Sunday Sweats 69: Half Marathon Training Week 9

April 18–24
Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
This was actually my first Kelly class in like 10 days (I subbed her Thursday class last week and didn't feel well enough to practice last Monday) and I needed it. I always get a boost of creative energy after taking her class, which I usually channel into my next teaching experience. Today that was right afterwards; I subbed for the noon class as well so I had a busy, yogarrific Monday over here.

Tuesday: 4.02 mile run (9:33 pace)
Lots to report today, so bear with me. I took a brand new route today—a road I drive 50 times per week but have never run more than a few yards on. It's a great rolling route, albeit on a main road so there are some stoplight issues now and then, but I really needed to shake up my routes. My town and usual route is beautiful, yes, but even beautiful can be boring. I just needed a change of scenery and was so glad I took it today. The wind was back but the sun was high and warm—upper 60s—and the rolling hills meant I'd either be running downhill not minding the wind, or straining at least a bit to make it up a hill anyway. This was a harder run, make no mistake, but a rewarding kind of hard run where I feel like a champ hoofing it up the hill and like I just accomplished something as I made my way back down.

I got in and was wondering if I should hurry up and get ready to take Donna's 6:30, or get some more work done and take the 8 p.m. yoga class. And then, with an assist from an email from Kristen about my revelation in last week's Sunday Sweats, I decided I didn't need to go to class today. I have work to do and don't really have the time, and since when is running 4 miles not enough workout for one day? I love Donna and her class, and I love yoga in general, but I do not need to be pulling doubles every day, especially if it doesn't make sense in the grand scheme of my day or week.

Wednesday: 4.57 mile run (9:27 pace)
Took half of the same route I did yesterday, but added in a side loop that brought me to and through a park I frequented as a kid but have only run once as an adult...over 2 years ago. Perfectly beautiful day to go back and circle the pond and soak up some sun on the move. The long and dragging climb back up the mountain before the nice ride down to my apartment was more painful today than yesterday, but my playlist (and time constraints) kept me motoring.

In yoga world, I subbed at my studio at noon and taught my first non-hot class at the new studio this evening! I like to think two taught classes almost add up to one class practiced, but it's impossible to quantify that well enough to count it here.

Thursday: studio yoga class x2 (150 minutes)
Awesome ass-kicking Kelly class this morning, no pressure to run this afternoon (still getting used to Thursday not being a run day in my mind), and a nice, peaceful flow with my friend Taryn after my class this evening. I noticed this morning that EVERYTHING has felt better this week, with just the permission to dial it back and stop doubling up every day. Even though there have been recent weeks of skipped runs and whatnot, I dunno. There's something different about making the decision to ease up on my body and it all feels good.

Friday: studio yoga (60 minutes)
I taught twice today, once in a sub spot at my usual studio and once to a class of first-timers at the new studio. I'm counting that as practice because I practiced with them the entire time so they could follow along with what I was describing and what I was doing, hopping out of poses only to give adjustments.

I was on the fence about another run, ultimately opting not to because of time constraints primarily but joint pain secondarily. Last long run before the NJ Half is this weekend and I'd rather have energy to do it well and keep confidence up pre-race.

Saturday: rest
Had a delicious Saturday spent brunching and lunching with family on both sides, and it was perfect.

Sunday: 3.27 mile run (8:57 pace)
Tapering, I guess, and enjoying a lovely day with a hard(ish) run on a new route. Bring on New Jersey Half!

Weekly Totals
Running: 11.86 miles
Yoga: 285 minutes

Half Marathon Training Week 9 Reflections:
It's worth noting that I absolutely did not properly follow a training plan this cycle. On the one hand, I feel like I owe this upcoming race more than that; on the other, I have consistently felt like I've owed my body better than that. I did my best to follow it at certain points, yet at others, I was just wholly undisciplined and downright lazy once or twice. But I still don't feel like I'm winging it next week. I feel like I am prepared in a different kind of way. I feel like I'm mentally prepared, and that's proven to be incredibly valuable on race days past.

This training cycle was tangled up in a lot: coming off injury, YTT and my first weeks of teaching, mishandling my schedule as a new freelancer, and borderline seasonal affective disorder as the weather and my environment really dragged me down to a consistently low, demotivated, unexcitable place for weeks on end. It's been a few weeks of learning experiences and I kind of feel like with the finality this upcoming race will bring to this interlude-like period, I'll be able to start fresh in a lot of different ways in fitness and in my life in general.

Reminder! Training for Tuesday is this week, so let's see what you're working toward! Whether you're trying to fit-up for summer, start a new habit, train for a race, or just maintain you hot streak, let us know about it! Grab your button and link up with Tracy and me this Tuesday. Refresher on the "rules" here.



  1. I love all of the yoga in your week, but it sounds like you're working out a good balance of yoga and work. Your new running route sounds like a nice challenge with the hills, and I'm sure the change of scenery was a nice way to change things up. So good that you're mentally prepared for your half-- I know you are going to do amazing!

  2. yay, i am glad you were able to not run on tuesday and just listen yo your body. i'm also glad you don't feel like you're winging it despite not following a strict training plan. you definitely owed your body (and mind) that. i'm glad you're feeling mentally prepared. that is definitely super important.

  3. I've started feeling guilty about not getting Pilates workouts in the evenings on days that I run. So I was totally nodding in agreement with your "since when?" comment. Yes, a run or a yoga practice or a bike ride is enough for one day!

  4. I'm not the most in-shape person ever, but I love just listening to what your body needs. I've never been one to double up on exercise in the first place, but I'm trying to do something similar with eating. I'm convinced that when you listen to what your body is telling you then you get just what you need instead of what you think you need.


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