Sunday Sweats 67: Half Marathon Training Week 7

April 4–10

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
My legs were pretty trashed after running my little heart out yesterday, so a nice warm stretchy Kelly class was the perfect way to start bouncing back. I also got tapped to sub an evening class, and I spent a few minutes playing around afterward. Something awesome happened: for the first time *ever,* and on my first attempt of the night, I kicked up into pincha mayurasana (forearm stand) completely unassisted! No wall, no spotter, no falling or flailing. So cool!

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
After work and errands all day long, I was glad to finally make it to my mat and just melt away under Donna's instruction. She got a little more creative today than usual, which was a lot of fun. And it's always nice to be out of the heat for just a little bit and let my body replenish.

Wednesday: 2.63 mile run (9:08 pace)
I actually cried during my last mile in which I never got a moment's break from the 25 mph wind in my face. I'm sorry I keep complaining about it, but it's so frustrating. The wind takes absolutely everything out of me and I don't see any actual reason for it to occur. My legs were still pretty beat up from Sunday and I just didn't really enjoy most of this run at all.

Thursday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I think today's Kelly class finally got the last of the Cherry Blossom out of my legs. I ended up teaching two evening classes today since my buddy Taryn needed a sub, so no double practice but still triple sweat.

Friday: rest
I didn't run the 9 miles on my schedule today. Even after texting Tracy for some motivation. I'm almost embarrassed to even write anything on today. But when the time came to go out for a run, I had a bit of a breakdown. It is so, so cold and gray and—you guessed it—windy. On the one hand, I know it's windy for everyone. But (and I'm not making excuses, this is a legitimate part of me that I find incredibly inconvenient and troublesome but which is also not exactly fixable) being a highly sensitive person (HSP) doesn't just mean I can be a crybaby; it also means I'm super sensitive to physical environment as well. I run cold and dry anyway (as a vata, which means nothing to most people), so when the weather mimics that, it's overwhelming for me and honestly is a real problem.

I tried HARD to get myself on a treadmill today but seeing as it was late Friday afternoon, no one was willing to alter their evening plans to go to the gym so I could tag along on a buddy pass—surprise, surprise. (I need there to be a pay-per-day gym, for real.) I'm just tired of being beaten the hell down by the weather. So tired. No excuses for missing this important run, but I could not deal with another tearful workout.

Saturday: spin class (50 minutes)
I get free classes now at a studio I'm on the sub list for (and hopefully will have a class of my own at soon) and they have cycle, barre, yoga, and TRX plus a bunch of fusion classes. I took a spin class this morning that ended with an extra 10 minutes of core work. Great class, and a great takeaway: The instructor told us during our final climb to "get what we came for." I love that. Everyone comes to a workout with a goal—and that might be a different goal every day. My goal today was to assuage some guilt about my horribly tragic lack of mileage this week. And though I know bike miles don't equal running miles, I felt that same leg work and cardio burn (if not much moreso) that I feel on a hard run. I got what I came for.

Sunday: active rest
Taught my class this morning and then it was go, go, go: If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram (@alyssagoesbang on both) you know it was the day of my cousin's bridal shower. As the maid of honor, I've been planning this shower for MONTHS, and it finally came together—and beautifully, I have to add. She was surprised, and we were all stuffed and drunk by the end of it. No complaints here.

Weekly Totals
Running: 2.63 miles
Yoga: 225 minutes
Cycling: 50 minutes


  1. That yoga photo is everything! Great workouts this week as usual!

    Yay for the shower coming off without a hitch!

  2. Oh I'm so with you on being over this weather, can't it just be nice and warm and spring? No more snow or constant wind and gloom... hopefully soon! So glad the shower came together- it sounds like you had so much fun and the venue looks so pretty with all those flowers! Anddd I continued to be so impressed by all of your yoga moves/poses!

  3. Mad props on the forearm stand, that is sooooo awesome.

    Sorry the weather is not working with you. I HATE when bad weather messes up training plans, hugs!

  4. congrats on the forearm stand!! you're so awesome. high five!
    seriously someone needs to invent a pay-per-day gym!
    i'm so sorry about the wind. complain away, it's worthy of complaining about. i honestly have not run on my own outside since october. how's that for embarrassing? i run with my friend every sunday but it's too cold/dark/windy/snowy for me to be outside these past several months. of course, i have access to a treadmill, but i'm itching to go outside. i wish the weather would cooperate. fun story though, my skin does not like sweating inside (or outside if i am mowing the lawn... weird) during these in between months, so my face swells up like a puffer fish and if you think i am joking, i can send you a picture (if you need a laugh/reason to vomit lol).
    anyway. i hope all the things start coming together for you. congrats on the awesome shower!


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