Thursday Thoughts Vol. 3

1. I wish beautiful handwriting came with beautiful grammar skills so every time I saw pretty calligraphy quotes on Instagram I could comfortably save or repost them—because obviously I cannot when they're riddled with errors. Can I volunteer to proofread cute quote cards for calligraphers?

2. I know this is probably a total #firstworldproblem, but I honestly don't care. I've been thinking about this blog post since I read it recently, and I have to say I completely, 100% agree with it. (Give it a quick read or even skim.) I've been on the Do Not Call registry for literally years, and I still get spam phone calls on a daily basis. DAILY—I'm not kidding. So no, I don't pick up the phone for unknown numbers. The only people who I'm okay with calling me without a heads up are close family, close friends and David. I don't pick up the phone when someone I don't want to talk to at that moment is calling me, unless I think it may be an emergency (I know it's weird to "anticipate" an emergency, but for example, when my grandmother was on hospice care, I answered every call from a family member. And if a friend who never calls and always texts picks up the phone, I'll answer if I can because of the departure from the norm.) because I don't owe people my time and attention the moment they demand it. That people consider that selfish or think it's an inappropriate perspective to have boggles my mind.

And if it's work-related? Schedule the call, please. Because if it's work related and you're calling me during work hours, you're most likely catching me in the middle of—wait for it—work, and forcing a stopping point rather than waiting until I can create one that makes sense and doesn't completely disturb my workflow or creative process. Maybe not everyone works in this way, but when I'm writing something that's going really well, the worst thing that can happen is an interruption that tears my train of thought from its tracks. I plug in and work efficiently so that I don't have to work 12 hours a day.

3. I need to make an announcement. Two words that are often said together do not automatically become one word. They're still two separate words; they've just become a phrase and you talk fast. Violations I've observed recently: sex life, bucket list, high school, grocery store, kind of. And of course, the ever-abused "a lot." Two separate words.

4. Slightly (only tangentially) related thing that makes me cringe so much lately: seasons are not proper nouns. It's not Fall, it's fall. And it's actually not yet; it's still summer for another few weeks.

5. I have a lot of grammar complaints here. Is it time for another Notes From Your Editor post? If so, give me your questions—what trips you up when you're writing with any degree of formality? What do you want to learn a memory trick or hear a new explanation for?

6. Last week I told Twitter that I needed them to let me know when Bath & Body Works was having their next candle sale, because not only can I not be trusted to get those emails delivered to my inbox daily, I don't want them. I've successfully unsubscribed from almost every marketing email and every extraneous one. Anyway, not a day later, both Michael and Dani informed me of a free candle with purchase promotion. I passed, knowing there would be a big 3-wick sale not far behind. Literally the next day, 3-wicks came on sale for $12.50 each (versus the usual $22.50). So I bought four, because totally normal. SELF-CONTROL IS FOR WEIRDOS. Also, then I tweeted about this and BBW tweeted me back so I felt like a rockstar but also totally justified in giving them my money.

7. I have no idea what the hell I used to blog about. There was a time when I'd be here three, four, five times a week—NOT talking about my workouts. What was I babbling about? What do I babble about now? I WANT to blog. I love this blog. I love you guys. But what am I supposed to be doing here exactly? I can't recall.

8. I'm still reading very slowly—just not making time for it like I used to be able to—so I only had 1.5 books to report on since last month's book day. So I didn't link up on Tuesday for Show Us Your Books. And I swear, I felt like the only kid in school who showed up on Halloween without a costume. (Except that I didn't show up here Tuesday at all, but that's neither here nor there.) I have such a struggle with this lately because I want to have moved onto so many titles that are waiting for me, but I feel little motivation throughout the day to spend time reading. I think I mostly just want to be a faster reader. I also want to spend less time staring at a computer screen during the day, which saps most of my mental energy before whatever book I'm in the middle of even has a chance.

9. As of this posting, I'm four days into the first new job I've started in over a year. I almost forgot how to do this. No, scratch that—I forgot how to do this! Luckily, this time around, I'm able to do it all from home, but am still held to a 40 hour/week schedule. I've trimmed away so many of my freelance projects that just weren't serving my needs, my goals, or my soul, but I've held onto a few because this new job is only a short-term contract, and I don't want to be left completely in the lurch when it expires.

Anyway, I'm slowly remembering what it's like to have collaborators and a supervisor and someone invested in my success (as my success contributes to that of the company). So far I'm really happy for the promise of stability and the huge corporation name I'll get to add to my resume for the next time I begin searching (ugh), even if I am just a tad resentful that morning meetings have kept me away from my favorite yoga classes this week ;)

10. As I type, I'm downloading iOS 10, because even though there are reported bugs and issues with it, I'm impatient as hell and my phone is three years old and half dead anyway, so I feel like I don't have anything to lose. Wish me luck. And also, if you already have iOS 10, please tell me I'm not crazy for ALREADY feeling overwhelmed by all the new iMessage features and stuff that I'm going to promptly forget to use...


  1. This post made me smile and I could hug you! I know that my grammar isn't the best, but I catch so many errors that drive me completely crazy. Especially on Pinterest! I hate when an adorable quote has poor grammar or has a spelling mistake. Do people not proofread? How exciting about the new job! You will do wonderful! Also, I just downloaded iOS 10 because my coworker was going on and on about it... I love it! You can send gifs via text! I have been having way too much fun with it.

  2. Congrats on the contract position!

    I feel like punching season capitalizers when it's not in a title. AKA everyone I've ever worked with in any job. Stop it.

    Yes, please make #1 a job. So many things I want to share, riddled with errors.

  3. although i want to be an early adopter of new firmware releases, i always wait a few months for the reviews and bugs to be fixed . I made the mistake of not doing that during the last update (was too eager as well) it totally killed my battery in like, 8 minutes. it was so bad i had to roll it back! let's hope your update won't do anything bad (apple updates are usually pretty good, anyway).

    and i ALWAYS screen calls. I only pick up if it's from my sis, home, husband or kayla's school. everyone else can text me or leave me a vm <-- even these surprise me as well because who uses vm these days??

  4. 1) YES PLEASE and I volunteer as back up when you need a vacation.
    2) Agree with personal calls, disagree in an office setting, simply because so many things are more easily clarified or done on the phone. But if I were a writer, then I can totally see your point.

    I love all your grammar notes, couldn't agree more on the blogging thoughts (really, how did I post so often?), and congrats on the new gig!

  5. Know what totally grinds my gears when it comes to common grammar mistakes? Writing "should of" or "would of." I've seen TEACHERS do this, and it drives me absolutely insane. Read the sentence and think about what you're writing. SHOULD OF? No. It's have, people. SHOULD HAVE. WOULD HAVE. COULD HAVE.

    I can't handle it!

  6. Very much yes to numbers 3 and 4, although I can't even see how those would be one word. kindof grocerystore. It hurts me that someone looked at those and thought 'yep, that's correct.'

  7. I refuse to answer a call for a number I don't recognize. If it is that important or dire I would have been expecting it or they will leave a message. I don't know how all these random junk calls get my number. Makes me angry. I want to update my phone, maybe that will be the productive thing I do for myself today besides the usual work of course. Speaking of work, congrats on your first week! How exciting!!!!

  8. i hate to talk on the phone as well. i mean, i answer the phone all day at work, but i almost never answer my mobile. partyl because i just hate talking on the phone, i hate it disrupting what i am doing, and i just am not a good phone talker. i interrupt, i don't know if that is a pause or you are done, i rely on body language and facial expressions, etc etc etc. i just don't like it.
    i was always unsure about capitalising seasons. thanks for confirming it!
    oh how cool b&bw retweeted you! i need new candles and will most likely be buying some during the next sale. i know i'm not shopping, but it's not clothes or anything, and like.. i have 3 cats, okay? i need candles and i have zero.
    i never know anything about what the updates actually do. i normally ignore the updates for no real reason, i just like telling my phone no.
    congrats on the new job!! so glad it is going well :) hope it continues to do so.
    i know my spelling and grammar skills aren't amazing, but i like to think i am like 75% okay for a normal person? i have something i want to share, but i can't on the internets, so i will wait for an email. it bugs the bajeezus out of me and hopefully will give you some enjoyment. haha.

  9. YAY! Congrats on the new job! What is it?

    I never answers phone numbers I don't recognize on my cell phone. Yes to more Notes from the Editor. I only have one questions right now, which is where to put the apostrophe when referring to a possession in a name that ends with S. I too felt like the kid who didn't wear a costume and wish I could read faster. But I did enjoy reading the posts of those who joined. I bought 4 last time there was a BBW sale, but refrained this time because I'm on a freeze (and also because I haven't lit a single one of those I bought before- oops).

  10. Haha! There's a good chance I did the proper noun for seasons thing. But now I know! :P Yay for new jobs. I don't know if I'd be able to collaborate anymore, either. Even at my full-time, now part-time job, all my work was solitary. How do you like it so far?

  11. My version of #1 is seeing cool Latin tattoos that are spelled wrong.
    Ahh I saw the candle sale and was trying to hold out but guess who just opened up a new tab and typed in Bath and Body Works? That self-control was fun while it lasted.
    Lol #7, so true. I have no idea what I ever used to talk about. My blog is probably going to fall into a black hole once I no longer have Ironman things to say (which at this point I have to force myself to write only so I can read them later).
    Re: #10 I FREAKED out when I first saw the new message thing (Ben downloaded the update on my phone, I had no idea about any of the changes), but now I think I am going to start sending all my texts (at least to Ben) entirely in gifs.

  12. I just got iOS 10 - it's fancy, uh? Cool about BB&B shouting you out on Twitter! And I say you just blog about life . . . the good, the bad and the best!

  13. Uh oh. I am guilty of capitalizing seasons.
    Neil and I RARELY give our personal mobile phone numbers to customers. For some reason, this week, he had to text a potential customer about a customized engagement ring. All the sudden, around 9 o'clock at night, his phone is dinging away with pictures she is forwarding and texts with questions that she is asking. Uhm, no. Our shop is not located in a mall that we are still working in the store at 9p.m. Quit texting that late!
    Congrats on the new contract job!

  14. I'm definitely guilty of capitalizing seasons sometimes... idk why but it bothers me to see them NOT capitalized even if I know that's the correct way! lol

  15. Oh, I didn't even know ios 10 came out! I must be behind the times. Or, you know, in China ;)
    OMG I didn't even know that Fall was spelled fall.. :X and I'm an English teacher! yikes!

  16. iOS 10 works perfect for me. Then again, I also drank the kool-aid and got the 7. Any problems for you?
    Self control IS for weirdos. Good thing I'm a weirdo. With you 100000% percent on the phone calls thing. I truly despise talking on the phone. Warren and I have a rule. If one of us calls the other - you answer. We ALWAYS text. So if there's a phone call, something is serious.

    And as for this spanking new job.... see my scathing text ;)


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