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writing: if you can believe it, cover letters—what else is new? Aside from that, I'm trying to make time every day to journal. I do it most mornings, as is the recommendation of The Artist's Way...which I've never actually read myself, but I know people who have and this is the biggest piece of advice it gives that I can glean from other people reading it.

reading: not The Artist's Way, obviously... but maybe I should. I am reading Eat, Pray, Love, for like a frickin' month now. I'm enjoying it; I'm just not prioritizing my reading time.

watching: alternating between The Mindy Project, going to town on a Seinfeld binge from episode 1 (you guys, the first two seasons were really not great. No wonder I don't remember any of those episodes from syndication.) and watching Community for the first time with David. It's officially one of like two shows we can actually agree on.

burning: a whole mix of random candles—a few from Target in summery, flowery scents and a few random finds from TJMaxx. Secretly waiting anxiously to break out Leaves and Sweater Weather.

eating: everything. That's pretty much one of the only things David and I both enjoy doing together. I mean, we have other common interests, but if you know me, you know I don't care much for in-person running partners (unless they're Tracy, who also gets how to run "with" someone without communicating verbally or much at all). Food, though, we can both get on board with. He's an adventurous eater and luckily lives right in Hell's Kitchen, so stepping out his front door is basically heaven for the hungry. (Although, not great for the indecisive.)

listening to: all the podcasts I've been loving on. Including The Armchair Librarians, hosted by Steph and Jana, which you should start listening to immediately if you haven't already. Also This American Life, Fresh Air, Savage Lovecast, and We Have Concerns. I have a hard time loving new podcasts, and often find myself not really loving ones I think I will or that come highly recommended. Such struggles, I know.

sweating: in yoga class more than on the road, and still not as much as I'd like. I've been agonizing over this in my Sunday Sweats posts, but the Cliff's Notes version is that my schedule and the weather don't allow for many runs that don't occur in the mornings...but I hate morning runs. I'll do them (occasionally and lazily) when I have to, but it's not the same as the evening runs I love. Which I can't do much anyway because I teach two evenings a week, am always in the city on one, usually have David plans on another, and practice the morning of another and I am not in shape for two-a-day workouts currently. Sigh.

focusing on: only the good things. Onward, ever. Backward, never.

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  1. i love listening to podcasts as well. i didn't realize this american life did more than just that case "serial". i'll have to look into that.

  2. What is the other show you guys agree on? Just curious because we also love Community. haha :)
    I've heard such good things about The Artist's Way...maybe I'll get to it someday :)

  3. Thanks for the podcast love!

    I don't like when I can't fit something I want or need to do in my schedule, and I will continually roll it around in my brain until I can slot it in somewhere. I hope you can do that with your evening runs!

  4. Okay so I tried one ep of We Have Concerns and they rambled so I was turned off! But I'll try again. Also if you like Seinfeld, I highly recommend the book Seinfeldia. It kind of explains why the early eps were so ehhh. I need to get back into The Mindy Project but I was SO against the baby storyline that I stopped caring!

  5. I never watched Seinfield, can you believe that? I am probably like the only person on the planet. And Chris gave up on The Mindy Project with about 4 episodes left of this past season. I need to go watch them when he isn't around. It just isn't as good as it used to be.

  6. i love the idea of podcasts and i always look into them and then never actually enjoy them as much as i think i will. except of course steph and jana's, duh.
    i hope you are able to fit evening runs in soon! it's so much better when you actually enjoy what you're doing.
    mmmm eating. i mean, what more is there to life? food = life. haha.

  7. Yes, what's the other show you agree on? Does he watch GOT? I need to quiz him on all these things.

  8. Eating together is something Gary and I have perfected over the last 6 years...LOL it's our hobby! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I had to chuckle about the part where you only agree on two shows -- John and I are like that. Many of the shows that I really want to watch he has absolutely no want to watch them. I usually give and let him pick the show. We have so few eating choices in my town; I could not imagine what I would do if I had more than a couple of choices ha ha!

  10. I have fallen behind on my Armchair Librarians. I need to devote a few hours and catch up!

  11. I have never gotten into listening to podcasts. I think it is something I would enjoy tho... guess I just have to find the right ones?

  12. That's too funny about Seinfeld . . . I watched it back in the day and loved it, but I'm not one to go back and rewatch stuff . . . my husband still puts in on though! Put up your food pics so we can live vicariously through you! Ha!

  13. Ive been listening to the armchair librarians with steph and Jana - I love how candid they are!

  14. Ah we used to love Community! We have a friend who is obsessed and has a Greendale hoodie. What's the other show?
    I have determined that food is the best and worst part about city living! It's a fun hobby but probably not exactly the best one.
    You are the best silent running partner <3 I probably shouldn't say this out loud or it might break the spell, but morning workouts are my new jam. I still get some evenings but they're so long and I'm tired and it's just not the same.

  15. I don't think I have any sweater weather candles leftover, so even though I'm trying to be on a don't buy stuff you don't really NEED kick, I really want to stock up on a few (or like 10).


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