Sunday Sweats 57: YTT Week 10

January 25–31

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Took Kelly's class this morning since we didn't have class yesterday, and I need my weekly dose of that challenge! As I was walking in I heard the girl who works the desk for Kelly's class saying she had to step back from her two desk days every week, so I ended up leaving with the gig. Best part is that after I open up the studio and sign everyone in, I get to just go in and take Kelly's class! Boom.

Tuesday: experimental flow (20 minutes)
The plan was 100% to run a gentle, easy pace today, but I had a splitting headache that would not leave me alone all day. (I'm not saying it's because I had four healthy-sized glasses of wine with MacKensie last night, but I'm not not saying that.) I've run with a headache before—or, I should say I tried to—and almost threw up, so I wasn't up for that today. I did work through a quick flow to see if the sequence in my mind for this Sunday's teaching test also worked on the mat and filled my time limit, but otherwise it was a pretty unproductive day. *shrugs*

Wednesday: 3.25 mile run (9:23 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
After Tracy's awesome post and our chat about what an "easy pace" should really be, I ran today (finally). Funny thing is that it's not that slow, compared to times I've been putting up lately, but it still felt so much easier than my runs lately have been. I think a) giving myself permission and b) aiming to just be consistent, rather than fast first and running out of gas, gave me what I needed to have this be a good run.

I had really good news tonight and couldn't wait to get down to the studio and share with Donna! But she needed a sub tonight, so I didn't get to—bummer. Her substitute was Erin, who teaches a restorative class at one of our other studios. I like restorative yoga when the moment calls, but I was too high energy tonight and was really hoping for a higher-energy class. So I was a little disappointed in that regard, but Erin taught a great restorative class and I'll be sure to take her regular class when I need that low-tempo vibe.

Thursday: studio yoga class (30 minutes) + 4.53 mile run (9:27 pace)
Today was a weird day for my first one on Kelly's desk. Long story short, I had to stay at desk for the first half hour of the class waiting for some people, and I just popped into her class for the second half hour and then scooted out before savasana. Even a half hour in Kelly's class though is a solid amount of moving and sweating.

I decided on this run to give up any real expectations or goals per run other than "don't get hurt" and "enjoy that you can run" from now thorough at least Blacksburg. After weeks of it being a struggle to run at all because of a fussy knee and IT band, I want to just appreciate my legs for doing what they're told. Secondly, between all the ice and snow piles and impassable walkways I have to jump around, my pace is going to suffer and I don't want to obsess about whether hopping over that corner took 3 or 5 seconds off my mile. I'm maintaining now. There'll be plenty of time to obsess over my paces and beat up my body later this year.

Friday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Another yoga happy hour with Nicole! Friday night sweats are the best.

Saturday: rest
I had miles planned for today, but ended up spending most of the day at the hospital—just visiting, and don't worry—and had plans with a friend tonight I was really looking forward to. Life happened and time didn't allow. I figured I could make the miles happen Sunday.

Sunday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + YTT Week 10 practice (60 minutes)
Kelly was basically evil today, because she brought a really hard morning class knowing fully that we'd have another 60-90 minutes of practice in YTT. Her class was tons of fun though, so I don't hate. Especially since this is my last week in her Sunday class!
After that, three of us (including myself) taught a 30-minute class during YTT, from the middle of a class through closing savasana. I went last so went through another hour of my classmates teaching‚which was wonderful and inspiring and a lot of fun. When it was my turn, I went with the sequence I'm actually folding into my first official, full class next week. So I'll let you know next week how it goes!

The day was really busy and kind of painful, so I'm giving myself the day off running and let's just go ahead and call it a drop back week.

Weekly Totals
Running: 7.78 miles
Yoga: 410 minutes

YTT Week 10 Reflections:
Today was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Mara came in, who I know a little bit from class, and gave us a lesson in Ayurveda. Ayerveda is sort of the science of life, and it's something I've been wanting to learn about forever. But, for me at least, it's not really something I've been able to understand by Googling. Having Mara there, sitting in front of me, willing to talk and share and answer questions, was so wonderful. I won't talk about Ayurveda here today, because I can't do it justice and I'm still absorbing what I've learned. But let it suffice to say that I'm already sure I'll be pursuing another certification in Ayurveda once I've completed my 200 hour RYT.

After teaching again today, I feel so ready for next Sunday and am so looking forward to my own class. My YTT classroom has been such a supportive environment and Kelly has really given me so much of what I need to feel prepared for the next phase. I think it's also a tremendous help that the studio I've done all my YTT work in is the same studio I'll be teaching my own classes in—it feels like home.


  1. You look incredible, girlfriend! I need to take a page from your book with the way you are so good about your weekly workouts!

  2. I love my slow run days! It's a great way to be kind to your body and still get in some good training. My coaches always say "you can never run too slow!"

  3. That pose!! Yay for your own clas. I so wish you could teach me!

  4. i am so happy and have so many emotions regarding everything in this post and your future.
    you had to wait for people at the desk? lame. will that be a common occurrence do you think?
    i know you said don't worry but i hope the person you were visiting in the hospital is okay!

  5. You have such perfect form! I can't wait for next week. I'm so excited that you're teaching - officially!!! - and I get to be one of your first students. I do believe this will call for a photo ;)


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