Journey to the Center

Last year, I treated myself to a minimalism challenge. You can read about it here and here.

I went into it needing to find some centering, and by the end of it, I did feel like I had found that. Less than a year later, here I am, needing some centering once again.

I'm diving back into the Into Mind 30-day minimalism challenge, this time with a few tweaks. I'm not putting a time-frame on this challenge, exactly, and I don't want to refer to it as a "challenge" again. I want to gain clarity, calm, focus, and peace from this...let's say endeavor. I'm starting as soon as this post goes up, and with my penchant toward daily self-assessment, I guess I'll figure out in a few days, weeks, or months when it'll be time to wrap up and call this one mission: accomplished.

At least once:
  1. Stay offline for one day
  2. Declutter your digital life
  3. Identify your three to six main priorities
  4. Streamline your reading list
  5. Downsize your beauty collection
  6. No email or social media until lunch
  7. Evaluate your commitments
  8. Define your goals for the year
  9. Clean out your closet
  10. Unfollow and unfriend
  11. No TV all day, read instead
  12. Leave a whole day unplanned
  13. Identify your stress triggers
  14. Clear out your junk drawer
  15. Let go of a goal
(Try for) Every day:
  1. Meditate for 15 minutes
  2. Follow a morning ritual
  3. Examine your daily habits
  4. Practice gratitude
  5. Create a relaxing bedtime routine
  6. Journal for 20 minutes
  7. Practice single-tasking
  8. Learn to enjoy solitude
As much as possible or necessary:
  1. Turn off notifications
  2. Evaluate your last five purchases
  3. Go for a walk and practice mindfulness
  4. Take a step toward learning a new skill
  5. Don't buy anything for 24 hours
  6. Go bare-faced
  7. No-complaint day
I feel like it's normal for this time of year—February, the Sunday of months—to bring some gloominess and blues. But this year, it's not cabin fever (it was 50º last week...) or the lack of sunlight (I haven't been trapped in an office during all sunlit hours, as I usually am) that's to blame. It's me. It's because of saying "yes" too much and "no" too little. Because of good intentions gone wrong. Because a massive feeling of overwhelm has seeped into all corners of my life, and overwhelm comes like its own dark cloud.

No matter what's casting your dark cloud today, if you have one hanging over you too, come join me. Let's find our center before the spring comes.


  1. The Sunday of months. I like that. I have issues every February and I know the issue is me. I'm working through decluttering my home this month to help alleviate some of the noise in my head, and have spent the past week working on some to do and to don't lists - for the week, the remainder of the month, the spring, and some ideas for the year.

  2. This is such a great idea! I'm definitely going to incorporate some of these into my life!

  3. hmmm. i love february because birthday! but after birthday, it is definitely the sunday of months. i feel like a dark cloud is hovering over me right now. i just want to clean and purge things, but i want an entire day to dedicate to it. i've been 'busy' (for me) but i am hoping to get to it this weekend. i do try and stay on top of my reading list and digital life though. i need to do the stay off online thing at least once.

  4. Saving this, what a great post idea. I like how you're making it a yearly thing to get centered.

  5. I love this and love even more how you broke it down into the three different categories. February is such a hard month, but I'm trying to make the most of it as opposed to just counting down the days until it's over... and warmer...

  6. I love this challenge! I need to incorporate some of these in to my life. I have been a bit overwhelmed lately too!

  7. Some day I will show you my "Alyssa Knows How to Live" collection, which is really just an amazing compilation of your everyday wisdom that I can tap into when I need a boost. <3

  8. I like that. Staying offline for a day would feel like a real accomplishment for me, and I ought to try it once every few weeks.

    Seriously - even a couple little things like that, if I stick to them, feel liuke real accomplishments and give me a much better attitude!

  9. This is amazing-- I love this challenge. You seriously inspire me, girl.

  10. I love this post. February is a tough month here too...mainly with the weather, but I agree, you can't just blame that :) I had a turn-around moment earlier this week and I am really working through a massive cleaning/purge/to-do list that I am hoping will make me feel much more calm when the spring comes!

  11. This is a great idea! I find myself going through the same thing occasionally where I want to do everything and find myself over-committing. Knowing when to take a step back and start saying "no" is a really great tool for finding balance.

  12. I forgot all about this, but what great timing. I've been pretty focused with my (possibly too long) list of February goals and basically saying "no" to a whole lot of people and events, but I'm saving this for later. I hope it helps you to find balance and re-focus!

  13. I absolutely love this challenge and it is such a great way to find yourself again (and relax while doing so)! With everything going on in my life right now I could greatly benefit from giving this a go. I love how you plan on breaking this challenge down too! What an awesome idea!

  14. I really enjoyed doing this lat year too. Some of the "tasks" were just so accurate and necessary. I think overall, I'm pretty minimal. But reminders every now and then don't hurt.

  15. Great post . . . February is definitely drab. January is hopeful with new resolutions . . . March is so close to spring flowers . . . February is realizing shit is hard and the days are cold and we all need some sun. I think I'll try to tackle a few of these . . . I need to recenter.


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