Sunday Sweats 55: YTT Week 8

January 11–17
Downright warm for this time of year in NJ.
Monday: quick flow + handstand practice (20 minutes)
I was SUPER sore from yesterday's 3 hours of yoga and very long inversion training, so I took it on the easy side. But not without working on my handstand practice, because when something really starts clicking it's hard to stay away!

Tuesday: 3.15 mile run (9:15 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Easy miles today, not that the wind was going to really let me go quick anyway—it was pretty gusty on the way back in, and it slowed me down. I had tape on my knees and I barely felt any pain where I've been feeling it lately—woo! I felt a little stickiness higher up in my IT band, but that's because I barely stretched or warmed up.

In Donna's class tonight I conquered a fear and went for handstand in the middle of class as part of a few vinyasa flows. Granted, I was right in front and up against the mirror so I had it behind my heels for support, but I stuck it a few times and held the balance. Woo!

Wednesday: studio yoga class (55 minutes)
Donna asked me to open class again tonight, and I happily obliged. I was glad for the opportunity, because there were some people in class brand new to yoga—this presented an additional challenge, and it's one I need to be used to if I hope to teach effectively. I was mindful of the new students while also paying attention to the more advanced group who wanted to be challenged, and I think I pulled it off. Oh, and I also managed to stick a handstand during flow with no wall support PLUS a chaturanga float back. (I know, this is gibberish.) Woo!

Thursday: 3.26 mile run (9:10 pace)
YOU GUYS. I don't want to jinx it so I say this while knocking on wood, but I think we're back to normal. Knee felt fine during this run, though I did stay taped and kept it easy on the least-hilly route I can manage. Hooray! I'll still be taking care and foam rolling when I can remember, also sticking to 3 runs per week for a little while. But for the first time in weeks I'm not terrified about the race plans I have for the coming year!

Friday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I really love starting my weekend by sweating on a Friday night. Writing this, I'm remembering how much I enjoyed my long runs on Friday evenings during marathon training last year—that solitary start to the weekend where I really feel my body and mind releasing the week just past, preparing for weekends that are, these days, just as busy.

This was my second time in Nicole's class, and I really like her style. She's a new teacher, just 6 or so months out of training, and we had a really nice chat after class about YTT, Kelly, new teacher fears, creating fun sequences, etc. No question I'll be back to her class.

Saturday: active rest
Today was moving day for my cousin, and I didn't really leave enough time in the morning for a run between everything I had to do at home and leaving for the hour-long drive to her. Not a rest day though, because moving boxes and furniture isn't what I call rest.

Sunday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + YTT Week 8 (2 hours)
Class got HOT this morning. It was crowded and I think the heaters were up a little high, plus I was right next to one. Got a little dizzy toward the end, and about 3/4 of the way through class I just stopped pushing myself. I didn't hold poses very deeply, I didn't take advanced modifications I usually can, and I didn't lay down for savasana. Some days that's just the body that shows up, and that's okay.

After, in training, we had an hour-long class with a delightful and wonderful woman who taught us about chair and beginner yoga for people with low mobility, the elderly, and those in different types of physical recovery. After that, we moved onto more than an hour of arm balances, which was fun and exciting and eye-opening. So many of my classmates were able to reach challenge poses for the first time! And I had a few lightbulb moments of my own that made my own practice just make more sense. It's going to be fun building sequences with standing and arm balances, especially with a fuller understanding of each pose and how to guide someone into it and then adjust.

I totally copped out on my long run this weekend, but I'm giving myself a pass. My knee was hurting today, Sunday, and by the time I got home from YTT a good amount of snow was (finally!) on the ground. I was sore, and mostly just really fatigued. I still have some leeway on my calendar so I'm not too worried about not killing myself after this week.

Weekly Totals
Running: 6.41 miles
Yoga: 420 minutes


  1. I'm going to be stalking through all of your workouts in a few weeks so I can start putting together my workout plan! Haha. Glad you took a day off and let your knee have some rest, friend. I hope it feels better very soon! x

  2. So happy to hear about your handstand progress! And your teaching yoga newbies. I'm sure that was kind of scary but what a cool opportunity! You really are one bad(ass) yogi. I can't believe it's week 8 of YTT!
    Also glad to hear that your knee is cooperating. I think all you can really do with those types of injuries is back off a little and give it time, which is what you've been doing. If you had told me 2 months ago, when it first happened, that I'd STILL be running cautiously thanks to my hip I'd be like, "UGH, really?!" :/ But at least cautious running is better than no running at all?

  3. yay for no knee pain! but boo for knee hurting at the end of the week. lame. yay for handstand awesomeness and teaching donna's class again, that is so awesome!

  4. Great job with the headstands! The pilates program I'm following had a video to do it one day, and there was just no way I was getting up there! I know it takes a lot of practice though. Nice week!

  5. What a great workout week, lady! Awesome sauce on opening the class and so cool you connected with a newish teacher. As a new BODYPUMP instructor I'm surrounded by lots of vets so when I meant a newer person I get excited!


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