Sunday Sweats 81: 18 Weeks Out

July 11–17

Since my last race, the New Jersey Half Marathon on May 1, I have been officially out of training—and oh, boy, did I take that truth to heart. In truth, running just could not be my priority during the month of May when my weekends, weekdays, and mental energy was tied up in my cousin's pre-wedding festivities and then the wedding itself and THEN the housesitting responsibilities I'd signed up for. I tried to get momentum back in June after forgiving myself the break I took in May, but it never quite clicked back in while I was having a hard time professionally.

This week, I'm 6 weeks away from day one of my Richmond Half Marathon training plan, 18 weeks away from the race. Though I'm still not officially in training—i.e. following a program and putting training first—I'm done being a lazy "runner" and ready to get back to my base. I truly miss running, but it has been my own fault for not shucking the excuses and just getting outside. I have a big race goal coming up and hopefully an even bigger one soon after that, so it's time to shift my priorities and refocus on my running goals. I'm ready to get back to feeling like the runner I was last year. Here's hoping this week is the start of it.

Monday: 2.07 mile run (9:33 pace); studio yoga class (75 minutes); 1 class taught
I'm so tired of letting time be my excuse for not running. The way I've been living the past few weeks has not let me run much, so it was time to change the way I've been living. After a busy (walked a lot) but indulgent (ate a whole lot and worked out 0) weekend, I took advantage of an early rising today and got in 2 miles before heading over to open the studio and taking Kelly's class. Two miles ain't much, but it's more than I ran in the last two weeks combined. I'm starting at the bottom but here's hoping this is the last time I have to re-start for a while.
Kelly's class was HARD, but maybe it just felt extra hard because I haven't had a studio practice in over a week. It was a good and serious sweat. I subbed the noon class afterwards bringing my daily total to 3 for 3.

Tuesday: active rest; 1 class taught
I subbed this morning's class and it was a fun group to teach. My trainer and mentor Kelly is running a summer YTT program, and she and her trainees were in this morning's class. The first time Kelly took my class was terrifying, so it's interesting to see how far I've come as a teacher as evidenced by my confidence with her in my class.

Wednesday: 2.41 miles (9:14 pace); 2 classes taught
I seriously feel like I'm starting completely from scratch. I was pressed for time before I had to leave to teach, but not sure how I'd run, so I took a route with a straight out and zig-zag back (alllllll uphill) course so I could lengthen or shorten it if I needed to. I managed a few fast hill sprints but they caught up to me quickly after and I was breathing pretty heavy by the end of this very short run. Trying to remind myself that it'll take time to make up for two months of almost nothing, but I can get my old legs and lungs back. I just need to stay get consistent to do it.

Thursday: active rest; 2 classes taught
I really wish there was a midday Thursday class I could take, because running is pretty much out of the question on Thursdays for now and home practice is just not enticing to me anymore. Not an empty day, but more guiding than practicing.

Friday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
My beloved Donna subbed for another teacher this morning so I took her class. Though she normally is the non-hot teacher, since we're a hot studio she subs in hot rooms and it was the perfect combination of her mellow, super stretchy practice and a little bit of heat. I practiced alongside my friend Taryn which is always a fun treat! I completely lost control of my afternoon and evening and didn't manage a run, which I thought I would be able to make up during the weekend...

Saturday: active rest 
Second Annual Beach Blate! No formal workout but a fair amount of walking and plenty of ocean swimming. Plus belly laughs count as a core workout, right?

Sunday: active rest; 1 class taught
David and I had planned to run together today (which would be a first for us...) but the weather was brutal, I was wiped out from yesterday at the beach, and the evening ended up being consumed by takeout sushi and Seinfeld. I kinda regret not getting a third run in for the week, but we walked around a zoo for a few hours today and I taught in the morning, so it was at least an active day. Zoo walk + ocean swim can combine to make for a 30-minute run, right? (Just go with it.)

Weekly Totals
Running: 4.48 miles (ack)
Yoga: 150 minutes
Classes taught: 7


  1. The countdown begins! :) Can't wait to see you crush those big goals. I felt like I was starting from scratch too after two months off. Even when running didn't hurt it was still just...HARD from not having done it. It took some time, but it's gotten better! I know you're pressed for time, but one thing that helped me was doing more frequent, shorter runs. When I was only running a couple times a week I felt like my body was in shock because it just wasn't in that routine. I knew I needed to get back into running more like 3-4 times a week so doing a couple extra 2-milers or whatever helped reform the habit.
    SO super jealous of your blate!

  2. so i had a little heart attack when you said 6 weeks away from richmond, even though you said the training plan, my eyes skipped that and i was like holy moly 6 weeks?! haha. i feel like i have been chasing the old me runner for some years now and i really really really want to get back to it, even though i always say that! i have never been good at following a plan, perhaps i need to this time and maybe that will make a difference. it's all about making it a priority of course, which i don't, and then i get cranky at myself. belly laughs totally count as a core workout, as does walking around the zoo. is David a runner?! that's awesome if he is. KC and I only ran once, back when he could, and jeepers he left me in the dust and i thought my heart was gonna burst out of my chest and he was like wow we took it really easy didn't we, and i wanted to throttle him haha.
    anyway! can't wait to follow along and hopefully use your dedication as motivation/inspiration for myself lol. jk. good luck crushing all those goals, you can do it!


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