Sunday Sweats 63: YTT Graduation + Half Marathon Training Week 3

March 7–13

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Lots of good energy generating in Kelly's class today, helping to start off the week on a really positive note!

Tuesday: 5 mile run (9:15 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Well, I had 4 on the schedule today, but I guess I just felt like running. Which is a really happy turn of events, because I was feeling obligated at best and apathetic at worst before I got outside. The beautiful weather this week certainly doesn't hurt—over 60º today and despite the wind (enough already), perfect running conditions. Clear blue sky, felt perfectly comfortable in capris and short sleeves. Negative splits (started with the steepest uphill of the route): 9:49, 9:24, 9:13, 9:03, 8:46.

Wednesday: rest
The weather was perfect, and I didn't go running. I went for a walk to the juice bar and laid out and read on a blanket though! I had a feeling it might have been too warm, too fast to enjoy myself on a run without overheating, and I really just kind of wanted to sit and be in it.

Thursday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + 3.11 mile run (9:09 pace) + cycling class (45 minutes)
Morning sweat, afternoon sweat, evening sweat. Kelly's class, then the miles I planned for today. Which were way warmer than I anticipated—it took some getting used to the high-70ºs temps. But running in capris and no sleeves felt so nice. Obnoxious headwind on the back half of these miles did not.

After all that, I headed down to a fitness studio by my old office to meet with the studio manager. I'd reached out because they advertise yoga, cycling, and barre classes, but only have two yoga teachers teaching one class each. I inquired about getting on their sub list and was invited down to take a class with the manager and learn about the place a little bit. Interesting thing happened: I learned that I come recommended. *dancing emoji* The studio owner asked a few local yogis about me and I got good enough reviews that they put me right into position as first call for a sub, with an option to hopefully build my own class there soon.

Oh, and then I took a cycling class for 45 minutes, walked out and nearly fell down the stairs. What legs?

Friday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + YTT GRADUATION
This morning I took a class at a new-to-me studio where I'm exploring a potential teaching opportunity. The vibe there was very different than my usual studio (Younique), with a deeper focus on spirituality and Ayurveda (which I hope to soon seek a certification in as well). The class was a non-hot Hatha yoga class with very long holds, focus on alignment, and little flow. It's always interesting to see how the body responds to a venture outside the usual movements! The teacher was fantastic—Bad Yogi-style in his humor and cues ("not gripping with the toes, we're not raptors") and very welcoming.
And then I got the certificate stating I'm a real, live, credentialed yoga teacher, while standing (well, sitting) alongside my inspiring and awesome class of co-trainees and in front of my equally inspiring and awesome teacher, Kelly, and the studio owner who placed so much trust in me to give me my class before we even met face to face. And I'm humbled beyond words, grateful beyond measure, and just so damn happy.

At our group graduation class, I taught for about 8 minutes (12 trainees, 2 hour class with an intermission and introduction...) and spent the rest of the time either out in the lobby stuffing my face with yin/yang black and white cookies or alongside my co-trainees in closing meditation. It was a perfect night, capped off by champagne in the studio and a few celebratory drinks around a firepit with my colleagues in yoga. (We may or may not have already begun planning workshops and events we want to run together...)

Saturday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I took another class today at the same studio as yesterday, at the owner's invitation. I'm really sorry to say this, but I did not like this class at all. It was recommended to me without much of a description but suggested as a vinyasa flow class. It wasn't. And I honestly did not like it—not because I only like vinyasa; that's not so. The instructor is probably a lovely person to have coffee with, but I found her instruction style infuriating. She practiced almost the entire time from her mat, making it hard to see and hear her and impossible half the time to understand what she wanted us to do. She never announced by name the poses we were moving to or arriving at and didn't describe them fully either, so half the time I wasn't sure if I should have been in high lunge, warrior I, or pyramid—and though I can certainly do whatever feels best, the idea of having a teacher is that they guide you to a certain place with a purpose. I was just confused—not because I didn't know the postures, but because I didn't know WHAT postures I should have been in until I looked up in an unnatural sightline, losing my balance or having to come fully out of the pose. At the end, she cued savasana for closing meditation, but then wouldn't stop talking. One limb of yoga asks you to tune out sensory stimuli (pratayahara, the fifth limb), but she was saying things she obviously wanted us to hear. So I could never really withdraw into a meditative space. I honestly just spent the whole class waiting to leave. (I would never walk out during a class unless I was seriously injured, bleeding, or sick.)

After all that, I had 6 miles on the schedule. That didn't get run, because no matter what I did I could not shake the splitting headache that crept up as soon as I got home and was so bad I was nauseous for most of the afternoon. I'll try again tomorrow after teaching, which might mean I have to be late to some celebratory and St. Paddy's Day plans, but we'll see.

Sunday: active rest
My class this morning was great. There are two BIG St. Paddy's Day parades/beer fests around here this weekend, plus we lost the hour of sleep, so I didn't have high hopes for a big turnout this morning. The ladies who did show up were troopers, tried new things, reached for advanced postures, and just made me feel really full and happy as a teacher.

And then I didn't go running. I kinda knew I wouldn't. I know, I know—bad runner. But this is my first FREE SUNDAY (after 10:30 that is) in literally 16 weeks. I took my time to shower, enjoy breakfast, and get out of the house for the parade. I walked quite a bit though, so whatever isn't canceled out by green beer, that's my activity for the day. (I'll be good next week)

Weekly Totals
Running: 8.11 miles
Yoga: 375 minutes
Cycling: 45 minutes

Half Marathon Training Week 3 Reflections:
I'm mostly mentally ready to run, but I don't really feel like I'm in training in the grand scheme of things. Maybe that will change next week when YTT is no longer my priority, and I have Sunday afternoons back again, and I don't have to try to look past graduation in order to get excited about my next goal. I'm not mad about it; just noticing it.

YTT Graduation Reflections:
Just for the sake of simplicity, I'll document my thoughts on the end of YTT here in Sunday Sweats, since I've been sharing my weekly reflections here as well. On the one hand, it's slightly anti-climactic: I've had my own class for 6 or 7 weeks plus a handful of opportunities to sub. But on the other, it's amazing that I'm finally a certified yoga teacher, after 16 weeks and really, 10 years of build-up toward this big and important change in my life. Many tears were shed while celebrating with Kelly and my beautiful classmates, and while honoring the woman with ALS for whom we collected donations during our Karma Class. And now I'm a registered yoga teacher!
I call this photo Our Demon Eyes, or why you can't let the dudes take the pictures. 


  1. My heart is so happy for everything that came to a close this week physically yet emotionally signals fresh new beginnings. I am always so proud of you and can't wait to maybe occupy a little of your Sunday sometime soon for a FaceTime date. <3

  2. I am so proud of you for going after your dream of being a certified yoga teacher! You have really inspired me to get serious about getting my certification in the next year or two. I can't wait to see what you do next!

  3. Congratulations! Hopefully your certification leads to very big and exciting things!

  4. 'why you can't let the dudes take the pictures' hahahaha.
    seriously, all the congrats to becoming a certified yoga teacher. you were always a teacher in my eyes, but yay for certificates!
    boo for that saturday class. lame. i would find that insanely frustrating, especially for someone like me who is not good at yoga or still learning.. i mean you obviously know what you are doing, and like you said you 'could' do what feels best, but that's not the point of having a teacher.. for me, i wouldn't know what to do and i would feel like an idiot and want to leave. bad teacher. but obviously duh you come recommended! seriously, that is awesome sauce.

  5. Congratulations Alyssa! I only started following your YTT journey after you started but I really have loved it and I'm so happy for you! I'm also majorly impressed that you stuck with that class. I took a class like that once and I did walk out. Instructors shouldn't use class for their own practice time!

  6. What an amazing accomplishment that is a long time coming for you!! I signed up for a race yesterday...only 3.5 miles, but I haven't really "run" in like 2 years so that should be fun!LOL xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I can't believe that a year ago you were teaching Kristen and me yoga in a hotel room and now you're a real, live certified yoga teacher! I'm with Kristen, you've always been a real teacher in my eyes, but having all the education and the paper to prove it is an amazing accomplishment and I am SO proud of you!
    The running and training will come, I know it will. You gave your YTT the attention and care it needed and you absolutely deserve some time to let running be on the back burner. I know you're anxious to get back to it and I'm sure it will be nice to have some of your weekend back!


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