Sunday Sweats 64: Half Marathon Training Week 4

March 14–20
Monday: rest
The combination of Daylight Savings (I've never been affected by it like this before...), a gloomy, rainy Monday morning, and sleeping like crap for a few nights had me feeling all kinds of crummy this morning, so I sat out this morning rather than risking an ~ episode ~ in Kelly's class. I wanted to take an evening class but had a Bad Yogi conference call that ran long.  :)

Tuesday: 3.1 mile run (9:02 pace)
Normally I would take Donna's class tonight but I was asked to sub a class at another one of our studios, so I had to was delighted to be there. Got my miles done in the afternoon humidity and then had one of my favorites from YTT take my class!

Wednesday: studio yoga class (60? minutes)
Remember how I said last week that I earned a spot on a sub list for a separate studio, Main Street? I popped over there tonight to take a class with one of the two instructors there for somewhere around an hour? It was nice, more geared toward beginners but clearly that's what the class preferred, so it's all good. She reminded me of Donna in her teaching style and was super sweet. She also practices at my studio occasionally and I'd love to see her in my class soon!

Thursday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + 2.21 mile run (9:08 pace)
AWESOME Kelly class this morning. Plenty of heart-opening, and I took the deepest unassisted camel pose I've ever done. But my arms were jelly today and when she challenged us to hold a 5-minute inversion, handstand was the wrong choice for me and I failed.

And then I ran, and I hated it. I am so, so tired of running in heavy winds. I know March is supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb, but it feels like 2016 has been coming in like a lion. Wind just makes running feel so hard and not at all worth the effort, because my pace tanks and my chest hurts and not even for the sake of speed. My right (bad) IT band/runners knee started hurting, and I *have* to run long this weekend—no questions asked—so between that and the roll of thunder, I packed it in 1.79 miles short. I think I need an adjustment, a serious foam-rolling session, and maybe some Epsom salts for good measure.

Also, did I tell you guys that I got another class at my regular studio? I did, so now I'm teaching Thursday nights too. Not exactly a workout—although I would be curious to slap on a FitBit and see how much walking I do during a class. I'm a "work the room" type of gal.

Friday: teach/active rest
I was asked to sub a class this morning, so I did, because obviously. No workout of my own, but my legs are dead. I don't know why. They feel like bricks. Even just demoing in chair pose today, I felt the weight.

Saturday: active rest
I certainly did not work out today. Still incredibly lead-like in the legs, and just achy and tired head to toe. In lieu of running or yoga, though, I did:
a) eat a lot of empanadas
b) drink a celebratory glass of wine
c) accidentally get a (twelfth) tattoo
(Though not in that order. I was of sound mind and hungry belly when the above picture was taken.) Some days are for disciplined, regimented sweating or training. Some days are for celebrating life, love, and your YTT family.

Sunday: ugh
I'm having a really hard time as a runner lately. I don't have the excuse of YTT anymore. This past week my body has just felt absolutely shot and bedraggled (and today starts placebo week, so mystery solved there...) and sometimes just sitting or standing feels like too much effort these days. On the run front, I know logically I need one good one to reset and get back after it. But I also feel like even two days of rest hasn't been enough. I'm tired, my body is tired, and I've had a chronic headache for days. I can't believe that used to be how I lived every single day. I seriously need an adjustment so I'm going to try to get to the chiropractor tomorrow.

I had absolutely every single intention of running and just getting my body through the miles today, no matter what it took. But I've run with a headache several times before—and by that I mean I've set out to run with a headache and turned around after a few minutes of the pounding make me sick to my stomach and half-blind. It never works, and even though I tried all my tricks today, the headache wouldn't go. So I'll try for some miles tomorrow, I guess. Typing this made me want to cry, because in the place of general life flux I'm in right now, losing the identity of runner is the last thing I need.

On the bright side, not having to spend over an hour running meant I could get out of the house a bit earlier to get down to my mom's for Palm Sunday/early birthday dinner.

Weekly Totals
Running: 5.31 miles (ugh)
Yoga: 135 minutes (also ugh)

At least I got to teach 4 times this week. It's not a workout, but it makes me happy in a way nothing else does.


  1. YOur headstand picture is incredible. I have also not run because of headaches, they are the worst to try and run through. Hope your legs feel better and next week is a better running week for you.

  2. Whoa, the headstand picture IS incredible.

    I have an accidental tattoo, but it involved falling on an inkpen in the third grade.

  3. You will never lose your identity as runner, yogi, free feather or all-around amazing. Don't let a small streak of bad weather, headaches and an unpredictable schedule get you down. You're a light <3

    Keep it up, you are definitely motivating!

    xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld

  5. 12 tattoos... you're amazing!
    I am obsessed with that headstand pic. You are literally goals, my friend!

  6. I so agree with totally messed with me this year and yay for your new tattoo - congrats girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Last week was rough for me as well! I'm not sure if it had anything to do with Daylight Savings, but I'm willing to grab an easy scapegoat. Hope this week treats you better!

  8. So not that we even live in the same area, but I attempted to run on Thursday and it resulted in a mini meltdown because I felt so awful with my chest hurting & even though it was 60 degrees it felt cold (wind), so anyway I feel a little more justified for how I felt now, but really I hope you start to feel better soon & can get rid of the headaches. I LOVE your tattoo and all of your YTT celebrating in general. So awesome that you're already teaching a second class!

  9. ugh.. so many ughs here girl. i'm sorry about the weather, the wind, the headaches and soreness. is everything okay? are you feeling just blah or in a funk? is there anything i can do? hope things pick up for you soon. maybe birthday week will brighten things up :)

  10. Some weeks are just not meant to be for running. Then again, if you're me, it seems like most weeks aren't for working out in general, oops. That said, I'm finally getting back into my running groove after feeling that wall HARD. BF has said things recently about doing yoga and I'm seriously thinking of introducing him to the bad yogi videos.

  11. I love when the teacher walks around the room. It lets me know that they care about me and my practice, I especially love it when they help me make small adjustments to correct a pose or to go a little deeper. Yay, for all the teaching you got to do this week!


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