Sunday Sweats 53: YTT Week 6 + NYE Midnight Run + My First Spin Class

December 28–January 3

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
My week just doesn't feel right without a Kelly class (my YTT instructor), and since we had yesterday off, I went to her morning class today. As always, super sweaty, very full, and so much fun. She brought us to flying pigeon pose, which is something I attempted a few times a while back, fell out of immediately, and stopped thinking about. Oh, the difference a good warmup (and proper pose entry) can make! I nailed the balance on both sides and ALMOST got my back leg fully extended for a few seconds.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Knowing I'd be taking Donna's class tomorrow with a special guest, I opted for a different teacher at my studio's other location tonight. Amber was fantastic and I LOVED her creative transitions, challenging balances, and unique instruction style. I am definitely planning to take more classes with her in the future.

I contemplated running today, still cautious because I have a race later this week and the knee pain is still present. I kind of figure if I'm going to mess it up, it shouldn't be BEFORE the race—it should be during. (Don't argue with my very sound logic.) I talked to a running buddy and coach and got some sound advice, and a blessing to take an easy few miles. And I almost did, except for the fact that it was literally 100% humidity. It's scary enough to go running knowing my knee might be moments away from giving up; I'm not adding in the certain hell of running in 100% humidity when running is already such an internal battle right now.

Wednesday: 2.17 mile run (9:23 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
A few experimental miles to gauge my knee before tomorrow's race. I haven't been sleeping and it might be in part because of a lack of running, and I just needed to shake it out a little bit. Warmed up for a few minutes, foam rolled, and put on my knee strap. Out there, I paid super close attention to my gait and the bank of the road, making sure not to hyperextend my right leg/IT band—that's where the problem lies. First mile was great, and almost on cue after the chime, the stickiness crept in. It was manageable and I could run easily through it, slowing my pace and carefully placing my footsteps. It was also 96% humidity out there, so it was a challenge because of that but I don't really have reason to complain.

While I was running, Tracy was driving—on her way to me! She's staying with me for a couple of days to ring in 2016 together, and I was SO HAPPY to be able to bring her to Donna's class tonight! Another wonderful class with my beloved teacher and it's always great to sweat with a buddy.

Thursday: Central Park NYE Midnight Run – 4.05 mile run (9:38 pace)
Full race report coming soon, but in short, Tracy and I ran in the new year with 10,000 others through Central Park. The course was filled with spectators, which I wasn't expecting, and offered great views, tons of energy, and, most importantly, bagels at the end. As always, loved crossing a finish line with my friend!
Friday: Peloton Cycle spinning class (45 minutes)
Baby's first spin! If you know Tracy, you know that girl doesn't just dominate on the run. She's a fan of this cycling studio that streams classes but only has one location, right over the river here in NYC. We popped into this afternoon's live DJ class and I got my rear end in a bike saddle for the first time in probably 4 years. It was SO MUCH FUN. Hard, for sure, but I love to sweat and new challenges are always fun. The instructor was funny, had great energy, and really knew how to work her room. I started researching cycle studios near me the minute we got home and will definitely be adding the occasional cycling class to my rotation.

Saturday: active rest
No workouts today, but I did move all the furniture in my apartment (just to put it back almost exactly where it all was) and practice my sequence for Sunday's teaching, so not a wasted day.

Sunday: studio yoga class + YTT practice  (2 hours) Week 6
Kelly's class (75 minutes) this morning—nothing out of the ordinary, but another good, solid, fun class. It's finally getting cold outside so the temperature was just right. Afterward in YTT, we each taught our first 15 minutes! We were confined to a 15-20 minute class opener and only select poses that we've gone over, and I was expecting a lot of the same motions. But everyone brought their A game and we really mixed it up and had so much fun! We also practiced adjusting, so I didn't do the whole 15-20 minute routine from all my classmates; just 3 of them and adjusted for the other 3 and of course led my own without demoing every posture.

Weekly Totals
Running: 6.22 miles
Yoga: 345 minutes (!!)
Cycling: 45 minutes

YTT Week 6 Reflections:
I feel like until I am actually a certified teacher, I'll always feel like I'm "playing teacher" to a certain degree. I was a little nervous today, but I went second and tried to enjoy that this stage of training is finally here. I definitely got more comfortable after I got started and ended up just really really enjoying my first real experience teaching.

The best part of finally getting up there and teaching as if it's a real class—not just a quick demo—is that I'm starting to get a sense of how I'll be as a teacher. I have an idea of how I want to lead my classes, what kind of setup I'll want in my room, and how much time I want to spend in each phase of a class. On the one hand, I can't wait to hurry up and just be able to start teaching on my own, but on the other, this training is SO valuable and I'm learning so much that I know is only going to make me a stronger and more useful teacher for my future students and any studio(s) I work in.


  1. Ahh so much fitness goodness for one week! It was so fun finally getting to go to Donna's class after hearing so much about her! And of course racing with you was (and always is) the best. The bagels at the end of the run were a highlight for sure! We don't have that here sooo....more NY/NJ races in my future, please and thank you. I'm so relieved and happy that you actually enjoyed spin class (seriously, it's not for everyone and I totally get that!), and it's funny and also awesome to me that while you're researching spin studios, I'm researching yoga studios ;) And finally, so happy for and proud of you for teaching your first sequence! You've "taught" me enough times that I have no doubt you were amazing and will be an amazing teacher to your future students!

  2. you are so dedicated! I used to go to yoga all the time, but with the mist of everything somehow stopped. I am very excited to be going to my first class tomorrow night! It has been a few months since I last went to a yoga class so I am super excited. x, kenz

  3. I can't wait to hear about that midnight run - that sounds like it was amazing!!! Great job with all that fitness last week! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. love all the fitness, obvs. I need to get back into yoga and I'm trying to find time to squeeze that into my already jammed fitness schedule :( I'm thinking Mondays but once a week yoga was never enough for me (I always preferred 2/3x per week) so I have to negotiate with my husband since going more than once a week will interfere with his cycling schedule!

  5. You ladies are the best. Ringing in the new year together, sharing passions and new experiences, drunk texting me for a potential FaceTime date! All of this. Keep flying, pigeon :) You're going to make a great teacher and I'm so happy you got your first official taste.

  6. your knee pain logic is actually very sound! haha. it makes sense to me.
    yay bagels! can't wait to read more about the race, hope your knee was okay?
    good to hear your 15 minute teaching went well! i'm also super happy that this training is valuable and you're learning heaps :) and yay cycle!!! how fun. glad you had a good time. it's been years since i've done a spin class!

  7. Yay for teaching your first class! Cannot wait to read more about your teaching and all these fitness check-ins are motivating me to start (again) and get my ass in shape.

  8. Yay!! I'm glad you were able to run the race and have a good time! I'm trying to picture 10000 people running through central park and I just can't do it. I love reading about your teacher training, I'm glad your first time in front of the class doing your own routine went well! When you say adjusting what does that mean exactly? Like you went around and helped get people in the correct posture?


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