21 Done: Day Zero Project Check-In

I'm inclined to believe there's something about bloggers' personalities—or the piece of us that drives us to blog—that goes hand-in-hand with a goal-setting, list-making personality. That's the only way I can explain the fact that when I say "oh, that's on my 101 in 1001 list" to a blogger, she knows exactly what I'm talking about; whereas when I said it to my guy, the reaction I got was "????"

So yeah, I've got a 101 in 1001 list. It was born after three failed attempts to build one in the first place, after realizing that I had a yearly goal list, long-term goal list, and was still making my monthly goals lists. And not a whole lot was getting accomplished. But I've reached the quarter-way mark, having crossed 21 goals off my list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days. I've never shared the whole list on the blog, but inspired by Steph's recent post, I thought a check-in on what I've managed to accomplish so far was in order.

My 101 in 1001 started on June 12, 2015, and I merged my 2015 goal list with my long-term goal list and added enough relevant items to create a full list of 101 items. My end date for these goals is March 9, 2018, which happens to be 20 days before my 29th birthday. That gives me roughly a year and a half to get through the remaining 80 goals.

A good number of my 80 are in progress, so maybe I'll do a separate post about those. I just want to point that out so you guys don't think I've done NOTHING in the last year to better my health or finances or intelligence as those big fat 0s or tiny little 1 might suggest ;)

Physical (4/14)
Run a marathon: City of Oaks 11/1/15
Hold a handstand in class: I was always too afraid to try, but after a few weeks of YTT my confidence got me up! 1/12/16
Take aerial yoga class: This past weekend Tracy and I hung around in the silks together! 7/9/16
Take a spinning class: Hm, there's a theme here. Tracy took me to my first ever spin class, at Peloton this year 1/1/16 

Professional (7/10)
Get a new job: This was on my list from when I was at my old publishing company, and because the purpose of this goal was to GTFO of there, I consider it a pass even though I am still/back on the official job hunt. 7/2/15
Become a certified yoga teacher: Hi, have we met recently? 3/11/16
Teach my own yoga classes: I taught my first portion of a class (someone else's, hence the specific wording) while still a trainee, and was given my own class before graduating YTT this winter! Since then my weekly schedule has grown to include five regular classes I teach. 2/1/16
Teach outside of Younique: I love the studio I trained, practice, and primarily teach in, but I wanted to see if I could hack it elsewhere. I started subbing and then was given a permanent class at another local studio not long after getting my certification and insurance. 4/20/16 
Make something to sell: Though its purpose is certainly not to make me wealthy (good, because it won't), I made a book and I sell it occasionally for dollars. 6/14/16
Contribute to a publication with at least 100,000 followers/readers: I began contributing to Time Out New York this spring! You can read my stories about the Garden State here, here, here, and here, with more to come! Time Out New York's Facebook following is over 450k, and Time Out globally has a following of several million. Sweet. 6/20/16
Decide on [something I was debating about]: I decided no, and it's boring but also private. April 2016

Creative (2/9)
Publish a book: Okay, so one thing double-dipped. But it counts. 6/14/16
Attend a Montclair Film Fest screening: My town has an awesome annual film festival, and I wanted to make it a point to get to at least one showing this year. 5/4/16

Life/Personal (3/13)
Get YTT tattoo: I wanted something to symbolize, for me, the conclusion of my YTT experience. I went with my peace sign, which I got during a celebratory outing with my two YTT buddies. 3/19/16
Attend two+ group yoga events: After how much I loved last year's Solstice and Lole White events, I knew I had to make it a point to repeat. I plan to repeat Solstice in 2017 (and basically forever) too. Bryant Park 6/7/16; Solstice 6/20/16
Throw Michelle an amazing bridal shower: As my cousin's maid of honor, I was determined to making her bridal shower as perfect a day as possible. According to the bride and every guest in attendance, mission accomplished! 4/10/16

Clean & Organize (3/8)
Organize and delete from all email accounts: My personal and blog Gmail accounts used to be out of control. "Inbox zero" is not a thing that will ever exist in my world, but I have finally reached "Inbox 20 or less" and organized my archived and new emails in a way that cuts digital clutter and makes the most sense. 1/8/16
Get rid of 101 items: It's probably more like 200 at this point—and that's just from this list, not including the big purge I did to remove 200+ items before I started this count—but I like to toss stuff whenever I can so I've stopped keeping track. 6/22/16
Come up with 101 things!: I wasn't sure I would even come up with 101 items for this list, but fellow bloggers inspired me and I managed! 12/22/15

Health (0/3)

Financial (1/8)
Develop a passive income stream: Technically, again, this is a double (triple?) dip, but it qualifies. Passing this goal doesn't mean I'm done pursuing this goal, though. (Buy Things I Would Say!) 6/14/15

Travel/Adventure/Go (1/20)
See someone other than DMB in concert: I put this one down because DMB is my yearly tradition, but I wanted to make an effort to go back to my music-loving roots. I used to see shows all the time, but have totally fallen off that course in recent years, mostly due to not having interested co-attendees. Ingrid Michaelson (at Lole White) 9/2/15; End of an Era & Pop Will Eat Itself 9/27/15

Intellectual (0/7)

Read (0/9)

So that's where I'm at. I'm not sure if I'm on pace or not, if I'm ahead or behind, but I feel good about my list and what I'm getting done. I'm finding that the 101 in 1001 list helps me be more purposeful about making plans and mapping out my months and weeks ahead.
If you're on the 101 in 1001 plan too, where are you in your list?


  1. I've always been intimidated by the 101 in 1001 lists but the way you've broken it out is great and seems manageable!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I was just going to say the same thing as Biana, I love how you broke this up and structured it (though I would expect nothing less from you). I have a hard time making long-term goals because I don't feel like I've stabilized enough yet to know what will be important to me 3 years from now, but I want to because goals and lists and planning and all that jazz. You've already done some big, amazing things - I can't wait to see what unfolds over the next year and a half!

  3. I'm always tempted to make one of these, but I find myself not even interested in monthly goals half the time after 3 months has gone by, so I know my goals and interests would change too much in 1001 days. Passive income! I've been brainstorming, because this is such a smart thing to do. Even if that income is minimal, it's completely without (further) effort.

  4. big goal lists overwhelm me and then there's my laziness which stops me from doing a lot of things!

  5. I love goals updates and 101 lists are my favorite. It averages out to 3 per month, 36 per year or so. But it's hard to say exactly since some goals just stretch the length of time of the list so you'll end up checking off 15 right at the end. You accomplished a lot so far though, I think that's solid. Publishing a book and running a marathon are freaking epic goals.

  6. I love these lists and always say I want to make one (or a 30by30) but have never got around to actually doing it. I love how you've broken everything up and I'm so impressed with the under 20 in your inbox, I don't know how people keep it at zero, but I definitely need to be better about it. Would love to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert- so cool! I would love a post on your in-progress items too!

  7. No matter how many things are on my list, my goal isn't necessarily ever to cross them all off, although I do love crossing things off. My lists are more about focus and being intentional. So if I'm judging your progress by my benchmarks, you're rocking it!

  8. Awesome! I've been looking at my 30 before 30 list to see how I'm doing. I'm almost 1/3 of the way through with 7 months to go. We'll see!

  9. Lists are my favorite. It looks like you have a great start on your list!!! Publishing that book was a huge ordeal and deserved to appear more than once! Best wishes to crossing off some more!

  10. You're doing such an awesome job! More than 1/5 of the way through!

  11. The 1001 lists scare me. But, like you, I have several different "lists" in operation of goals for myself. My 50 Before 50 is my current "big" one.
    I contributed to that small stream of income by purchasing your book! Am I the only Amazon Australia purchase so far?! That would be exciting!
    Speaking of exciting, good on you for your Time Out contributions. That's the big time!

  12. You go girl . . . you'll get there! I think it's always so fun to see what other people want to accomplish . . . then I think I need a new list! Ha!

  13. It's so weird trying to explain the 101 lists to non-bloggers. I had the same reaction when I told Blue lol. I didn't realize you had done so many Time out pieces- and one for Hoboken too?! I think I read that one but I never check the author lol. I'm usually an interested co-attendee if you need someone to adventure with! Right now I'm at 16/101 with a finish date of 9/8/18, but a bunch are also in progress and/or easily attainable. Looks like you're rocking this list!

  14. i totally agree about bloggers and goals/lists. i mentioned my 30 before 30 to someone once and they were like wtf are you talking about and i just not so subtley changed the conversation. i'll need to do a 101 in 1001 soon!
    anyway, looks like you've ticked off some super major things of your list! look at you go. i love making lists though i am less intentional about crossing things off, i think they help me decide if i actually want to do the thing, you know? like i had buy a new couch on my list for ages and then i finally got over wanting a new couch (it's a long boring story/ongoing fight with KC) but i'm not sure if i would have gotten to that place if i hadn't put it on the list and asked myself how i would get there, if that makes sense.
    anywho. congrats again and good luck on all the rest!

  15. You've been doing great on your goals. I think it's amazing that you teach your own yoga classes now. I have a mostly 20 or less inbox too. It's at 21 right now and I'm wondering what I can get rid of.

  16. Way to go on this list! Also, I'm happy to have been a part of a few of these ♥
    Sometimes I miss my list but it was more of a weight than something that I was having fun with, so I had to let it go.


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