Thursday Thoughts Vol. 1

I feel like I place pressure on myself sometimes to NOT use this blog space in a dairy-esque way. Not because anyone ever told me not to, but because I told myself not to. Because I keep a journal anyway—why does the world need to hear it here? (And by the world, of course, I mean like all 40 of you.) But the truth is, some of my very favorite posts to read are the Thursday Thoughts posts by Steph, and today I was just inspired to borrow the torch from her. Some thoughts I've been thinking lately that don't warrant posts of their own, but that I want to say out loud anyway.

1. Reading Steph's post on this the other day got me even more riled up over something that just does not seem to stop happening. Parents, I get that you think you know better than everyone about everything, but if I have to hear one more of you say something along the lines of "Wait until you're a parent" or "Wait until you have kids," especially to me when you know I have a reproductive disorder, I'm going to lose it. We were talking about the news and recent terrorist attacks. I'm sure that because you have made your own replicas to put on the planet you look at the situation differently than I do, but that has actually zero relevance to the validity of MY views of these current events. Non-parents have thoughts and ideas and fears and beliefs, too.

2. But speaking of riled up. The plight of the childfree Millennial is hardly any. I just really want to share this story—and I am trying with all my might to be as sensitive as possible, but if I misstep, it's unintentional. So the other day, Tuesday, I was taking the bus into the city on that commuter girlfriend life. The woman sitting in front of me was black, and so was the male driver of our bus who we were both sitting within five feet of. (Relevant because that's how/why I heard the following exchange.) As we pulled into Port Authority, another PA employee—also a black man—hopped on board as our driver pulled us into the gate. The second guy got on somberly and told the driver that "They shot another cop." He explained that it was in Kansas and that he didn't know any other details. But he, the driver, and the woman in front of me exchanged a series of looks with each other in which I believe I recognized terror. I sat in shock. Firstly, humans, STOP KILLING OTHER HUMANS. Secondly, it quickly became clear that their natural thought progression led them to fear that they or their loved ones would be near-future targets for this insane racial tension that has resulted in so many senseless deaths in the last few years. As we filed off the bus, the second PA worker grabbed the woman in front of me and implored her in the most serious tone I've ever heard to "Be safe out there."

I stepped out of Port Authority and took notice of the National Guard and NYPD—who are always there, and who span and cross all racial lines—and felt a bit of fear myself. Because nowadays, sometimes that's just what happens when I step into a big city like New York or DC, or when I find myself in the middle of a large crowd in a public place. But while my fear is that I'll be caught up in a wrong place at the wrong time, there are people sitting right next to me who feel a very valid fear that they will be specifically targeted next. And as a human, that is horrifying to me. It has to stop. Please, humanity. It has to stop. Love isn't the answer, prayer isn't the answer. Action in the right direction is the answer. I'm just not sure what action we can all unite in is.

3. In cheerier news, the photos have started to come back from my cousin's beautiful wedding. This is hands-down my favorite I've seen so far.
Can't wait for the full reel!

4. My apartment super... oh, man. Listen, I, too, am an expressive soul. Sometimes I get excited and the volume of my voices raises too. But I have literally never heard you speak once where you weren't actually bellowing. Now I don't know if you have lots of friends on the other side of the phone that's attached to your face 24/7 (even when you're demo-ing the apartment next door, which I'm not totally sure is safe...), but if you could either close a window or take it down just a smidge, I and the rest of my neighbors would be quite grateful.

5. As part of my girlfriend rewards package, I've been granted access into the wonderful world of Hulu. YOU GUYS. I never felt the need to pay for it since I already have Netflix, HBOGO, and Amazon Prime—and part of the point of cutting cable in the first place was, ya know, to reduce my TV consumption. BUT. How did I not know how much I was missing here? I've already burned through all of Happy Endings, am finally reunited with the one reality TV indulgence I have, Teen Mom (1 and 2, yeah...), and am loving all this face time with my gal Mindy. If I don't come out of my apartment for the next week, send help and more food.

6. After a crazy couple weekends of traveling (Philly, then the shore, then DC) and day trips tying up full days, this weekend we're actually going to wake up Saturday morning and not need to hit the road to go someplace or another. Here's hoping the heat isn't too unbearable and my guy and I finally get a weekend day to traipse about the city before a suburban Sunday. As much as I love planning adventures and having exciting things in the calendar, it's going to be SO NICE to just take the day hour by hour, whim by whim. I can't wait.


  1. Thursday Thoughts is one thing I have stuck with faithfully because few things on mine have a full post behind them. Just a sort of what I've seen and heard and what I think about those things. I like to read stuff like that from others too.

    I can't believe how divisive this land feels right now. Further apart is what I see people pushing for when the answer lies closer to more together, in the middle.

    Love that shot of you and your cousin. The good vibes are pouring out of it.

  2. I loved Steph's post because up until the last few a married 30 something...the question about children came up ALLLLL of the time. It is so no one's business why we didn't have a child yet or if we even wanted one in the first place. It is such a personal thing and I hate the way people you know and love and random strangers alike make ignorant comments and questions about the life you chose. Like you don't know any better.

    And the whole black lives matter vs cops thing is getting out of hand. You know which side I chose? Humanity. And I would like to think that most of us feel the same way. This is taking us many steps back when we should only be moving forward with issues like this.

  3. Gorgeous photo! I have trouble mentally switching gears, so this post, or some of Steph's get me all sad about humanity and all the crazy shit that's happening out there, and then it's hard to be happy about the other bullet points. What is happening to the world right now?

  4. oh, it never ends - you don't have a boyfriend, it's "why don't you have a boyfriend". then you have a boyfriend but not engaged and it's "why aren't you getting married". then you get married, and it's "why don't you have kids". then you have a kid, and it's "why don't you have more kids". then you have 2 kids and it's "why don't you have 3?". then you have 3 and it's "you have too much!". it's tiresome and annoying and people should STFU and mind their business.

  5. Love that picture of you and your sister-cousin. So much fun. I cant even comment on the state of affairs in this country. There was some special news cast on the day after the TX shootings ( think it was TX - it's happeneing everywhere that I can't even remember the fucking place it happened!!) but I couldn't even watch it. I just sat there trying my hardest not to fucking cry over these officers who I'd never heard of, and certainly never met. But someone somewhere was no fatherless, brother-less, son-less, husband-less, friendless and it's sad. And it needs to STOP.

  6. I quite enjoyed this post. You titled it with "vol.1" I hope there are more volumes to come. My mind often jumps around into different spaces. This is a great way to share the ways that yours jumps.
    Love the picture of you & your cousin. That one is priceless!

  7. Happy Endings is hands down one of the best shows ever, I was so sad when they cancelled it and I love that picture of you and your cousin - so fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. The other day I finally read one too many posts about how mom life is so hard and how easy we kidless 20-somethings have it. Now I have a half-written rant in my drafts so watch out for that one, Internet.
    I don't even know what to say anymore re: #2. I really mean that, I have spent years questioning and crying over this and it just keeps getting worse and worse and I honestly can't seem to form one more coherent sentence on the subject.
    But I'm glad you shared it and also that you shared that photo because the world needs more moments like that. I hope you and David enjoy your plans-free weekend!

  9. Oh, love these kinds of posts! I think these are ones that you will enjoy when you re-read in years to come!

  10. Love Steph & her post about my girl Jennifer Aniston and the enormous pressure women feel about well, EVERYTHING. I'm tired of not having an opinion that counts because a tiny human didn't exit my body. I'm tired of always feeling like my choices aren't entirely mine; that people question them or constantly scrutinize them. It ain't easy being us. (33, single and childless over here)

    I just got Hulu, too! Life changing.

    Also, the world is an insanely scary place. It hurts just thinking about it.

  11. oh no, don't convince me to get hulu lol.
    that picture of you and your cousin is perfect!
    i agree with all of your points with 1 and 2. humans need to stop killing other humans, full stop. i have friends, family and loved ones of all colours and races and i am equally scared for all of them, not to mention myself.
    i do love these posts, thoughts or whatever people want to call them. i think they are a good way to get thoughts out lol and start conversations.


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