Sunday Sweats 87: Half Marathon Training Week 1

August 22–28

Richmond training officially begins this week! I have a goal in mind for this race but before I zero my efforts in on that goal, it's time to settle back into my good fitness habits. Summer and it's terrorizing heat and humidity is drawing to a close (well, soon...) and the ~ summer freedom vibes ~ are wearing off. Truth is, I love being tasked with something, even if it's of my own accord. Following a training plan and not having to question my workouts makes life and running easier, and running in turn makes my life better, so it's a no-brainer. Here's hoping it's a strong week to start me off!

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes); 1 class taught
Kelly was back from vacation so I practiced her class again as usual today. I got a last-minute call last night to sub the noon class, so I was in the studio all morning until the early afternoon.

Tuesday: studio yoga practice (60 minutes); 1 class taught
I subbed a class this morning and it ended up being a really small one, so I practiced most of the class too–right un until back bending at the end, because it's kind of hard to instruct while your face is in the mat. I was lucky that I was teaching a high-level class, so I didn't have to give very many detailed instructions and we could just sort of have a tandem practice, and it was kinda fun.

Wednesday: 3.1 mile run (9:59 pace); 2 classes taught
Despite an extra day between runs and 15 minutes foam rolling before I went out, my legs felt kinda dead today. I'm body tired from head to toe, no doubt because of all the teaching and practicing lately and finally acting like a runner again. My left IT band (the good one!) gave me some trouble today, but I didn't foam roll my hips or IT bands so that'll have to be done before next miles. I slogged through these a bit and the heat and humidity came back full force, so I just did the best I could.

Thursday: rest; 1 class taught
My legs felt dead today. I even had a lot of tightness in my right Achilles when I woke up, a sure sign that I'm kicking things up a notch. Need to get back into shape, that's for sure!

Friday: rest; 1 class taught
Today was a hard one to justify. I woke up too late for the yoga class I wanted to take, and figured the miles I'd scheduled would be plenty. But as the day wore on my body felt weirder and weirder, more and more tired and fatigued, and my ovaries were being really uncooperative. I had trouble standing upright at a few points throughout the day, and running just wasn't something I could will to happen. I subbed an evening class and got some movement in for the day, but then licked my wounds with pink wine and Indian food afterwards.

Saturday: 2.05 mile run (9:58 pace)
Oh, fall, where are you?! I had 3 miles on the schedule today (well, yesterday, but they were bumped to today) and again, had a lot of trouble getting up when I first woke up. My ovaries are really complaining and I'm starting to be concerned, though that's a story for another post. I was dressed and tying my shoes and STILL contemplating not running as the sun was rising and getting hotter by the minute, but I shoved myself out the door and called it good at 2 miles, abiding seriously by the "any amount is better than nothing" philosophy today. Oh, fall...where are you?

Sunday: 4.31 mile run (9:50 pace); 1 class taught
This was legitimately my longest run in MONTHS. And it felt SO GOOD. After a slow start (10:16) in a hot and humid dusk, the sun set and I got negative splits and some confidence. I fought hard to get a 9:25 mile 4, and then just let my legs take over for the last bit. They don't feel trashed afterwards, which is even better.

Weekly Totals
Running: 9.46 miles (3)
Yoga: 135 minutes (2)
Classes taught: 7

Reflections: Discipline. It's both what I KNOW I need more of, and also the only thing I was helped by this week. It needs to get better. I ran 3 of 3 scheduled runs this week, 9.46 of 10 scheduled miles, so on paper it was successful. But my distances are pathetic and my paces are nowhere near goal. These next 11 weeks are going to be really important, for so many physical and mental reasons. For all intents and purposes, though, this was a good week 1 after the summer I've had!


  1. i know it's not where you were or want to be, but seriously, congrats anyway girl! 3 runs are better than 0, and you're still doing pretty good in my opinion pace-wise. i'm sure you'll be speeding up in no time, and adding mileage. i'm sorry various body parts were giving you trouble, i hate that. obviously i know our ovaries are different (lol) but sometimes mine give me strife too.

  2. Girl, go get that endo checked. It's serious! Endo-cock-blockage of normal activities is the WORST. Even though it's only a temp fix, the removal surgery is worth it.

    Like Kristen said, some miles is better than no miles, and when your body is working against you, it's better to take it easy.

  3. 3 out of 3 runs is definitely an awesome start- especially pushing through on Saturday when you weren't feeling that great. So proud of you and excited as you start this training program!

  4. Woo hoo! Let's feel the pain together! Congrats on a strong first week. I'm running 7 tonight with my beast of a running partner. Wish me luckkkk! I need to get on that yoga train. My hamstrings have NOT been happy.

  5. Richmond training! It's here, it's here!!! Yep, right now just focus on getting back into the swing of things, then watch your pace magically drop over the next few weeks with no extra effort. The magic of fall! This was a great first week - forget what you used to be able to do, this is where you are now and it's exactly where you need to be. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well but I hope things have cleared up!


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