The Season of Smash


This Sunday I'll be running the New Jersey Half Marathon, half marathon number four, and hopefully—if all goes according to plan—a new personal record at the 13.1 distance.

On Sunday, I was running a short, quick few miles and thinking about the race I'd be running in just 7 days. This half marathon will be my first at this distance since May 2015 and I'll be gunning to break a 13-month-old PR, which I set in the pouring rain in a city I'd never run during the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in our nation's capital. It's about time to oust that record, dontcha think?
In preparation for this upcoming race, I ran the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler (also in DC) just a few weeks ago, setting an official 10-mile personal record and smashing any previous 10-mile training run PR. As I look ahead to the rest of this year—which won't include another marathon, but hopefully an even bigger PR at the Richmond Half Marathon—I'm looking at another race I'm looking forward to: A 5k.

I haven't run a 5k in almost two years. TWO YEARS. When I first began running, it took me 3 months to run my first 5k, and it was a laughable thought back then that I'd ever run anything farther.

I set my 5k PR at the last race I ran at the distance, the Fitzgerald's Lager Run on a Sunday evening in June 2014. It was one of my most fun races to date, complete with a beautiful course, kids and super soakers saving our heat-scorched butts, enthusiastic volunteers, and plenty of cold beer afterwards courtesy of the sponsoring bar, Fitzgerald's 1928 in the town over from me.

I was thinking about that race this past Sunday, as I ran a three-ish mile route at just over the race pace I ran that day in June 2014 to set that PR. I thought about how much has happened in that time, and how much I want to smash that PR too in a few months too.
I feel it important to note that that's water on my shirt, not sweat.
And that's how I started to think of this spring/summer as the Season of Smash. Without a distance PR anywhere in sight (I'll likely never run a greater distance than the marathon—at least, that's what I say now...) it comes down to time PRs if there's any such goal to motivate me to keep running, keep trying, keep pushing, keep training. I decided long ago that I would make this year's two half marathons count as much as possible, and with Cherry Blossom a wild personal success, I'm off to a strong start.

So here's to the rest of this season dedicated to besting my former self, smashing PRs, and looking with almost wild bewilderment at a race plan that includes running 13.1 miles at ANY pace, 3.1 miles at a considerably sub-9 pace, and being a person who does it all without being chased by wild beasts.

(Trust me, if you knew me three years ago, you'd know that's the biggest expectation-smashing that's ever gone on around here.)

Over to you guys. What's happening (or not happening) in your fitness world? Is it race season for you, or are you working toward a new goal? Grab a button, say hello to some fellow badass bloggers, and link up below with Tracy and me!


  1. yayyy!! i hope you PR this weekend and of course at your next 5k and of course of course at richmond. i don't think i will PR this weekend - unless i ignore 2012, i might be able to beat my other half marathon times, but that is not really a PR, so I don't know. but I hope to PR at Richmond! good luck to all of us :)

  2. YAY! hope you PR this weekend as well! i haven't run anything since tough mudder although i was thinking of doing a trail race with my friend...until she told me it's a 100K trail race so she'll basically be running for over 12hrs. um, no.

  3. I can't wait to hear about your race this weekend ! Maybe the next "Team Alyssa" shirt will have a hulk for all the PR's you'll be smashing :)

  4. You've got this weekend, I can't wait to hear about how it goes and see another post race smiling face. Love you, goal smasher!

  5. Good luck this weekend!! I'm not nearly as well versed of a runner as you are, but my next big race (10K) is coming up at the end of May and I am so undertrained. Which often seems to be the case for me when it's my first race of the year. I definitely don't think this one will be a PR though as it's in the mountains (ugh), but the views should be worth it!

  6. Good luck - you got this! I've been a mess and I forgot all about the linkup. I wrote a post to go up tomorrow, but it's more about food (where I've been doing great) instead of running (which has been slacking, but I'm getting back on it today!).

  7. I run at least a couple times a week. I'm not sure I could run around other people, though.

    I hope this weekend goes great for you!

  8. Yes! Smash those PRs! I feel like you don't see that attitude enough -- running "just for fun" or to finish a race is great, but sometimes I wish more recreational runners (myself included...) would set crazy goals and really push for them.

  9. I love the summer of smash-- such a nice ring to it, and you're already on the way to many new PRs :)


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