Sunday Sweats 60: YTT Week 13

February 15–21
Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Woke up to another frigid morning (better than yesterday's -2º, but not by much!) and hot yoga with Kelly was the perfect antidote to get the chill out of my bones. She has this power to know exactly what we need at any given time, and her class today was just fun and flowy and exciting and playful.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I had a job interview this morning (!) and a lot of work during the day, so anything fitness-focused couldn't even be addressed until this evening at Donna's class. Not that I'm complaining because torrential rain and gusty winds on top of yesterday's ice and snow mess would have made for dangerous running conditions anyway.

Wednesday: 2.07 mile run (8:55 pace) + studio yoga class (30 minutes)
Did. not. want. to. run. No motivation, no energy, no drive. Nothing. So I texted Tracy.
And with a nudge from my inspiring friend I dragged myself outside and managed to put up 2 miles it seemed I desperately needed to get out of my legs.

As part of YTT, we have to observe 3 classes and assist/adjust in 3 classes—which is proving really hard, because if I'm at the studio, I want to practice! I observed one fantastic teacher this morning and adjusted in Donna's class this evening, but had to get in a little bit of practice too, so I was on my mat for the first 30 minutes.

Thursday: studio yoga fusion class (75 minutes)
Normally I would have had a studio class this morning, but I actually got tapped in to teach. Kelly was running a fever last night and asked me to cover her class, which, you guys, is a BIG deal. I'm not tooting my own horn, I'm telling you how nerve-wracking this was. She is the OG teacher at our studios, trained 99% of the teachers, and her classes fill up because she's incredible. No trainees sub her classes; on the rare occasion she needs one at all there are just two others she'll call for coverage. But she trusted me to the task and wow was it fun. I taught mostly the class I taught on Sunday, but threw in some more advanced mods because I know what this crowd likes. Just a whole lot of goodness in the heart happened just by teaching that class. So I didn't get to practice this morning, but teaching opens my heart in a different way, and a just as important way, so that was wonderful.

My day did feel like it was really missing my practice though, so I went to Agnes's (who I wrote about here and here) vinyasa flow Kundalini yoga fusion class. It's still new to our schedule and in a new time slot, plus it's a very different style than our other classes, so attendance varies. I was selfishly happy tonight to see it was just me and my YTT classmate, Dawn (who I adore) having Agnes to ourselves. What a treat. Agnes stretched me into a fully vertical standing split, gave my warrior 1 an "a-ha" adjustment, pulled me apart and helped me take up the space I needed. Class with her is really such a unique experience; I have to try to make it happen more often.

Friday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Wanted to run. Deadlines and an assigning editor had other plans. Nicole who usually teaches Friday nights was out today so a teacher named Patrick I've never met before subbed her class. His style was slow burn, very Donna-esque, and pretty gentle. I thought I wanted something a little more intense, but the low-tempo class turned out to be just fine for me tonight—especially after Agnes's intensity last night.

Saturday: 3.1 mile run (9:01 pace)
Just trying to get my groove back. So many reasons for why I didn't have to run today went through my mind before I laced up because, hi, it was 57º and not running would have been a waste of a beautiful day. I hated the whole second half and the oppressive headwind (yes, oppressive is the word I think of when I have to run into the wind for any length of time), but from the other side I'm just glad I got any miles done at all. Oh, and with negative splits, no less! 9:04, 9:00, 8:56.

Sunday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
This has nothing to do with my practice, but Donna came to take my class this morning! It was a weird role reversal for us but so nice to have her in class today.

This evening, I went to Amber's class for a change of pace. I've only taken her class once before, and it was months ago. She teaches a fantastic class though so it was great to go back and work up a serious sweat to round out the weekend.

Weekly Totals
Running: 5.17 miles
Yoga: 405 minutes

YTT Week 13 Reflections:
Today we had an amazing lesson with a physical therapist and yoga teacher about anatomy and physiology. A lot of discussion of muscle and joint movement and how it applies to yoga. Lots of information but it was really informative and we came away with a lot of good stuff to consider.

The next two Sundays, we'll spend teaching to each other a themed 30-minute class, and those themes will build our Karma Class—basically, our final exam—in less than 3 weeks. In most cases, this is the trainees first teaching opportunity for someone other than Kelly and the training group. Basically, it's a 2-hour class (with intermission) where we all teach a separate section of class (in our case, it'll be about 10 minutes each). It's a donation-based class to raise money for a charity of our choosing as well as our debut (well for most of the trainees) to the studio. (Anyone in North Jersey, you're welcome to come! Let me know if you'd like details.) So basically, today was really our last lesson day in YTT. What. in. the. world!

It's already time for another Training for Tuesday this week! Grab your button, refresh on the "rules," and link up with Tracy and me on Tuesday. What are your plans for this week, this month, or the rest of the year? We can't wait to hear about it!


  1. oh i'm sorry to hear about your wednesday feelings and run. i'm glad tracy was able to inspire you and get you out there. hope all is well and that job interview went well? also, toot your own horn! or i shall toot it for you! teaching Kelly's class AND Donna attending your class? so pumped for you, basically wriggling in my seat. high five!

  2. I'm probably being dramatic but it seems like the weather has been so awful constantly this winter-- snow or ice or rain and then repeat! I'm so proud of you for getting out there even when you didn't want to on Wednesday. Yay for being asked to teach Kelly's class-- what a great experience for you!


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