Sunday Sweats 77

June 13–19

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes); 1 class taught
Amazing class with Kelly this morning with some powerful heart openers, deep and delicious stretches, and some power poses and balance challenges I just can't get enough of lately. I was spent but grateful by the end of it.

I'd been asked to sub a class tonight to which I of course said yes. And the amazing thing was that Kelly was able to come to my class, along with another yoga mentor of mine I haven't seen in ages! My brother and his girlfriend surprisingly showed up too, not knowing it was my class, so I had a few fun surprises. Class was BIG and it got HOT, so I'm pretty sure I lost 16 pounds in sweat today.

I'd really hoped to run, but I just ran out of time and I'm pretty frustrated. It wasn't a zero-sum day, but I still would have appreciated hitting pavement. But such is life outside of the intensity of training—runs will have to fall by the wayside when they can't be priority.

Tuesday: 2.07 mile run (8:44 pace)
I barely had time to squeeze this run in on a really busy Tuesday, but I managed and I'm glad I did! I'm letting go of that "If I can't run X miles it's not worth running at all" mindset, which I need to do if I'm going to be back where I want to be. I didn't intend to run this fast, but when my first mile clocked well below 9 minutes I decided to ride it out. My next big race goal is a speed one, so this is a good start to the loads of speed training I'll be doing this summer when my race training program kicks in.

Wednesday: rest; 1 class taught
Yesterday I found my back really hurting by mid-afternoon, just on the right side and low. I felt something out of place so I made a chiropractor appointment for Thursday and decided it best to take it easy until then. Just taught my night class tonight and that was workout enough for a possibly-injured back.

Thursday: active "rest"; 3 classes taught
Just for the record, there is no such thing as a restful day that consists of teaching three 75-minute hot yoga classes. At three completely different times of day (9:30, 4, 8) and with a chiropractor visit and a deadline thrown in. It was not a restful day, but I did not work out technically either.

Friday: rest
It was today—yet another day with "run" on my agenda but not feasible in my timeline—that I realized that I don't like my current schedule at all. I feel like every day is down to the wire, I'm constantly up against some deadline, and there are never enough hours in a day. I end up cutting corners where I don't want to and missing workouts where I can't (mentally) afford to. I realized that when this is temporary, I can deal. But I've been feeling like "It's just until..." has been my refrain for months now, and there's nothing changing. I'm actively trying to change my current work situation and am doing my absolute best there, but in the meantime, I need to start changing something else so I can stop feeling like I'm always in a hurry for something.

Saturday: active rest
No structured workout but the bald-headed man and I were running all over doing fun things to day so it was a rest day I finally definitely did not mind taking.

Sunday: active rest; 2 classes taught
Just no time. A.m. class, housekeeping and things to attend to, and then an evening class I taught at the farther studio to help out a fellow teacher, which soaked up 3 prime running hours. Here's to next week, I guess?

Weekly Totals
Running: 2.07 miles
Yoga: 75 minutes
Classes taught: 7


  1. You may not have been able to run as much as you would have liked to, but you were at least able to run once and at a great pace :) That is awesome that you are teaching and able to sub for so many classes. I so wish I was closer because I would love to take one of your classes!

  2. I need to start changing something else so I can stop feeling like I'm always in a hurry for something. << I love that, though it's so hard to do most of the time. I was totally going to say that it seems crazy to consider teaching 3 classes a rest day, haha. I hope your back is back to feeling better!

  3. yay for fun things and bald men :) i hope things change or turn around soon so you're able to start feeling on top of things or less like a chook running around with its head cut off. hope your back is okay!


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