Sunday Sweats 89: Half Marathon Training Week 3

September 5-11
Sorry about the back-to-back fitness posts. I meant to get something else up last week, but it just didn't happen. I wasn't in the mindset to write good stuff, nor did I have anything good to say. Thanks for bearing with me! For something fun though, here's something I wrote last year that is still true and that I still love: Everything Changes in September

Now then. On to the sweat.

Monday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
This is my last week working on Kelly's desk (giving it up voluntarily), so my last definite Monday morning. I love, love, love starting my week this way, though, and I love seeing Kelly weekly, so hopefully I'll continue to make it to the class—I just won't have to come a half hour early or stay after to clean!

This class was PACKED—53 people in the room, and Kelly had to actually roll up her mat and teach by voice cue only. So sweaty, so humid, but so good. After a hellish and emotional Sunday, this is what I needed.

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 3.15 mile tempo run (9:02 pace); 1 class taught
Since I'm starting a new job this month, I gave up one of my morning classes so I'm not teaching at the other non-hot studio anymore; just my regular classes at Younique now. It's a relief, honestly, to have this class off my plate and another free morning.

I was a quarter mile in wondering why this felt so weird when I remembered I missed a run on Sunday (long and exhausting story) and hadn't run since FRIDAY. Yesterday should have been the week's first run, but I got home too late and too hungry from spending the previous day at my cousin's on the other side of the state. So I stacked my week unfavorably again, making this a Weds-Thurs-Fri-Sun run week. 

Back to this run: Turned out to be pretty fast given the circumstances, and I didn't feel like dying. I probably should have taken it easier considering my next two days, but...oh well.

Thursday: 3.51 mile run (9:38 pace); 2 classes taught
I shouldn't have been worried about my pace at all on this run, since it was supposed to be my second shortest and thus easiest of the week, and considering I ran fast yesterday and plan to run long tomorrow. And it was hot as hell at 6 p.m. I probably should have actually taken it really slow but whatever. I'll pay for it tomorrow. Which is probably also when I'll pay for the giant acorn that hit me right square on the top of my head as I ran under a tree. That was fun. 

Friday: home yoga (~15 minutes)
My schedule didn't really allow for a class today, but my body craved practice. Between tasks, I dropped to the floor and flowed through the class I'm teaching this week, one sequence at a time. It wasn't much, but it was more than nothing and it was helpful and enjoyed.

Saturday: 2.15 mile trail run (10:23 pace)
This run was terrible before it even started. David and I were down the shore and I was debating between leaving early to get home and run at dusk, or just suck it up and run down there. We ended up agreeing to "get it over with" and headed to a crushed gravel trail. It was over 90ยบ and humid as all hell, so for me it was trail (see: tree covering) or bust. And it was still bust. I was supposed to go 4 miles, but around 1.5 I started feeling REALLY faint—my eating has been awful lately—and shaking. I actually asked David to stop running so I wouldn't be alone on the trail; I actually felt like I was going to pass out. It felt awful, but at least it's miles toward the total, right?

Sunday: 5.19 mile run (9:30 pace); 1 class taught
Oh, so many heart eye emojis! I got new shoes today—revisiting the Saucony Kinvaras that I used to LOVE so much before one bad apple pair turned me off—and didn't realize just how dead my Newtons had been. I felt a million pounds lighter running in the new shoes, and between them and the beautiful almost-fall like weather, I was the happiest I have been running in a long, long time. This was also, honestly, the longest distance I've covered since my half marathon on MAY 1. Jeez. I had a bit of a mental block going into it because running has just not been terribly easy (damn it, summer...) and I didn't want to fail. But my legs felt so light and I just dialed in. Fall running, I think I see you!

Weekly Totals
Running: 14 miles (4)
Yoga: 90 minutes (2)
Classes taught: 4

Reflections: This schedule doesn't look like your average HM week 3 training week. I'm doing things a little differently, but I think with four half marathons and a marathon under my belt, I know myself—my training self and my race day self, particularly—well enough to make deviations from the norm in such a way that will meet my needs and serve my goals. I suppose we'll see in 9 weeks how right I am about that, though!

Overall, even with one bad run this week, I say this is a win. I'm finding some semblance of a schedule, and it's easier now that I'm not teaching one of the morning classes I had all spring and summer. I have a plan for the next 11 weeks (and the next 20 or so weeks after that, honestly...) which will hopefully start to unroll in the next few days and I'll keep having Sunday nights with heart eye emojis.