Sunday Sweats 56: YTT Week 9

January 18–24
Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I took Holly's class for the first time tonight, since she usually teaches Sunday mornings while I'm in Kelly's class at the other studio, or she teaches during the week in our other studio a lot farther away. (My studio has like 8 locations in NJ.) Anyway, I LOVED her class so much! Challenging in a really unique way, and she had a great way of describing transitions and alignment. Hope to be able to take her class again sometime soon!

Tuesday: 4.07 mile run (9:25 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
First actual winter run since...last winter. 25º, some snow on the ground (we just got a covering the other night), and GUSTS about 18 mph. I lost some speed in the back half thanks to uphills + big gusts, and all throughout by having to dance around ice patches. (PEOPLE. Salt your sidewalks!) My knee was taped and pretty much a non-issue, right up until the last ~.1 where I was jetting down hill and definitely overextending.

And in the best news, tonight I took my friend to Donna's class for her first EVER yoga experience! You know I love Donna anyway, but she is the best teacher for a newcomer to yoga because a) her class isn't heated and b) she focuses a LOT on alignment and brings you to the very foundational pose placement first to ensure stability before expanding into challenging modifications. We both had a great time and I think I may have converted another one :)

Wednesday: accidental rest
My schedule kind of got away from me today, and I thought about taking a class but decided against it because I didn't want to sweat on my new haircut and blowout just yet. I know, I'm ridiculous. I meant to do a video before bed but I ended up redoing my writing portfolio for two hours instead...

Thursday: 3.11 mile run (9:18 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
This run was just...fine. I didn't feel especially strong or terribly mighty, but I wasn't suffering and I might have even really loved it if it weren't for the freezing wind in my ear holes. Those "OH MY GOD I LOVE RUNNING" moments really don't happen all that much in sub-40 temps, so a middle-of-the-road day like today, where I feel grateful for these legs and mindful of my body and aware of what I'm able to do with it, is what I consider a January success.

I took another new teacher's class for the first time, Alexa. Her sequencing was interesting, but there was something about her teaching style that just didn't really warm me to her. She certainly wasn't bad, but I think I prefer taking classes with teachers I feel like I could have coffee with, and I didn't get that tonight. Didn't take away from the great and intense sweat session I got though!

Friday: 6.21 mile run (9:22 pace)
I realized this was my longest run in quite a few months. I was in a weird pattern of "okay, you just ran a marathon, give your body some rest" and then "okay, you're inexplicably injured, let your body heal" and now I'm (hopefully) back in a more normal state and gearing up for next races. Today was COLD, but with the impending storm I'm not confident I'll be able to run at all again for a few days so I had to get out there. I went for a 3-mile out and back, and the way out I had freezing wind really crashing into my face and chest. I had to take a one-minute walk near the end of mile 3 just to feel like I could catch my breath. The way back was gentler, both because of the tailwind and because my favorite place to be is past mile 4. Something happens when I cross that line and it feels like my best strides are just waiting for me there on the other side of mile 4.
Saturday: short flow (20 minutes)
In case you didn't hear, the east coast got hit with a massive snowstorm this weekend. By the time I woke up today we had about a foot or so already, and then it kept on going all day. By dusk there was well over 2 feet on the ground. No studio classes and no running, obviously. I did give this side crow video with Erin + Bad Yogi a whirl, after four minutes of flowing by myself proved I was too lazy to put a sequence together myself today. I have a pretty good grasp of side crow, so I took the opportunity to play with some other arm balances while she was explaining the foundations of the pose. Because trying to shovel out my car with an ice scraper (yes, I'm serious) didn't prove to be enough arm work for me today.

Sunday: YTT Week 9 (60 minutes)
Our morning class was cancelled due to the snow, but we managed to get together for training this afternoon. We went all over backbends, hip openers, twists, and binds today, in preparation for our next in-class teaching session next week. I'm pretty back bendy, so Kelly had me demoing and trying out all sorts of different variations for the sake of learning. So fun :)

Weekly Totals
Running: 13.39 miles
Yoga: 305 minutes

Hey, don't forget! We're kicking off this 2016 year of Training for Tuesday this week. Grab your button, refresh on the "rules," and link up with Tracy and me on Tuesday. What are your plans for this week, this month, or this year?


  1. I have sooo much respect for people who can run in the cold weather- you know how I feel about the ice, but I think my bigger issue would be being able to breathe. So fun to take a friend to their first yoga class- and even better it was with Donna :) Love your new haircut and your boots and socks are so cute!

  2. Omg that snow! I don't know how you can run in such freezing cold temperatures!

    And yay! So excited to link up for this month's TfT! I've started doing a little yoga again and am looking forward to carving out more time for yoga and running AND trying to eat a little healthier. TRYING is the key word here...damn girl scouts and their crack cookies.

  3. I would have totally done the same thing about the hair haha -sometimes a pretty new hair cut and blow out deserve to be preserved! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I'm really loving your yoga to running ratios lately. Seems so much nicer on your body and especially in this colder weather. Accidental rest day because of new hair is completely okay in my world!

  5. The wind! It was so windy here on Saturday for my long run. What gives!?! Great job getting it done today!

  6. you are so awesome running in the super cold! i know what you mean about getting out there before the storm though. i've had a meh month with running, mainly because too cold outside and too many people at the gym, but i'm getting back into it. i am so the same with a new hair cut or style, i'm not going to ruin it haha!

  7. Ah so cool to take your friend to her first yoga class ever! I feel like studio classes are intimidating to new people (I mean, they are intimidating to me now...) but they're really the best place to start! Having a great teacher, especially one with good cues and adjustments like Donna, is really helpful when you aren't really sure what you're doing or if you're doing it right.
    I'm glad you got your run in before the snow storm hit! Running in the snow was fun for like the first 5 minutes but now I'm over it. Spring, please!


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