Sunday Sweats 65: Half Marathon Training Week 5

March 21–27
Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + 3.15 mile run (9:20 pace)
Woke up this morning ready for a serious attitude adjustment. Starting the week on Kelly's desk is great for me. Not only does her class almost always give me exactly what I need, but the time we get to spend chatting afterward always does me good. She gave me some good feedback on something I wasn't thrilled about that happened in my class yesterday, and I just left the studio feeling light and prepared to tackle my to-do list.

"My powerful body" victories in class today: Sailed through a side crow > koundinyasana A > fallen angel transition, and dropped my wild thing into full wheel on both right and left sides. Probably gibberish, I know, but for future me and the few yogis who know what I'm talking about, this is fun to document!
I came this close to not running today—shelving it till tomorrow, so I told myself. But I know that would mean running 3 days in a row and then long on Saturday to get in the 4 runs I need this week, and I didn't want to do that to future me. It was cold: 44ΒΊ, real feel 36ΒΊ, 17 mph winds with 31 mph gusts. And I didn't run very fast or very long, but by the end of this run I felt so grateful for it. That's what I'd been missing. That's what I'd been needing. I'm so glad that in this run I found it.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Finally got into the chiropractor for an adjustment today, and I badly needed it. My body felt better and less creaky the second I stood up. Followed that up with Donna's class, and I felt seriously good tonight too. My balance was on point and my handstands stayed up like woah! Not every day that that happens, so something must be working.

Wednesday: 4.69 mile run (9:16 pace)
These short miles felt like several separate runs. First two miles: Just enjoy. Just enjoy. It's a little warm for long sleeves, but it's STILL WINDY so it'll be okay. Just enjoy. Mile 2–2.26: Gotta pee. Gotta pee. Gotta pee. *porta-potty stop* Miles 2.27–4: I hate the wind. I hate the wind. I hate the wind. I hate the wind. Last .69: This is why I do this.

Thursday: studio yoga class x2 (150 minutes) + 2.09 mile run (8:24 pace)
Another great Kelly class this morning, similar to Monday's but with a few surprises. I had planned for 3 miles today but it was an "every minute counts and I don't have enough of them" kind of day—just overwhelmed with to dos and tasks—so I cut it down to 2 but ran my absolute heart out. Best pace of the week, and maybe all month actually. Felt hard but so good.
After I taught my evening class, I stuck around for my YTT classmate and friend Taryn's first night class—she teaches at the crack of dawn, so I'm glad she's got this class now right after mine that I can actually make it to! She closes with a lavender stone on the third eye during savasana, soooo you could say I'm kind of obsessed.

Friday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I've been wanting to get back to Nicole's Friday night class for forever, but every week it's been one thing or another keeping me from it. I made it back tonight, and it was a fun class! After which I was totally wiped out. I don't believe in too much yoga, but as of the end of tonight's class I've definitely had enough yoga for the week.

Saturday: 7.6 mile run (10:10 pace)
Meh. This was my last attempt at anything resembling a long run before my next start line, and it went about 50% "Alright, slow and steady, nice rhythm, this feels perfect" and 50% "Where the hell is that girl who ran a friggin' marathon a few months ago? What happened, legs? What are you doing, body?" I almost bowed out a couple different times past the 6 mile mark and was aiming for 8 in an ideal world, but by the time I was at 7.6 I was in front of my apartment and REALLY had to pee so the run lost that battle. When the going got tough, it was mostly because I was working against both wind and hills and trying really hard not to let my body fatigue (see Friday) wipe me out.

Given this, one of two things will happen next week when I line up for the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, my first race of significant length since the marathon: I'll crash and burn like I did at Superhero, or I'll shock myself and run happy and free like I did at Rock 'n Roll. Since the race is in the same city as RnR, I'm hoping the universe will play nice and help me make it a trend of good race experiences in DC. Alyssa Logic tells me too that going into the race I'll have the benefit of a mini-taper/rest, proper pre-race carb loading and in-race gels/hydration, KT tape (I forgot today), and more than 5 hours of sleep to assist. We'll see in a week.

Sunday: rest day 
And a desperately needed one at that. Taught this morning and then it's Easter dinner with the family. Have a lovely holiday!

Weekly Totals
Running: 17.53 miles
Yoga: 375 minutes


Here's your "omg already?" reminder that this Tuesday is not only my 27th birthday (WOAH), but also the next installment of Training for Tuesday. It's a great time to look back on your winter fitness and set some spring goals, make a plan for the rest of the year, or just chat with Tracy and me about what's going on in your fitness-loving (or hating), meal-planning, goal-setting life. Get the scoop here if you're new and link up with us in a few days!


  1. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised come race day. That's my prediction anyway. :o)

  2. I'm a little sad about the Cherry Blossom and that I didn't join in with you ladies. Thinking about the chance I've missed to see your face saddens me, but really looking forward to hearing that you had another successful race and an extra year on your body was a blessing :)

  3. Those yoga poses are amazing (& I love your outfit)! Either way with cherry blossom at least it's supposed to be sunny and warmish I think- and the cherry blossoms are so pretty :)

  4. i'm sure you will rock cherry blossom! fingers and toes crossed and hey! its your birthday tomorrow yay!


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