Sunday Sweats 74

May 23–29

Monday: yoga free flow (20 minutes)
I didn't work Kelly's desk this morning because I'm way out in West Jersey house/zoo-sitting for my honeymooning cousin. Which means I get to hang out with three fluffy love-bundles, so you'll hear no complaining from me about that. I did not get to start my week with a rigorous class though; however I did close out my Monday with a short free-flow that just felt good.

Tuesday: rest
I feel like crap today, and ended up having to drive my cousin's dog two hours to my aunt's house (long story) and got home in just enough time to miss Donna's class. But I was feeling drained and shot anyway, so it was the most I could do to muster energy to finish  my work for the day...well after 9 p.m.

Wednesday: active rest
Yikes. Not on a good streak this week. Lots of work to catch up on from last week after being out for a few days, and I'm still feeling terrible. I'm hoping it's just allergies beating the hell out of me, but I'm foggy and exhausted. Just managed to teach my morning and night classes though, so at least there was some level of significant movement in my day, if not a formal practice.

Thursday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Our studio owner asked me to take over a Thursday morning class at our WC studio, so I'm no longer working Kelly's desk in the CG studio on Thursday mornings as of this week. I missed the morning workout, but of course am super grateful to be able to teach another class! And it made it even easier to stick around the studio after teaching my evening class for Taryn's 8 p.m. You guys, this was my first full studio practice since LAST TUESDAY. God, I love my cousin and I'm happy her wedding was amazing and perfect and beautiful, but I'm also kiiiinda glad it's over and I have my routine back.

Friday: short flow (20 minutes)
There was a sexy bearded man waiting for me to finish my work and meet him in the city, so I rushed through my to dos today and pushed fitness to the side. Not one single regret.

Saturday: active rest
Subbed a class today so I got my sweat in by teaching in the morning, and then went off to weekend.

Sunday: active rest
Taught my class and then more holiday weekend.

Weekly Totals
Yoga: 115 minutes
Running: 0 miles

Reflections: Another week, another pitiful display of fitness. I have excuses—too ALL OF A SUDDEN OMG hot to run during the day without acclimating first, which I haven't had time to do yet, and no time to run in the evenings; busy with work and other things dragging me in different directions. I'm just not prioritizing my body and my workouts these last two weeks, and given how hard I work when I work hard, I'm forgiving myself for it. But that doesn't mean I like the way it feels when I let two things I love—my personal yoga practice (outside of teaching) and running—fall by the wayside. Tomorrow I'm back on schedule with Kelly's class first thing in the morning, and hopefully that'll mean a solid start I can build a good, sweaty week on.