Thursday Thoughts Vol. 2

1. I don't lose things. I am just not a person who doesn't know where something went, where she put it, etc. Except when it comes to my clothing, apparently. The only things I've lost in the last hundred years are clothing items. A few years ago I lost a cropped cardigan thing (left it in the bathroom at a club in Atlantic City), last winter I lost my brand new running gloves I had only worn once, and this week I apparently lost a pair of underwear. I know this doesn't seem significant, but it is: it's the only bikini cut/bottom-covering pair of nude underwear I own, a.k.a. essential for when I'm wearing a sundress in a light color or pattern. This has severely disrupted my sartorial options as well as unwound me mentally speaking because WHO LOSES UNDERWEAR?!

2. This past weekend was a big relationship milestone: David met my mom and stepdad, and after we had lunch with them we went over to his mom's to have a bite (I swear, our relationship revolves around eating more than anything else) and I met her and her boyfriend. So the big and important parent meetings have come and gone and I think we both passed quite well. The sweetest part for me was noticing how he talks to me in front of my mom and his, and hearing him talk about "our normal" in a positive way. It made my heart flutter, for real.

3. I'm still job-hunting. This isn't a new thought, but it is what sits at the forefront of my mind 99% of the time. I've branched out in my search as far as I reasonably and realistically can, and I've bugged just about every friend and colleague I can think of for advice, networking, what have you. And I'm still just waiting. I have no idea when things are going to turn around, or if there's anything else I can be doing that I'm not. I'm doing everything I can, and I feel like I hear all the time about people doing less than half as much and getting jobs—or at least getting interviews, which I'm not either. I keep telling myself that the market is just saturated and there's someone as or better qualified than me who has better timing and that I can't take it personally. And that helps me emotionally, but not practically.

4. There's this one weekly task I have that I really don't like to do for one client. I put it off as long as I can, because that's pretty much my response to everything I dread (I'm literally procrastinating right now by typing this post) but—surprise, surprise—that doesn't make it go away or any less annoying when I have to do it. But I recently realized that if I do 5 minutes of prep-work at some point ahead of time, I can be done with the task in 20 minutes or less. So I'm trying to use that as a motivational tactic and setting myself a timer every time and seeing how long it actually takes me, to both "beat the clock" and also suck it up because basically who can't do a slightly annoying thing for 20 minutes? I ran a freakin' marathon last year in just shy of 5 hours. I can type for 15-20 minutes. Amirite?

5. This week in Blogging is the Best: Two friends I met through this blog were awesome this week. I chatted with my pal Kristen about how I really want to take a page out of her book of awesome and get on the morning workout train. With teaching 2 evening classes every week and being on girlfriend duty Tuesday nights, my runs need to take place either under the brutal afternoon sun...or in the morning, which I have successfully done twice in my life. Kristen sent me super motivating and encouraging texts Tuesday morning, and if I hadn't been an idiot with her phone on Do Not Disturb, they probably would have actually gotten me up out of bed for a run! ;) (Thanks a million for trying, though.) To make up for it, Tracy and I made an evening run pact for Tuesday, after she helpfully reminded me that not two months ago I PR'ed my half marathon, and I can do this running thing if I really want to. I so do.

6. I often write bits and pieces of yoga sequences in Notes on my phone before I have the time to sit and write out my class for the week in my handy dandy yoga notebook. It delights me down to my soul that my iPhone is finally learning words like "skandasana" (ninja pose) and "navasana" (boat pose) and no longer feels the need to correct my Sanskrit to "slander and" or some other such nonsense.

7. Do you guys listen to podcasts? I feel like blogland went through a big heyday with podcasts when everyone was catching the Serial (season 1 only) bug, but the talk has kind of petered out. I'm still a big podcast fan and listen to every episode of We Have Concerns. If you're looking for a way to kill your 20-minute drive to work or better background noise for your laundry-folding or dish-washing, give it a whirl.

8. Just before I boarded the bus home yesterday, wasting time by scrolling Facebook, I learned of the death of a college friend. We hadn't been in touch in probably 3-4 years, but he was one of my first friends my first semester. He was an amazing, energetic, hilarious kid when I knew him, and I was horrified to see a glimpse of what these last few years in his life must have been like since we've been out of touch. It's weird to mourn someone your life has already parted paths from, but I'm shocked and saddened by his death and I just want to tell someone about him. He didn't deserve this from life.

9. And so as not to end on a sad note, there is something I'm grinning about and looking forward to: Opening Ceremonies are a week from tomorrow! Get excited—if this video doesn't help you do it, I don't know what will.


  1. How much easier my life would be if I didn't lose things. I seriously lose everything. My favorite is that I always put things in places that I will remember... then I don't remember. Oh my gosh is it frustrating. Good luck finding that pair of underwear! I know the importance of select key items like that! If you ever want to send some working out motivation my way I would not be upset ;) I am having one heck of a time getting up the gumption to do anything. Ugh. Hope you have a great rest of the week ♥

  2. i'm late to the podcast game and i love them. i listened to serial back when it was popular but never really got into the whole podcast thing until a few weeks ago when traffic was awful and i was sitting in my car steaming mad. i got to work in an awful mood, complaining about the traffic when my coworker told me that he passes the time listening to podcasts. lightbulb went off in my head and now i listen to podcasts about serial killers (confession: i'm morbidly fascinated by serial killers). i swear i'm not weird.

  3. I knew someone who used to steal underwear - maybe she has been by and visited your place ;)

  4. Yes! Olympic gymnastics are coming!

    I hear you on the underwear - I have one nude pair and that shit had better never, ever go missing.

    Love love love the parental meetings and love. Happy for you my friend!

  5. I usually don't lose things either but have lost a pair of underwear or two. I am convinced that the washing machine likes to eat them? Or perhaps South Park's theory of Underwear Gnomes is a real thing. underwear + ? = profit They must have figured out the "?". Congrats on the relationship milestone. So cute!!!

    So sorry to hear about your friend :( It is always so shocking to hear about people who pass that we went to school with because for me it reminds me how fragile our lives can be! Gymnastics are the only part of the Olympics that I really get in to, so I am excited for them!

  6. SO excited for the Olympics :) I will be watching every single thing I can! I'm way behind on life and blogland and everything else, but after reading about the parental meetings I stalked your IG a little bit and YAY! You guys look so happy :)

  7. i have only one nude pair of underwear as well! god i hope i don't lose them. that's weird. i lose shit all the time though, so i'm surprised i haven't yet.
    true story: both times i texted you, i got up and went to work instead of working out. so, i failed too. i am super struggling with running right now, and i just realised i have 11 weeks until my next half and 15 until richmond (as i'm sure you can tell because i started texting you guys about it) and i really need to get my shit together and actually, you know, RUN. otherwise i legit will never PR ever ever ever again. so are you and Tracy running every Tuesday evening? Tuesdays and Thursday (and sundays) are supposed to be my run days, but last couple of weeks i have only been running on sundays. god, so lazy. i can get up, i can go to the gym if someone is waiting, but if not, i just go to work. who wants to go to work that early?! why don't i just run? so, you know. we all fail a little bit right?
    yay for meeting the parents!! how exciting! and also, a relationship that revolves around food is my kind of relationship. hahaha.
    i am so sorry about your friend, whether you've parted ways or not, that is so sad. i am so sorry xxx

  8. I read this post this morning and started thinking about all my podcast love and wrote my own post about it... too long to comment! And on my last underwear shopping trip, I almost exclusively bought nude or grey because I had like, one pair, and a love of wearing white jeans. Ya gotta stock up!

    Sorry about your friend. Something similar happened to me last year and it's hard, even if you weren't close recently. It did motivate me to reach out to some friends I had lost touch with and I hope if you need to do the same to people in your life, you might do so in his memory, even if no one else knows that's why.

  9. I'm sorry to say that #1 cracked me up. I mean, I'm sorry that you lost a very functional clothing item, but I could just picture you throwing your hands in the air and shouting, "WHO LOSES UNDERWEAR?" Haha. (For the record, I have 3 pairs of nude underwear. I know how important they can be!)

    I loved #2. I always got so nervous when I met a new boyfriend's parents for the first time. I never had a horrible experience (thankfully!), but it was still always a little scary. I'm glad things went smoothly! :-)

    I'm sorry about the job hunting frustrations and about your college friend. Sometimes it seems almost harder in some ways if you've lost touch.

    And, on a happier note: gymnastics! I can't wait!

  10. I still have goosebumps as I type this comment from that video! Wow!
    Meeting the parents is a lovely step and experiencing heart flutters while it happened is an added bonus.

  11. I'm not a loser of things either so it makes me crazy when I can't find something so I feel you girl! And no suggestions on the underwear unless you have a pet! LOL! And high five for successful parent meet and greets - big steps!!! Still haven't listened to a podcast - I can't find time for most of my life anyway, although they sound intriguing! And good luck on the job front - it's coming! Sorry about your friend . . .

  12. I would lose my damn head if it were attached to my body, but it still really disturbs me to lose random things. And there are some things that I manage to not lose, like underwear, but sometimes they go missing temporarily and I'm like, how can this be?! They're one of the few things in life that are easy to keep track of.
    Awww the meeting of the moms! <3 And here's another <3 for your job situation and another one <3 for our running pact. That was the best run I've had in a long time and it wasn't even on my plan, which I actually think may be why I enjoyed it...
    My iPhone still can't figure out English so major props to yours for learning Sanskrit! (Just to spite me, it just changed "props" to "people's").
    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. No matter how long you haven't talked, that's still a really hard thing to come to terms with.

  13. We all know I'm anti-America (or is it anti-world?) when it comes to the Olympics (they're just not my thing) but I will give you that Rise video. I was getting my nails done a few weeks ago and it came on and I got teary-eyed. TELL NO ONE!

    Yay for successful parental meetings!!! That's always rough.

    I will also back anything Kristen said about morning workouts. It's the only way I go to the gym. For one, as soon as I get home from work the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. I'll never go. So getting up by 5:15 every morning works for me. I start my day with a good sweat, it's checked off the list, and I feel good and awake for the rest of the day.

    I'm sorry to here about your college friend. I had a similar occurrence happen to me last December. Checked an acquaintance's FB page to sort of check in and see what they were up to. After scrolling through the "wish you were here" posts I realized he had passed away almost a year ago. It's sad and I'm sorry for your loss.


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