Sunday Sweats 83: 16 Weeks Out

July 25–31

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I thought I would have run first thing in the morning before Kelly's class, but David played the snooze button/late train game today so there was no reason for either of us to get up at 6:30 a.m. I really would like to start training my body for early wake-ups for running purposes, but I think you just can't fight nature (and my nature is a night owl through and through).

Tuesday: 2.08 mile run (9:26 pace)
Got out the door with help from a running deal with Tracy today, after sleeping through/over Kristen's encouraging reminders. (I'm still not a morning person, for anyone keeping track.) At 6 p.m. in the sun on a 90º day. Where is this dedication to my workouts when it's like 70º in the early morning?! Sigh. Anyway, sweat my face off but got 'em done. Wish it was a longer run, but the bus schedule to the city and a conference call with Bad Yogi had other ideas for me.

Wednesday: active rest; 1 class taught
Since the summer is slow at my second studio when the kids are out of school (majority of our clients are moms), my class is cancelled for this and the next two weeks. Which is good news for someone who likes to not run to catch an 8 a.m. bus home from the city. I had 7k steps before I even got home from the city thanks to walking to meet David for lunch and then walking back to Port Authority and finished the day with teaching an intense class and over 10k steps. It feels good that I can be seriously active (and work up a serious sweat) even without a formal workout scheduled into the day.

Thursday: 2.05 mile run (9:43 pace); 2 classes taught
Welp, I don't like morning runs. I recognize they'll be necessary as long as a) the sun is hot as balls and b) I'm tied up three nights a week. My legs felt dead and heavy and I just slogged through. But I was glad they were done early, and I know I'll have to prepare better the night before for my next necessary morning run to make it easier. Again, not great mileage, but 2 is greater than 0.

Friday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
My legs felt utterly dead today, and even more so after yoga, but it was worth it. I love Nicole's Friday night class, and I haven't been able to take it in weeks. Yoga happy hour was awesome tonight and I was complete mush afterwards, and I have zero complaints about it.

Saturday & Sunday: active rest; 1 class taught
Weekends need to stop being busy and full of new relationshipping so I can get a workout in...but I'm not exactly in a big hurry to stop the fun stuff.

Weekly Totals
Running: 4.13
Yoga: 150 minutes
Classes Taught: 4

Aside from the "starting from scratch" thing that's pretty much going on with my running, I've been coming to grips with the truth that I can't double up my workouts these days. Firstly because of timing, and secondly because I need to ease back in in all regards. By the end of half training hopefully I will be fine with a class and a run on the same day, but when I've had so many weeks with days of 0 workout whatsoever, I can't pick right back up to a 75-minute hot athletic vinyasa class and a summertime outdoor run. And considering it's hard enough to even get one workout a day in lately, I need to slow my hypothetical roll and remind current, planning-mode Alyssa that I'm not going to manage a class and a run every day this week. No matter how many times I write it on the calendar.

I think I fell in love with dusky runs because when I was in an office full-time, my evening run separated my day from work time and me time, and it was an important delineation in my mental space. I looked forward to my run to let off steam that built up from 9-5, and mornings were never an option. Obviously my schedule is much different now (because I barely have one) but evening workouts still get me heart-eyed as a way to break up my day, as a commuter's drive home might. But much as I love them, my schedule doesn't and I need to really commit to adjusting accordingly.


  1. i mean... i get about mornings how you are about evening workouts, and i can imagine i would struggle trying to change it and fight against nature/what your body wants to do. i hope you are able to figure something out though, or at least i hope the weather starts calming down soon :) i am the same way with over planning and needing to slow my hypothetical roll as well, sometimes i write out my workout plan with like an hour body pump and then a run right after.... who am i kidding? lol


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