Sunday Sweats 88: Half Marathon Training Week 2

August 29–September 4

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
As usual I was in Kelly's class this morning, and oh MAN was I beat. I didn't sleep great the last few nights and I definitely did NOT drink enough water this weekend, and I felt every bit of my under-preparedness. Still, I kept on, choosing some lower-intensity options and forgoing a final inversion in favor of a nice long stretch and rest.

Tuesday: rest
I set myself up for a world of pain by not running tonight. But I missed my a.m. window to run—it's not fall yet—and by the time I got into the city, my legs were dead, the city stank, and just the walk from Port Authority to David's made me want to rage against every pedestrian on the street. Went for pizza instead and I was happy with my decision...until I realized it meant running three days in a row to get in four for the week.

Wednesday: 3 mile run (9:31 pace); 2 classes taught
These miles were pretty unpleasant; I'll chalk that up to humidity and legs that needed badly to be foam rolled. Still, I was in shock each time I saw my watch chime under 10:00, because I was sure my lead-filled legs were only dragging me at a roughly 12-minute pace. Oh well—doesn't matter, got 'em done.

Thursday: 3.25 mile tempo run (9:15 pace); 2 classes taught
Didn't intend to classify runs with speed just yet, but these had to be tempo pace when I got outside and realized I had miscalculated the time I had to be home in order to get ready to teach my night class. Felt good in the legs, if a little in need of a foam roller, and definitely like I have a lot of work to do. I need to go faster than this for 13 miles in 11 weeks—though my mile 3 clocking in sub-9 (8:58) was promising for the first time in a long while.

Friday: 3.04 mile run (9:32 pace)
I wish I understood why this run felt so hard on my chest and lungs. I felt like I could barely breathe most of the time, and it wasn't hot or humid. If anything, I had expected my legs to give me trouble today but no. This was really discouraging and it didn't come without a little private pity party. I think allergens might have been at play, but still. Not what you want on what should have been easy miles.

Saturday: active rest
No workout, but walked all over Coney Island and NYC today, so very active and

Sunday: active rest
I arranged a sub for my class today, because I really just wanted to enjoy a long weekend without having to stop at Saturday night. I never miss my classes and I sub for other teachers all the time, and David and I made some kick-ass plans for a weekend in the city, so I felt zero guilt. I was starting to feel some teaching burnout last week, so this break couldn't have come at a better time.

I was supposed to run today, and I would have. But something happened today and running wasn't possible, but not running wasn't the worst part of my day by a long shot, so I don't care. I'm fine, safe and everything, but apathetic about this missed run.

Weekly Totals
Running: 9.29 miles (3)
Yoga: 75 minutes (1)
Classes taught: 4

Reflections: I modified my training plan (which I modified from a Hal Higdon plan anyway) at the start of this week to accommodate for my previous few weeks of very low mileage so as not to give myself an overuse injury. Ideally my longs would be longer (than the planned 4 I missed on Sunday) at this point, but I don't like most odd-number mile runs over 3 anyway so I was planning for some bigger jumps in later weeks and it just works. I want to spend just a bit of time making sure my base is solid and sturdy so I don't go around town asking for an injury on the road to Richmond.

On another note, really light on yoga this week. Moving forward, since I'll be teaching one less class, I should have an easier time getting it on the schedule—but I'm also starting a new full-time job, so we'll see. Still, at least one practice per week and a good amount of teaching is more than nothing, and when I need to make running my priority, I can live with that!

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