Sunday Sweats 80

July 4–10
Monday: active rest
Happy 4th! Drove home from the shore this morning and spent a lovely afternoon lunching with my bearded guy and some friends, then hit the park to throw some balls around (and blow some bubbles too). Exactly how Mondays off are meant to be spent.

Tuesday: active rest
My sleep has been bizarre the last few days. I've been sleeping like the dead (I usually wake up a lot, especially when there's movement around me) and still waking up exhausted. After I dropped my guy off for the 6:58 (UGH) train, I fell back asleep for a few hours which totally derailed my gameplan for the day. I did get some movement in in the form of a few brief free flows and walking to/from transit stops and dinner, but nothing "official."

Wednesday: active rest; 1 class taught
Are we ever gonna see any actual workouts this week? Hm. On the one hand, I can't complain about a great few days. On the other, I know I'm already regretting the lack of workouts. Last night I had my Wednesday a.m. class cancelled, so I stuck around the city this morning, did some work from my guy's place, and met Michael for lunch before heading home. I couldn't manage to squeeze in a run before I had to leave to teach my night class—not to mention the 90º+ heat and humidity didn't make "outside" appealing at all.

David did loan me his Fitbit so I could see if my interest in getting one of my own had any basis, and while I'm still not sure if I need/want my own, it was interesting to see the data. I got well over 10,000 steps (AHA's daily recommendation) in today and spent a good amount of time with my HR in the "fat burn" zone—thanks to walking in the heat in the city and teaching my class in the heat as well—and covered 4.77 miles.

Thursday: home yoga practice (25 minutes); 2 classes taught
Enough was enough. There's no room for a class in my calendar but I couldn't keep saying "Maybe I'll get to..." I don't much care for home practice anymore (I prefer to not have to make any decisions and just give myself over to whomever I'm trusting to guide me) but I just went through some parts of the class I'm teaching this week because I desperately needed movement and relaxation. It helped.

Friday: active rest
Drove to DC today and walked quite a bit once we arrived, but no workout.

Saturday: aerial yoga (60 minutes)
Coolest thing ever, Tracy and I got in 60 minutes of aerial yoga today. It's way different from my normal practice and was definitely harder than I thought, but it was a LOT of fun. Will definitely be into doing it again in the future!

Sunday: rest
A bit of morning walking for DC coffee and brunch before heading home and collapsing after a long drive.

Weekly Totals
Running: 0 miles
Yoga: 85 minutes
Classes taught: 3


  1. We need to find an aerial place here and go! It looks like so much fun. Also, I'm free to go to my studio any night except Thursdays (that's when I work)

  2. Aerial yoga sounds like it would be so much more difficult! That is awesome that you were able to go :) I am sure you will kick butt next week!

  3. Should I tell you again how much fun aerial yoga was?! I'm sorry running just wasn't in the cards for you this week but I honestly probably wouldn't have been great company on Saturday either (maragaritas with you on Friday was a fair trade though).

  4. oh aerial yoga looks so fun!! i can definitely see it being harder than it looks. i'm sorry you weren't able to run. i really like my fitbit, i rarely get my 10,000 steps in unless i run, but i am trying to aim for it daily now. on the weekends i get over 20k, its just during the week when i'm lazy at my desk job :-| i thought i'd be obsessed with the heartrate monitoring, but i only kind of am haha. i really like the sleep stats.


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