Sunday Sweats 75

May 30–June 5

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Finally back to Kelly class! Different circumstances had me not able to take Kelly class for the past two weeks so I was very ready this morning. Because it's MDW and all other classes today are cancelled, the studio was jammed. I think we thought a lot of people would be away for the weekend, but it seems everyone who wasn't was in that class. 53 people! It was SUCH a good sweat that my body has been needing badly after such a lack of movement the past few weeks, and catching up with Kelly after class was great as well.

Tuesday: 3 mile run (10:06 pace)
Two different mindsets going on during this run: One, I've definitely lost fitness—crazy how that happened when I've run 2-ish miles once in the entire month since my half marathon PR on May 1—and summer paces are here. Nice how quickly that set in! /s. It went from 50s to 80s so no gentle spring running here to ease me in, but beggars can't be choosers. 

Two, this was nice. Dusky evening run in shorts and a tank where I wasn't watching my watch and just trying to let my body do its thing. Hoping June brings many more of these.

Wednesday: yoga class (45 minutes) + 2.07 mile run (9:25 pace)
My Wednesday morning class is all beginners, and this morning I wanted to bring them into some new stuff so I practiced with them for the majority of class—right up until backbending and inversions at the end, because that's something I always want to see fully and assist with. I'm counting it as my practice today, though it is much different from being guided by someone else.

These miles were for no other purpose than I wanted to start June off on a good note and celebrate Global Running Day! Given that I teach in the mornings AND evenings on Wednesday, I had to get these in right under the hot sun—but I'm not hating my pace given that fact!

Thursday: active rest
I had planned to take Taryn's class after mine tonight, but it ended up being cancelled. I did teach though, so it was an active day still.

Friday: active rest
The weather killed my desire to run today, which was hinged on time I didn't really have anyway, but it was still an active day. My two co-teachers and I met up to plan our partner yoga workshop so were were moving through all of that, and then I subbed a night class which I demoed a pretty good amount of.

Saturday: active rest
Again not much in the way of formal workouts, but the man with no hair and I did some walking to get breakfast, stroll a farmer's market, and soak up some short-lived yet lovely sunny weather before I had to skedaddle to my cousin's grad party for the rest of the night.

Sunday: active rest
Taught my class this morning to a good-sized group (the one time bad weather is actually a benefit to me) and then we ran our first workshop! I was pretty depleted afterwards and the "Severe thunderstorms" did nothing to help me rally. So while I'm a bit bummed about not having a "real" workout for the last few days, I was pretty constantly moving anyway and felt like I'd earned my Sunday evening laze-fest.

Weekly Totals
Running: 5.07 miles
Yoga: 120 minutes