roads. Maybe next time I'll play at home instead!

  6. I had missed your new cute do on IG, I love it!! :) And Marshmallow fireside is so perfect for these cold winter days.

  7. The wine store is always my first stop when I hear of a winter storm lol. Priorities! I seriously love the new 'do, and that you donated it to Locks of Love! Doesn't your head feel so much lighter? Though I normally do it in spring/summer, because all of a sudden your neck is exposed, and cold. I couldn't stand the pieces falling in the back, so I would pin them up with a bobby pin. Anyway,... happy weekend! Stay warm!

  8. I'm finishing up my coffee, listening to Hoda and Jenna Bush in the background. Contemplating having a snack, then doing some pilates. Anticipating the phone to ring with people that want to set up interviews and hire me! Oh the life of the unemployed!

  9. I'm not prepared for snow storms! BUT so excited I get to play with you next week! :D

  10. We went to the store last night because I felt like we were supposed to, but we really already had enough food so all we really bought was cereal and wine.
    I hope your to-do list at least gets down to a manageable number and that you have a great weekend!

  11. Haha, I swear I didn't read your post before posting my latest insta photo! :) My to-do lists (lists!! plural!! *insert desperate emoji*) tend not only to get shorter, but the items are being added constantly. Well, a part of it is my fault - maybe I'm suffering from FOMO? But I really, really, really dream of a day when I'll wake up and have absolutely nothing to do. Maybe take the trash out.
    P.S. I already said that, but I need to say it again: your new haircut is awesome and suits you so, so well. :)

    1. *to not get any shorter was, of course, what I meant :)

  12. Your hair looks gorgeous! I cut mine about a foot last weekend too. It's so light and looks so healthy, but I can't put it in a bun anymore and it's weird running my fingers through my hair only to feel air where it used to be.

  13. joeys bag! haha. and that bread & milk video lol. we went to the grocery before the 'storm' (or as it started) and they had plenty of milk and bread, but guess what was completely ransacked? frozen pizza. i mean, whatever haha.
    your hair looks amazing! i did not get mine cut that short, a bit longer, and it as hard to put in a pony / bun, so annoying! hope you had a lovely weekend :)

  14. Lolol I love that episode of Friends! "It's a MAN'S BAG!"

  15. Haha. (Almond) milk. Yup!! That storm definitely shut me up. I was certain they were just hyping it up, as usual. But when you shovel for 6 hours across 2 days, foot-> mouth.
    I'm absolutely loving your haircut. I think it looks great.

  16. You're so right, I feel like most 'currently' posts are actually more like lately or recently what I've been doing. I haven't watched Friends in forever for some reason, but now I want to go and watch that episode again.


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