Sunday Sweats 84: 15 Weeks Out

August 1–7

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Kelly class to start the week. Sometimes I get a kind of "ugh" feeling knowing I *have* to be there (since I open the studio and work the desk for her Monday mornings) but on the flip side, I'm grateful that I'm "forced" to be there on mornings like this. It was gloomy and rainy, and I ended up going back to sleep for an hour after I dropped David at the 6:58 a.m. train. If not for my desk commitment, I would have slept right on through. Class was good, not too hard but really warm so I sweat out my weekend of less-than-ideal decisions.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I mapped out my week and am trying to be REALLY logical and smart about what I can really do when. Decided on Amy's morning class to start another day on a high note and it was amazing. I rarely take her class but she's a great teacher, and she helped shake up my class planning too as I've started to feel a little uninspired.

Wednesday: 2.11 miles (9:46 pace); 1 class taught
AFTER getting 10,000 steps in today and before teaching my 75-minute hot yoga class, I squeezed in these few miles. Somehow. I fought against it up until the very last minute I could have stepped out the door; I just didn't want to do it. Of course, I got out there and there was nothing to complain about. If I weren't time-pressed, I would have even run longer—was in the mood for it today. Unfortunately I blew that opportunity by procrastinating all the livelong day.

That pace though. My next race (Richmond Half Marathon) is a time goal, so I need to see better numbers than that. However, I'm not going to gripe on that until a) the temperature drops another 10 degrees, b) I'm running more than twice a week consistently, and c) I've started to actually incorporate speed training into my runs.

Thursday: active rest; 2 classes taught

Friday: 3.23 mile run (9:33 pace); 1 class taught
I should probably be embarrassed about how happy I am with that mileage, but that's where we are, folks. I feel like I've barely broken 2-mile territory in weeks; I know I didn't at all last week. This run was so close to not happening, but I'm so glad it did. I needed and enjoyed it. (Self, please remember this on Sunday when you're trying to get out of running the next scheduled miles again.)

Afterwards I subbed for a friend and led some yogis through Friday night yoga happy hour.

Saturday: active rest
Unless a trip to IKEA or watching the Olympics for hours over beers and bar food count, no workouts today.

Sunday: rest; 1 class taught
Spoiler alert: I didn't work out today. I taught my class in the morning and then it was Indian food with unexpected wine for lunch followed by an afternoon nap. Zero regrets.

Weekly Totals
Running: 5.34 miles
Yoga: 150 minutes
Classes Taught: 5


  1. oh man now i want indian food. yummmmmmmmmmm.
    good job on your two runs! seriously, that is awesome. and nothing to be embarrassed about. sometimes i feel like i do something for weeks or months and it is such an accomplishment when i finally break past the plateau or limit i set on myself, you know? i feel you. 15 weeks till richmond! eep! i really want to be faster than i am right now.

  2. That is great that you were able to get a couple of runs in! Every victory counts ♥ I had my massage appointment today and she was pretty mortified about how inflexible my legs are. I am so embarrassed ha ha!

  3. Definitely don't beat yourself up about pace! You already know all the reasons why, but just sayin. Hey wait, it's August. When do we officially start training?


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