Summer 2016's Greatest Hits

Just a few days ago, we got a brief and fleeting taste of what is to come: September. Oh, I can't wait. And I know this love of September and the fall season doesn't make me unique, but I'm still anxiously counting down the days. It's funny; I used to love summer. I lived for it. I had no use for a day below 75º and the ubiquitous apple and pumpkin flavors each fall only did so much to endear me to the chillier months.

Now, though? Bring. it. on. Summer is just...harder than it used to be. When you're young, you actually have no responsibility during the summer—or at least, much less than you do during the school year. (Truth, I still consider September the real start of the year, and I likely always will.) Now, though, there's still that feeling of freedom and lessening obligations, but you still have to to all the same stuff you have to do on any Tuesday in October or March. Summer makes me feel incredibly lethargic, but the workload doesn't lighten. Blogs and Instagrammers make us feel like summer has to be THE MOST FUN and we have to do ALL THE THINGS because apparently we can't go outside any other time of the year, and I always feel like I've wasted my summer if I didn't do a ton of epic shit, but the truth is...I'm tired of being sweaty all the time and I want to stay inside until it's below 80º again.

Oh, and forget about it if you're a hot yoga instructor and runner. If you guys read my SS posts, you know that struggle already. And if you don't, you can assume and I don't need to bore you.

But it hasn't been all bad, of course. I've even had a few highlights this summer, if you can believe that. I haven't done a post just chatting about things I dig for a while now, and let's face it—this is a lifestyle blog. I need to hit my quota of "favorites" posts for the year, so here are my favorites of the summer of 2016.

favorite workout
Hot yoga. I know, it sounds ridiculous. But outdoor workouts (running) have been torture, and the lower cardiac demand of yoga has been much kinder and easier to accommodate. Plus, there's so much less self-motivating involved. On a run, I need to motivate myself to run each and every step. At the studio, as soon as I get there, I'm there and the instructor is basically my conscience. And bonus: When you practice in a room between 98–105º, low-90s temperatures don't seem so awful for a little while.

favorite clothing purchase
I live in rompers over the summer when they make me put on real clothes, but I didn't find any worth buying on my un(der)employed budget this summer. I did make a few purchases in the yoga pants department, because when you teach 5 classes a week and try to practice 3 times, and you don't have an in-unit washer and dryer, you need backups. My favorites are from TJMaxx, particularly the 90Degree brand. They're like $16.99, hold up against weekly washings, are comfy and fun, never see-through and so far, no pilling. That's a win.

favorite food
David introduced me to Indian food this summer, and I'm a convert. It wasn't that I didn't want to try it before; it just had only been presented as an option at inopportune moments (such as before a big race or long drive. That's not the time to experiment with new spices.) and I'm not one to seek out strange (to me) cuisines in daily life. As I type this though I'm salivating over the thought of chana masala, and I think I know what's for lunch.

Quick shout-out to ice cream as a secondary winner in this category. My love for ice cream became a full-blown addiction this summer, and if the grocery store would just stop having Ben & Jerry's on sale everything would be fine! But between them and David thinking my ice cream habit is adorable, I'm a lost cause in a sea of enablers.

favorite adventure
Back in July, David and I took our first trip together. It was just a weekend getaway, but it was made all the sweeter by the fact that we went to DC, where he used to live and where my dear friend resides. He got to show me a piece of his life I'd never seen before, and I did too. On top of that, I got to hang with Tracy, which is just an automatic +10 for any weekend!

favorite nail polish
Butler, Please by Essie is one of my all-time favorite polishes, and I've had it on toes and fingers more times this summer than I can count. Blues are fun sometimes.

favorite "jewelry"
Recently I bought myself a gift. It was the white moonstone and amethyst mala, made by Erica Jenkins whose Etsy shop Reid Beads I highly encourage you to explore if malas are your thing. It's beautiful and helpful and important. Bonus, the price feels ludicrously low for such a well-made piece, and the shipping all the way from Canada to NJ was fast and inexpensive.

favorite song

And that's about the size of it. Happy Friday, and happy final days of summer. (Sorry, it's the truth.)


  1. lol @ apparently we can't go outside any other time of year. very true. i'm always like.... not at the pool or park or whatever, and everyone else seems to be. i probably spend more time outside the rest of the year. the only time i am outside in summer is a) on vacation or b) running.
    i LOVE the 90 degree brand. i think i have 3 pairs of their pants. i tried on one of their jackets a few months ago and sensibly put it back, but i am still thinking about it andhave gone back to search like 75 times to no avail. sigh.

  2. I am so ready for fall as well!!! The weather is better, the flavors of things are awesome, the clothes are the coolest, its football season, the smell in the air in the mornings...just yes to fall!!! I love TJ Maxx for workout clothes. There and Nordstrom Rack is where all of mine come from! I still love your bright pink leggings! So fun! That bracelet is precious. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. So happy he introduced you to Indian food and you like it! And I agree- before a race or long drive are NOT the time to try spicy foods like that! Love that bracelet, and that song has been on constant repeat for me this entire summer. Sounds like you had a great summer!

  4. Summer is so hard as an adult because we are so ingrained with the notion that it is a reckless, irresponsible season but we don't have the freedom to act like it anymore.

    Fabulous bracelet!

  5. I have not cared for summer since the college days with a job and summer classes. Once there was no break, there was nothing to redeem it from the miserable hotness, headaches from switching back and forth from heat to AC, and sweat marks on clothes. Spring and Fall are the only good seasons and Summer and Winter's only benefit is to remind us to be grateful for the other 2.

    I haven't had that much Indian food, but I recently discovered naan with hummus. Sooo good! Plus some olives and feta cheese. Best snack ever.

  6. wait wait WAIT. you just tried indian food for the first time? GIRL, wasn't it amazing???? it's one of my fav cuisines....esp the butter chicken and i pretty much will eat anything that ends "masala". it could be a pig's ass but if it's "pig ass masala", gimmie!

  7. September also means that we have only 4 months remaining to get our acts together to meet in person in 2016 since it's our year! I will drive, fly, walk, run, cycle, hitchhike, skip.. all the way to you if that's what it takes!

  8. I'm so with you-- I used to love summer, but with the heat I feel like it's only enjoyable it you live at the beach or a pool where you can just lounge around all day (aka not reality, haha). I need to try out those yoga pants-- I remember Kristen mentioning loving them too!

  9. Fun post! I think I'm in love with those hot pink yoga pants (on you!; not on me!) haha!
    I'm a big fan of blue nail polish.
    I'm like you with trying new cuisines. I enjoy it when I do, but I don't seek it out. I didn't really like Indian food until moving here.


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