Sunday Sweats 78

June 20–26

Monday: Bikram method yoga (90 minutes) @ Solstice Times Square
For the second year in a row, Michael and I made the trip to the city on the longest day of the year to welcome summer solstice with thousands of yogis at the crossroads of the world. This experience is nothing short of inspiring and enlightening. I'm trying to keep the theme of the event (referring to the search for inner calm and peace amid the chaos of a New York City intersection) with me this week: mind over madness.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Trying so desperately to get back into a regular practice and run routine. I had all the best intentions but, as usual of late, not enough time to run. But thankfully I made it to Donna's class (for the first time in weeks) and had a lovely practice on the International Day of Yoga, including a very deep savasana and with a flash of blue (the color of the throat chakra) before my mind's third eye.

Wednesday: 2.39 mile run (9:26 pace); 1 class taught
For my first run in 8 days, it wasn't my best idea ever to start with such a big climb for the first 60% of this. When I wasn't running uphill, I was running into the wind. But I can't blame my side stitch and short breath on that alone...I'm out of shape. I have been failing miserably at keeping a run schedule, and I know it. And it's been fine—justifiable, at least—until I realized on my way out the door that it's the end of June, and that the beginning of August (and my next half marathon training cycle) will be here before I know it. I need to get to work on base-building if I have any hope of a decent outing in Richmond this fall.

Thursday: active rest; 2 classes taught
I think Thursday is just going to have to be an active rest day for the foreseeable future. Teaching a morning and a night class leaves me a finite amount of hours to do actual work so I don't end up cramming everything into Friday or the weekend. I'm good with that.

Friday: 3.24 mile run (9:16 pace)
Contrary to what that pace suggests, I could not get it together on this run. I was tight in the chest for every step past mile 1, and was looking for a shortcut the whole time. A little bit of wind, sure, but it was super low humidity and it's just that I'm out of shape. Just glad I finished.

Saturday: active rest
Just tons of walking to day around Philly and the Manayunk Art Festival and then for night two of DMB.

Sunday: active rest; 1 class taught
Recovery post-DMB weekend and hangs with the bald man, but I taught my class this morning so I finally got my body moving again.

Weekly Totals
Running: 5.63 miles
Yoga: 165 minutes
Classes taught: 4


  1. Every year I say I am going to make the trip into NYC (I live 4.5 hours away now) to do the solstice in Times Square and I never plan accordingly! Here's to next year!

  2. That event in times square is so cool-- it's so hard to imagine anything peaceful in such a busy place-- but what a great way to look at life's craziness!


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