Sunday Sweats 76

June 6–12

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + 2.08 mile run (9:02 pace); 1 class taught
Love kicking my week off with a Kelly class. Solid sweat, hard work, and exactly the stretch I needed to start the week strong. I was crunched for time because I subbed a night class but wanted to get in a run, so I made it short and quick—all things considered.

Since I have nothing to really train for for several weeks, I've decided to let go of my preoccupation with certain numbers (paces, miles run per day) and instead focus on the number of runs—or rather the frequency with which I manage to get outside. After a pathetic 18.5-mile May (of which 13.1 were raced miles on MAY 1!) I'm determined to get back to a solid baseline in June, and I better if I have any hope of getting back to the runner I was this time last year.

Tuesday: Yoga in Bryant Park (60 minutes)
This morning I met up with Michael to enjoy a day off in the city at Bryant Park. Along with 200+ other yogis and some great teachers (who gave GREAT adjustments, yum) we flowed through a sweet 60-minute practice under the brightest blue sky I've seen in days.

Wednesday: active rest; 2 classes taught
Today was really just not that great a day for me...and it was too late when I realized that running would be the best thing to make me un-cranky. By the time I finished the work I had to do and was kind of desperate to run, it was time to leave for the studio for my night class.

Thursday: studio yoga class (75 minutes); 1 class taught
Oh what a PERFECT day it would have been to run! But all I could manage was squeezing in Taryn's class after I taught my own. I'm frustrated because I had running in the schedule, but I got tied up on a project that will be revealed this week and I CANNOT WAIT so I guess I gotta take the good with the bad.

Friday: 3.3 mile run (9:05 pace)
I had the wind right in my face for the last mile so I was sure it was going to be slower, but mile 3 was actually sub-9 (8:57). Good news is I can still evidently run a sub-9 mile (at least for a little while until the humidity kicks back up). Bad news is I felt it like woah. Good news is this run was just fun, which is all I'm asking for for a few more weeks.

Saturday: active rest; 2 classes taught
I subbed two classes this morning back to back, and contemplated briefly staying and practicing for the third, but I was exhausted. Mind you I was at the studio at 6:30 a.m. to get the heaters on for the first class. I had just enough energy to spend a lazy-ish day with a man with no hair.

Sunday: rest; 1 class taught
Taught my regular class this morning to a great group and then worked and napped the afternoon away. I've been exhausted for days and didn't have it in me to compete with hurricane-speed winds for a run.

I've decided to start tracking in these posts the classes I teach. Of course I have that data recorded elsewhere (it is me we're talking about here) but when I look back on these posts, I want to see my weekly movement. Teaching isn't the same as a formal practice, but they are very active, sweaty, sometimes intense minutes where I'm getting a workout of some considerable measurement.

Weekly Totals
Running: 5.38 miles
Yoga: 210 minutes
Classes Taught: 7


  1. I am absolutely loving reading about how many classes you have been teaching! That is so awesome and I am so excited for you! Bummer you weren't able to get more runs in, but I am confident you will be able to get some in soon!

  2. I love those group classes in parks in the city - I'm sure the one in Bryant Park was so much fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Sundays have become one of my favorite days of the week! ♥ also, Tuesday's sky was incredible. The weather was idyllic.


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