Sunday Sweats 54: YTT Week 7 + A Real Class

January 4–10

Monday: rest
I finally remembered today that I needed to order KT tape, so I did and Amazon says it should be here by tomorrow—whew. Going to hold off on running until then, if I can, just because I haven't had a pain-free run without tape in weeks and I'm getting tired of that racket. No yoga today—I just didn't make time for it.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Chiropractor day today! Got him to work out the stickiness in my hips that's partially responsible for the mess in my IT bands. Would have run afterward if I had time, but traffic slowed me down and it was Donna day. Headed to her class for some sweet, only-moderately-sweaty non-hot yoga love.

Wednesday: 3.78 mile run (9:06 pace) + studio yoga class (60 minutes)
Taped up and went out cautiously today. I just want to go running and enjoy it—not be terrified that it's going to be painful to the point of tears—again. Pain held off until about 1.5 miles in, and then was mild enough that I could manage it by staying on the side of the road that didn't have me overextending my right IT band. Still painful, but I can feel progress. I just need to work on strengthening now and slowly building to the place I want to be again. Slow progress is still progress.

So as for why it says 60 minutes instead of the usual 75... I only practiced 60 minutes tonight because I taught the first 15! Donna offered me the opportunity to open class and with Kelly my YTT instructor's blessing, I went for it. I knew two people in the class (one was my YTT classmate, the other a woman I've known since I was 3) and a few were familiar from class, but I was basically facing a bunch of strangers. And I can't stop smiling, it was so much fun! I was way less nervous than I was on Sunday and can't wait to get up there again.

Thursday: 2.04 mile run (8:58 pace) + hip & hamstring yoga (20 minutes)
I kept miles low because I want to stay able to run frequently without risking an actual injury. This was a good strategy for me today. No new twinges, but rather what felt like a bruise in my knee, like residual soreness from yesterday. Progress!

On Day 4 of the latest video challenge, Bad Yogi put out this one and I'm never going to turn down a hip/hamstring video. It was 15 minutes and then I felt like flowing, so I just put on a song and moved with it for a few minutes.

Friday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
My YTT classmate speaks really highly of this one teacher at a location our studio system has about 35 minutes away, and I love Friday night yoga so I ventured out to her class tonight. Yoga happy hour! I was super happy to see my YTT buddy there too, and had a super sweaty and REALLY fun class. Christina brought a full-body flow, always kept us moving, and had plenty of options for deeper challenges and pull-backs. So fun!

Saturday: 4.5 mile run (9:28 pace)
The humidity (about 85% when I checked before heading out, but it definitely thickened as I was out there when the rain stopped) obliterated my pace, because I was really feeling strong. My IT band/knee stuck with me the whole time (with KT tape on) and I could feel my knee, if that makes sense, but it didn't hurt. Progress, progress, progress! Also, I think this is the longest I've run since this injury first started acting up. *Celebratory dance*

Sunday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + YTT Week 7 (120 minutes)
Today was inversion day in YTT, so Kelly brought a whole lot of headstands, shoulder stands, and chin stands in class today. It was a super gloomy, rainy morning and then lethargic feelings were real, but after warming up I left it all on the mat.

After hot class, we went into YTT to go over inversions. The point of today was two-fold: get into inversions to understand how it feels so we can better explain them to our future students, and to learn how to help others safely and correctly get into inversions. It was also good to go over the benefits of inversions (there are tons—worth googling!), because it really isn't just about looking fancy for the Insta frame. I have a pretty strong inversion practice (though of course there's room for improvement), so I went for everything today. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow! I'm feeling really comfortable in my handstand AND float back to chaturanga, and more comfortable than ever in forearm stand (pincha) after today's workshop-style lesson.

Weekly Totals
Running: 10.32 miles
Yoga: 425 minutes (!!!)

Yoga Teacher Training Week 7 Reflections:
Again, as much as I feel like I wish I could just jump into teaching, I can't say enough how valuable this training is and continues to be. Sometimes just one verbal cue completely changes the way we practice a pose, makes it easier or safer, and helps us to then teach it better. As teachers, we have a big responsibility to keep our students safe and satisfied, and I could never feel as confident in doing that if it weren't for this training.


  1. Inversions... they're SO hard for me, but you're right, the benefits are worth it! I went to my first Aerial class last week and it was amazing but really difficult!

  2. So excited for you to keep growing in your training and understanding as a teacher. I know you felt like the room was full of strangers, but just think of how much they now respect you as a radiant human being. <3 Stay safe with your runs, your pain always concerns me.

  3. Yay for teaching! That' super exciting. I agree that one word can make a pose or move into something totally different. Sometimes the pilates instructor i follow will say one thing, and when I look over she's doing something completely different than what I thought! rare, but it happens!

  4. So happy you're slowly feeling progress with your injury and are working your way into making sure you're comfortable and not hurting yourself. And YAY for teaching the beginning of the yoga class!

  5. yayyyyyyy to all the things! first off, i had no idea you taught donna's class, that is so flipping amazing! i must have missed that when you told me you taught an actual class. all the high fives you proper teacher you!! also yay progress!!! i'm doing a celebratory dance over here, so happy! begone knee pain!! also, super happy that you are loving training and finding it so valuable. you're gonna be the best yoga teacher ever, i can just know it :)

  6. Wow!!! I can't believe you got to teach part of a class after just a few weeks of training! Thats so awesome! I took a sweaty class last night (room was warm but not hot) and I don't see how i used to take hot yoga all the time. I was dripping in sweat.


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