Sunday Sweats 61: YTT Week 14 + Half Marathon Training Week 1

February 22–28

As YTT draws to a close, my run game is about to get the kick it's been sorely lacking. After months that have been characterized by marathon recovery, then injury and injury recovery, and then finally sickness and depressingly low morale, I'm ready to set my sights on a goal and get back to my literal dream-chasing method of operations. This is the first week of half marathon training, my first cycle of such in nearly a year. I'm ready to get back on the grind and start putting up miles toward the New Jersey Half Marathon this May.

Monday: studio yoga class x 2 (150 minutes)
That's right, I doubled down. Had my usual morning on Kelly's desk and then taking her class, and I went to the other studio in the evening for a very special occasion. One of my YTT classmates got to sub tonight to teach her first class ever! I asked her if she'd feel more comfortable with a friendly face there, and she said she would. I am so, SO proud of her! She did an amazing job, and at only 18, she's got such a great and natural way about her in front of the class. I wish I had been as brave at her age to do this.

Tuesday: quick home yoga practice (15 minutes)
I was really itching to get some miles toward half marathon training in today. My cousin just had surgery and is having a hard recovery, so she asked me to come and spend the day with her and help her take care of the dog, move around, reach things, get food and drinks and medicine, etc. I brought clothes and shoes to sneak out for a few miles, but looking around, her neighborhood is terrible for running. Her little cul-de-sac is off a 45 MPG road without sidewalks and a lot of blind hilly curves, but that would have been the only road I could run on really. Just not safe, not a good idea.

My cousin's fiance arrived home for the next shift and I tried to make it back in time for Amy's 8 p.m. class, which I've always wanted to take but never had because it's right after Donna's. But my cousin lives an hour away and it was pouring rain, so I missed the start of class by about 10 minutes—far too late to intrude and shuffle people around during opening meditation. I took a quick flow at home instead so it wasn't a total zero-sum day.

Wednesday: 3.11 mile run (8:54 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
You know how I know I'm ready to be back to training? Rain day, high humidity, low 40s temperature, misty and hazy...and I was so ready to go running. A training schedule to abide by is often the only thing that can get me outside in crappy weather, and opting out didn't even cross my mind today. So ready to start working for my next 13.1.

Full evening at the studio. I observed the 6:30 class (part of YTT) and practiced in the 8 p.m. class, taught by Billie, whom my YTT classmate raves about but I've never taken class with before. She was delightful. The right tempo and sequencing for a late evening class, and she laid a lavender-soaked cold washcloth over our foreheads during savasana—seriously? Amazing. I also got to practice beside Matt, our studio's only male teacher, who I've taken class with twice and am really looking forward to observing tomorrow. His practice is downright awe-inspiring.

Thursday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Got sweaty with Kelly this morning, is as my new (and much loved) norm.

Friday: 3.11 mile run (8:54 pace)
Completely different route than I ran on Wednesday, but I came out with the same stats exactly. Heh. Anyway, I was ready to make it hurt a little bit today, but the 20-30 MPH gusts took care of that plenty for me. One of these days I'll start designating my short runs as speed, tempo, easy, whatever. As of now I just kind of decide while I'm running and then sometimes I make my mind up and change it 10 times during a single mile. If nothing else today was brilliantly sunny, if cold and gusty, and it was one of those great-to-be-alive days out on the run.

Saturday: yoga practice (90 minutes)
Had a whole lot of practice today but different than usual. Two of my YTT classmates wanted some help and feedback on their next 30-minute teaching session—for half of us, tomorrow is our last pre-graduation class teaching experience; for the other half, it's next week—so I met up with them and we went through their classes and workshopped them. It wasn't as intense as a traditional 75-minute class but I was so glad to be able to spend the afternoon giving them some feedback and helping them get some nerves out!

Sunday: YTT yoga practice (90 minutes) + 3.26 mile run (9:19 pace)
Three of my YTT classmates taught their 30 minutes today so I got to practice after teaching my own class, and then teach another 30 minutes to my YTT group. It's so cool and amazing to see how far we've all progressed from that first time we led each other a sun salutation 14 weeks ago.

So, about these miles. A few things:
1) There were supposed to be 6 of them, but no way that was able to happen today.
2) I'm glad I didn't fully skip them, like I contemplated.
3) They absolutely sucked.

I didn't get home until almost 5:00 tonight after a long day of YTT, and an unexpected extra hour or so sitting with my instructor and some of my classmates after a pretty intense emotional episode—being there in that room with them was more important than running out the door. I was feeling depleted emotionally and STARVING physically, so I wolfed down some food too close to when I set out to run. I had side stiches in both sides the whole way, plus 15 MPH gusts in my face the entire second half. I almost skipped the mileage altogether though, so I'm at least glad I could pull it together for half. (Thanks, Trace.)

Weekly Totals
Running: 9.48 miles
Yoga: 495 minutes 

YTT Week 14 Reflections:
Holy crap, we have one week left. I love these people so much, and I miss them already. I know that's not much of a reflection, but it's my most prominent thought after today.

Half Marathon Training Week 1 Reflections:
Came in with 2.7 fewer miles than I had planned for this week—I know it looks light for the first week of a training cycle, but this is a 45% increase over last week's mileage after, as I mentioned, a laborious few weeks. (If I'd done the full 6 today, it would have been a 58% increase.) I learned my lesson last year—start from where I am, not where I wish I were—and go from there. I can't make up for lost mileage with happy thoughts. So I'm starting here and begging, pleading with my body to stay with me for the length of this training cycle. And, well, forever, really.


  1. I have not worked out in 2 weeks with vacation and getting back on schedule and today is my first day back...this totally motivated me!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Baby steps! I downgraded myself from the full I was planning in May to the half. Since I'm not running at all right now due to another stupid injury, I hope to be ready for it! You're right though, we have to start from where we are.

  3. How can I help you make a deposit into your emotional bank? It seems to be running low and I want to help, any way that I possibly can. Literally I'll take a long lunch and break away from the workday to put something into your account. Tell me how I can. <3

  4. 'start from where I am, not where I wish I were' yes. i need to remind myself of that daily.

    your 18 year old classmate - woah! that is seriously awesome. good for her.

    yay for YTT being almost over. 1, super proud of you, and 2, i'm sure it will free up some time / flexibility / energy / whatever for you to get back where you want to be with running. i mean, i know it will still be a huge part of your life what with being a freaking YOGA TEACHER (high five to you!) but hopefully you start feeling awesome and great with running.

  5. I so wish I had thought about teaching fitness a few years ago. I always thought, nah, not me, I don't know enough and I'm not a teacher, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I know your friend loved having a friendly face in the class, it always makes it better. Way to go!

  6. Half marathon training!!! I can't wait to see where this cycle takes you. Whether it's to a PR or just back to a place of confidence in prep for Richmond (it's so far away that I forget about it, then I remember and I'm like <3 <3 <3), I know it's going to be amazing. Oh and I had to employ that "just 10 minutes" strategy on my long run this weekend.
    I'm so excited and so sad at the same time for YTT to end!

  7. "Start from where I am, not from where I wish I was." That's exactly where I am right now! You'll get there! Also, NJ Half? I've always wanted to run that one! My uncle lives on the course in Long Branch!


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