Sunday Sweats 79

June 27–July 3

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes); 1 class taught
I was a little wrecked from last weekend (Dave Matthews Band shows in Philly area Friday and Saturday night, not enough hours in the day Sunday to recover) so I took this class a little slow, but I started the week with Kelly class as should always be the case. Hopefully it sets me up for a good week, because I'm gonna need to go into the holiday weekend on a high note!

Tuesday: active rest
My day just would not make room for a run before I had to hit the road on that commuter girlfriend life. Morning slipped away too fast, plus the weather (and my mood) was anything but cooperative.

Wednesday: 1.76 mile run (9:41 pace); 2 classes taught
This mileage was all I could manage to squeeze in between morning class, evening class, errands, and deadlines. This pace was all I could manage at a 5:30 p.m. high-sun run time. I really want to break out of this box soon but I'm waiting for some other pieces of my life to fall into place first. I'm happy at least I get out to run at all, even if it's for fewer miles and less frequently than would be ideal.

Thursday: rest; 2 classes taught
I was disappointed today; the class I went to the studio to take ended up getting cancelled. I was looking forward to my friend's class, but lots of folks who are done with work and would take an afternoon class have already gotten the hell out of dodge for the weekend. I meant to practice when I got home from teaching my second but I blinked and it was midnight, and sleep had to happen at some point.

I taught my morning and evening classes to two great groups, and the sweetest thing happened. On the way out one man (maybe 50-ish?) tipped me $20—that's more than it cost him to take the class. But it wasn't in like a skeevy or gross way, just in a really sweet way. He said I was a great teacher and he was sure I hear that all the time but he wanted me to enjoy the weekend and get a cocktail on him. So that made me happy. It's easy to start to feel like we as yoga teachers are a dime a dozen, especially in a studio like mine that has SO many teachers—great ones at that. But to have people reinforce that something sets you apart is a nice comfort, especially at a time when my ego has been pretty bruised.

Friday: studio yoga class (60 minutes)
I needed an afternoon class and my studio doesn't have any on Fridays, so my friend and fellow teacher Taryn and I checked out this other studio nearby. We took a non-hot 1-hour vinyasa flow class, and it was really nice. Still challenging but not a total ass-kicking like a 75-minute class at my studio would have been, and I decided that was EXACTLY what my body wanted today.

I specifically did not run yesterday because I desperately wanted to close out with one today.  I set aside my afternoon...and then as I pulled into my parking spot my phone went crazy with a tornado alert and thunder started cracking. I will run in the rain...I will not run in a thunderstorm. Sigh...

Saturday & Sunday: active rest
There's a chance some yoga will be done, but definitely no classes and definitely no running. Turning off my phone, putting on a bathing suit, and spending as much of this weekend under the sun and in the water as I possibly can. Happy 4th, everyone!

Weekly Totals
Running: 1.76 miles
Yoga: 135 minutes
Classes Taught: 5