Sunday Sweats 58: YTT Week 11

February 1–7
Is it still Sunday Sweats if you can't post it until Monday? I'm a day late but not a dollar short, I hope. Yesterday was just non-stop from the moment I woke up, so here we are!

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + (drumroll please...)
Took Kelly's class this morning, since I'm working her desk Mondays and Thursdays now as I mentioned last week. She brought a hard one, but it felt really good.

I had miles on the schedule, but as Kelly and I were leaving today, she got a message from John, the studio head: tonight's teacher in studio B needed a sub, and did I want to do it?

HELL YES I wanted to do it! I had been all ready to spend the week freaking out over my first class (all my own! MY class! My name on the schedule!) on Sunday, but suddenly my first class was like 7 hours away. Good thing I'd already written my class and made my playlist, amirite? So I did it; I taught my first class. And without the benefit of exit interviews or evaluation forms, I'll say it was all good! I felt comfortable, like I knew what I was doing and talking about, and the yogis in my class all seemed appropriately challenged and treated. Hooray!

Anyway, I lost a few hours of my day today and really wanted to run to get out some nerves, but I just couldn't—work is already piling up and I have to get a lot done this week. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Tuesday: 3.21 mile run (9:15 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I flip-flop a lot lately when it comes to my attitude toward my pace. I want to effortlessly run my goal race pace, even considering everything my body's been going through the past few months. And then when I tell myself it's okay to run easy, I feel the need to step it up just enough to feel a little discomfort...and then get upset I'm not running race pace while all the while not even looking at my watch or pace. Like, I want my legs to just know what pace I want to run and run it. Obviously that's not going to happen. I think I need to start an actual training plan ASAP to find the place I want to be in. That's pretty much what I was thinking during this whole 3 miles.

I finally got to see Donna tonight and share my good news. She was as excited for me as I knew she'd be! Which of course felt lovely. My friend joined again for her second ever yoga class, and I could see that she enjoyed it even more than the first time. Another friend of hers joined us as well, and I have two new Tuesday night yoga buddies! *salsa dancer*

Wednesday: rest
Aaaaaand woke up feeling like a bus ran me over this morning.

Thursday: rest
Luckily my throat didn't hurt today as bad as it did yesterday, but my whole entire body was sore and all the congestion in the world is residing in my head. Also, haven't run in two days and my knee pain flared up while sitting at the desk at the studio today. Figure that one out.

Friday: rest
Ugh, still sick. I was really expecting to feel a lot better by today, but no dice. Joints hurt, back aches. Can't breathe. Also, this.
Saturday: rest
I cannot believe how crappy I still feel.

Sunday: YTT Week 11 practice (90 minutes)
Still really congested. If I had had to take Kelly's class this morning, I wouldn't have made it—she teaches a hard class and the heat in the studio would have made me dizzy. Instead I taught my class this morning (there's really not much practice involved in teaching; it's more guidance and cueing and just a small bit of demonstrating), with a very nasal voice, and then my YTT group came down to studio B and we had training.

Three of my classmates taught for 30 minutes each today so at least I was finally able to get practice in. We don't turn the heaters on for YTT class, and we were teaching class closings, so I got to get in three savasanas, woo! It felt good to move after a week of being laid up.

Weekly Totals
Running: 3.21 mile run
Yoga: 240 minutes

YTT Week 11 Reflections:
My first two classes in one week. How fun! I'm so grateful for this experience and being able to get a head start on my teaching. I don't want to gush and gush and gush about my classes, because I feel like there really isn't much to verbalize. I'm just really happy to have my regular class, and I'm looking forward to evolving as a teacher as I meet more students and learn still more in the last few weeks of YTT. Now, seriously, I just wish all my long-distance blog buddies could come take my class! :)


  1. i wish i could come take your class! i will one day, i am sure. i got equally as excited re-reading how all this went down on monday as i did actually hearing it on monday. i am salsa dancing for you right now. hope you are feeling better!

  2. Teaching your first class as a surprise is awesome, right? I had the same thing happen to me, I was told I would start teaching the first week of January but then right before Christmas they needed a morning sub and BOOM I was it. Could it have been better, yes, but I DIDN'T freak myself out so it was good in the head space. HOpe you are feeling beeeeeeeetter and I'd LOVE to take your class.

  3. Sorry you've been feeling so garbagy. :( Hope you're at least feeling a little better today!

  4. Ahhh I still can't believe YOUR FIRST CLASS!!!! It sounds like you handled it like the rockstar that we all know you are. It just occurred to me that it's a little poetic that you thought you had almost a week to get ready, and then you had to jump in all of a sudden. I kind of love that the Universe just kind of pushed you and you handled it so gracefully and beautifully! I CAN'T WAIT to take your class!

  5. Congrats on teaching your first class! And a bonus class! Sounds like you're well on your way.

    As far as the pacing thing, I think knowing your pace without a watch takes lots of experience. I know I'm no where near that point yet. I'm much better at knowing my easy paces versus my 5k pace, 10k pace, etc. Patience!

  6. So happy you were able to teach Sunday through your week of terrible feels. When I saw that your Monday was your first class I was so thrilled and not nervous for you in the slightest. You've been preparing for so long and it was obvious that you'd have your playlist and your flow all planned out. It just needed to be put into motion. <3

  7. YAYAY for your first class(es)! I would have been so nervous, but probably a blessing that it was more last minute so you didn't end up spending all week being anxious waiting :) I hope you're finally starting to feel better.

  8. Im so happy for you and your yogi-classness (all kindsa non words). So happy!!! PS that winter photo - Id love to see that myself one day!


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