Sunday Sweats 85: 14 Weeks Out

August 8–14

Wow. I'm realizing that 14 weeks is a lot closer to race day than I'm giving proper weight to. This week is a big opportunity for me to shape up, and I really hope I can capitalize on that. I've been pretty lazy in the grand scheme of my workouts lately, and of course I have as many excuses for it as there are hours in a day. But excuses will do 0 to get me to the finish line at Richmond or any other finish line I look for this year.

I know that once I'm IN training, my mindset and habits change a lot. I keep waiting for that last possible moment to switch gears, but that's useless. Why can't I start now? Each week I tell myself I will, and yet I don't. Because I know I have time until I *have* to, so in true Alyssa fashion, I'll procrastinate as long as I possibly can. This cycle needs to break and I'm wondering if this is the week I'll be able to tap into the discipline I need to do just that.

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Fun and interesting and obviously challenging Kelly class this morning. Funnily, she closed class with a hard core workout that I was teaching in my class all last week. It's funny when teachers end up on same wavelengths accidentally when writing our classes.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I'm starting to really enjoy Amy's Tuesday morning class. It's not as hard as Kelly's, but it's challenging in a different way—a way that requires more patience than grit or strength, and her combinations and transitions are just really interesting and unlike any others. I appreciate her class as a student and a teacher so much.

Wednesday: studio yoga class (60 minutes); 1 class taught
I wasn't planning on class today, but my YTT friend invited me to join her for the lunchtime class and I love practicing alongside friends, so I went. Same teacher as I took yesterday, but a different class format that was still challenging and super fun. It was humid as all hell and the back wall of this studio is all windows, so we were sweating buckets before we even got out of the warm-up. That's a solid class.

Thursday: active rest; 2 classes taught
In case it wasn't obvious before, these posts are written top to bottom, chronologically. And as it's now Thursday night and I haven't run, you can tell that I was kidding myself on Monday. So many excuses for the lack of running; primarily the shit weather (so damn humid, it hurts) and a slight ache in my knee (that I know I can fix with a little KT tape pre-run) and rationalization (lots of yoga, which is still an improvement over my low activity levels lately...). I went to sleep last night knowing I wasn't going to run today because of my schedule (teaching a.m. and p.m. classes) and the weather (miserably hot and humid as all hell). And then just before class tonight my plan for tomorrow got changed so my weekend's looking less promising for a workout than it once was, but it means more time with David than I'd been anticipating this week so I'm not going to change it back, because I like this one better.

Anyway, I'm working on my discipline in other ways this week—practicing, working, eating habits. So hopefully by next week it'll be fired up enough to seep into my running game? It better, because it's the last week before training officially starts. And with any luck, it'll be one of the last 90º+ and humid weeks for a while.

Friday–Sunday: active rest; 1 class taught
Not worth talking about how resistant I was (thanks in part to Mother Nature's assault on both the atmosphere and my body this week) to working out. I didn't, and I feel guilty, and tomorrow starts a new week. Right? Right.

Weekly Totals
Running: 0 miles
Yoga: 210 minutes
Classes Taught: 4


  1. Keep at it girl! I know what you mean about putting off working out and making excuses, though Im probably 100% worse off than you. I know you'll be fine by the race :)

  2. While you may not be running, you are at least still being active! That is an amazing amount of time practicing yoga!

  3. eeep 14 weeks really is closer than i feel it is haha. it's so close to 12, and 12 is when i start to be like 'oh crap'.
    i've said it a thousand times but i am sorry that the weather and other things are screwing with your running game. i hope you are able to get back into it soon!

  4. The mental part will come, and then the physical. There is definitely something to be said for the definitive start date of a training plan. And even then sometimes it takes a while for things to click. It was a good 5 or 6 weeks this time before I really felt like I was in training and had the motivation and the mindset to act like it. With that said, nearly 4 hours of yoga is nothing to balk at and your dedication to your practice and your teaching impresses me every week!


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