Sunday Sweats 90: Half Marathon Training Week 4

September 12–18

Monday: rest
This week I officially stopped working Kelly's desk, and I had a 9 a.m. kick-off call for my new job so I couldn't make it to the studio to just take her class. It felt weird! I didn't plan this to be a rest day at first, but when my (much-needed) chiropractor appointment turned into a 3-hour affair (no joke—from the time I left my apartment to my return, it was 3 freakin hours!) and cut into the time I had to get some work done, it had to be a rest day. I'm not mad about it though, because in retrospect I'm grateful for the rest after two back-to-back run days, especially when one was terrible and one was the longest run I've done in months.

Tuesday: home yoga practice (20 minutes); 3.51 mile treadmill run (9:46 pace)
Another morning meeting meant I couldn't take the class I wanted to today, but I did take a work break to flow through some movements and work out some ideas for my class this week. I don't really love home practicing anymore, but something tells me my schedule's going to require me to suck it up over the next few months if I hope to have any significant practice at all.

I went to the gym with David tonight and did these miles on the treadmill. I haven't done the hamster wheel in something close to two years, but luckily I didn't hate every second of it like I have previously. I don't anticipate ever enjoying long treadmill runs, but in this case it was nice to a) not have to run through the city and deal with pedestrians and lights, and b) have consistent control over my pace and incline.

Wednesday: Yin-ish home yoga (20 minutes); 1 class taught
Today was one of those fun universe betrayal days. Forecast said the day's high would be 89º (and it turned out very accurate) so I waited until 5-5:30 to run before heading out to teach my night class. As I'm stretching, in rolls a thunderstorm and monsoon. I mean, just beyond what is safe or smart running weather. Of course it lasted until just before I absolutely had to leave for class. I was in desperate need of movement of my own, though, so I did an in-bed, sorta Yin-like yoga practice before sleep to decompress my hips and lower back. Not a lot, but it was something.

Thursday: 3.13 mile tempo run (8:30 pace); 1 class taught
The weather turned beautiful today—high in the upper 70s!—and my pace clearly reflects that. I knew I was putting in serious work so I wasn't altogether surprised when mile 1 came in at 8:44, but I was surprised to see 8:29 and 8:22 after that. (Full disclosure, I stopped at the water fountain quickly in mile 2.) Don't get me wrong, this was work and I felt it all in my lungs. But more importantly, my legs felt strong and good and this is WELL below race pace and I am optimistic for the next eight weeks!

Friday: studio yoga class (60 minutes); 6.22 mile run (9:21 pace)
I finally got back into the studio today for the first time since Labor Day, last Monday. It was harder than I thought to fit a class into my schedule this week, and it really showed in my mood and general feeling the last few days. I got to practice with my two yoga BFFs, which hasn't happened since MAY. I felt like a new person as I walked out of class, and more inspired to live well than I have in days.

Fall weather made me run happy. My first three miles were really consistent, about 9:15 average pace. Then I got up into the 9:30s for mile four, and finished with the last two in the 9:20s. I added hills to the back half of this run, so that's part of the why, but I also was a little tuckered out. I need to work on my pace a lot in the next 8 weeks, but everything else about the run felt successful and just plain good.

Saturday: 3.01 mile treadmill run (9:38 pace)
These treadmill miles were very much not like Tuesday's. I was so bored I would definitely have quit if I weren't right next to Tracy, who was preparing to cover 70.3 miles by swimming, biking, and running the very next day. Apparently, Jeopardy! on the TV and a gym full of people to observe makes a world of difference over the view of a hotel parking lot and highway 40. But I got 'em done and as far as the miles were concerned, I had a perfect week.

Sunday: rest
Today was about cheering on my favorite Ironwoman Tracy as she went and crushed the 70.3 distance in Atlantic City, NJ. Was honored and happy to be a part of another huge event day for her!

Weekly Totals
Running: 15.87 miles (4)
Yoga: 100 minutes (3)
Classes taught: 2

Reflections: I actually feel really, really good about this week. Not every single day of training will leave me beaming, but this week on the whole makes me feel like I'm back where I want to be. And the difference I have to make up between now and race day feels accessible. That's what you want to ask of training, right?


  1. i have come to accept and enjoy the treadmill, but i can't (well i can but i don't want to) do any more than 4 miles, and even 4 is pushing it. 3 is my happy number.
    thursday's run sounds great! you go girl! and friday's class & run both sound awesome too. i am sure you'll be shaving time off your pace in no time. i am of course hoping the same for myself lol.
    the difference i have to make up (or want to make up) over the next 8 weeks definitely does not seem accessible or doable right now, but i am hoping i can get at least halfway there and get to my dream pace next april (the only race i have planned after richmond). we will see! but i am loving following along because we are training for the same race. highest of fives!


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