Sunday Sweats 68: Half Marathon Training Week 8

April 11–17

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Normally I'd start Monday with Kelly's class, but I sat today out to nurse a headache and nauseous stomach. I just needed more time for my ibuprofen and extra ounces of water to kick in before any exertion today. I did manage to get it together and make it to an evening class taught by my YTT classmate.

Tuesday: 3.17 mile run (9:22 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
About 99% of my running routes are 99% north/south. Which sucks when the wind is coming in hard from the east. Oh, did you think I would stop complaining about the wind? I can't, I'm sorry. I came in wheezing like I'd just run a marathon when all I'd done was a little over 5k at 9:22 pace. It hurts and I'm sick and #$*@ing tired of it. Bitching won't make it stop, but not bitching won't either so let me vent it out, k? At least it got sunny and into the upper 50s today so it's finally starting to feel like mid-March in mid-April, and being outside isn't an altogether unpleasant experience. Good thing I had Donna's class to calm me down afterward.

Wednesday: rest
An intentional rest day, in fact. I could have taken an evening class. I could have gone for a run. But I worked a long day instead and let myself feel accomplished for the day in that regard. (I also filed my quarterly taxes, so crying about that did work my core a little bit...)

Thursday: 5.07 mile run (9:13 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Kelly unfortunately had to attend a funeral today, so I taught her class this morning rather than taking it. I got my run in the afternoon before my second teaching today, and then practiced afterward in my friend's class right after mine. (We're the "Thursday night lineup"—can't miss TV yoga!)

Finally, the weather is being kind. Low 60s today, and only slightly breezy rather than knock-down windy. Damn near a perfect spring day. It really is amazing how much the weather or my environment affects my mood. On days like this, it's a seriously good thing.

Friday: 4.47 mile run (10:06 pace)
Not 9 or 10 miles. I both hated and needed this run, so in the end I'm grateful it went how it did. I walked to the top of the mountain as I often do to start long runs on my favorite zig-zag pattern. After a nice walked climb, this run route starts on a half-mile uphill before turning into a nicely rolling route. I blamed climb that for my first slow mile and heavy legs. And then I had to stop a few times because my legs were just tired. I was doing the whole "how did I do what I used to do" game in my head and thinking about Cherry Blossom, and also thinking about my schedule next week and when I'd fit my runs in. That's when it hit me like a brick: I need rest. Like actual strategic rest—so I guess, technically, a schedule I'll actually adhere to. I cannot push all my runs to the end of the week because Monday is busy. (Reminder to self: the work is never done. I have to be sometimes.)

I cannot teach 2 classes (half of which I spend practicing/demoing), run 5 miles, and practice yoga for 75 minutes the day before I expect to run 9-10 miles. THAT was the difference at CB and any other race I've been successful in. A 20-minute restorative flow is one thing. But my studio classes are hot athletic vinyasa—make no mistake, these are strength-work classes that I'm teaching and taking.
I have this new-found phobia of rest days and I don't know where it came from. I LOVE practicing and taking my studio classes, and I love that they're free for me, I won't lie. I think because I work from home in such a fragmented way, working out helps me feel like I've actually accomplished something. Or I feel like like there's no excuse for me to NOT get to class when I have such an open and fluid schedule. But I'm realizing by the way my body is feeling that I'm not running enough and practicing too much, at least as far as my current goals are concerned. 

That's the conclusion I came to on this failed long run, which I stopped 1.5 miles from home and walked the rest of the way. And I hated myself in the beginning for not running the way I wanted to on such a beautiful day, but I'm grateful I found something useful from the painful experience.
Saturday: rest
As much as helping my cousin in and out of her wedding dress and four different petticoats after teaching a 75 minute class is a rest day, this was a rest day.

Sunday: 3 mile hike
After teaching my class this morning I met my lovely friend for a hike and enjoyed a truly beautiful spring day. Not one single complaint here.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 12.7 miles
Yoga: 225 minutes


  1. Love how you ended your week of workouts - that hike sounds wonderful! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I agree 1000% with bitching about wind. Vent away whenever you need it ! I know once you find your rhythm again, everything will start to work for you. And just think how much easier your runs will seem when the wind dies down !

  3. not bitching won't either - preach.
    i am sorry about your long run but it definitely sounds like a positive from the negative/painful experience. i have a weird phobia of rest days too, i mean, i will take them sometimes, but whenever i do i'm always like 'i'm a lazy sack of sh*t' which is obviously a bit harsh. lately i've been trying to stick with fridays as a rest day because i am so insanely busy at work that i feel like i 'deserve' it which is silly because your body deserves a rest whenever it freaking deserves one. i hope you're able to find a good balance/schedule.


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