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This Monday was the fourteenth annual Solstice Times Square event. For the second year in a row, I went with Michael and we participated in the 90-minute Bikram method session, right under the sun. There's something indescribable about practicing a solitary technique in the middle of the busiest intersection of the world, simultaneously turning toward yourself and drawing in and sharing the vibrations of so much energy. Sharing a practice with hundreds of strangers and knowing you're a part of something so big on the longest day of the year... it's just pretty damn cool, and once again I'm overcome with gratitude to live where I do with the access I have to such a prominent part of the world.

I had a very big first on that same day. Let me set the scene: After our practice session, Michael joined me for some official Bad Yogi business as we handed out a little treat to every yogi we could find. We strategically placed ourselves at the intersection between the event check-in and the Broadway plaza where the yogis were being filed into for the following session. As we were standing just beside the street sign, Michael goes, "You have to warn me if I'm about to get shit on." Literally seconds later, a pigeon shat right on my head. Good times. (This item is now first on my list for when anyone, and a bald man in particular, is puzzled as to why I have no desire to live in the city full-time.)

In case you missed the announcement, I sort of wrote a book. You can buy it on the cheap for another few days. Here's what a person said about it, and trust me, I'm trying to be cool but I'm blushing super hard here.

Today is one of my favorite days of the year and one of my longest-running personal traditions. It's Dave Matthews Weekend! So ready for another two nights at the waterfront with my best and hundreds of our closest acquaintances and the man, the myth, the legend himself.

I've been doing a bit of writing in different places of late, including a publication with (I'm pretty sure) the biggest readership I've ever had. Time Out New York is digging my stuff, and if you have any particular interest in visiting New Jersey (and I totally think you should) check out my first two pieces about the Garden State here and here. If you are, on the real, planning a trip and want to see some city guides, mine are coming soon!

So there you go—five updates that are at least as a collective unit more chipper than my last post. The bird story doesn't count. Though it does make me think of this song, which makes me smile. Happy Friday!


  1. Love the pieces you've done for Time Out. I am definitely the target reader for those types of things.

    I was blown away by your book. More please!

  2. that's amazing; i saw that Michael was there (on her IG) and i would love to do something like that in my city.

  3. Huge congratulations to you on publishing!! So excited for you and hope you enjoy your DMB weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. That reminds me that I meant to download your book the other day, duh!!! I remembered to add it to my Goodreads at least. Let me get on that. Also, I love your pink pants! Congrats all all these pieces you have done!!! Hope you have fun at DMB this weekend!

  5. Ohh, the yoga "party" looks amazing! How cool, well, except for the poop! Love Dave Matthews - he reminds me of college days but I'm old! Ha! And yay you on the writing . . . I need to check out your book!!! Happy weekending!

  6. What a positive series of evenets. Well, maybe not the pigeon thing, but in general, positive! Congrats on getting the book out there!

  7. what a fun amazing experience - maybe one day i'll do something like that. i haven't hit the mat in ages, that needs to change for sure.
    i have been shat on. it's super fun, right?!
    congrats again on your book! i am so excited to read it.

  8. Wooo! Seriously, that was a great day. Still so annoyed at myself for leaving my sneakers. I mean, honestly. What the hell Michael?! I'm so excited for your pieces.


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