Thursday Thoughts Vol. 4

1. I decided this week to stop publishing my Sunday Sweats posts—after 90 weeks of posting them each Sunday (and a few Mondays). I know most people here didn't care much for reading them; that's not why I really posted them to begin with. I used them to journal my runs, but I was thinking about it, and I keep track of all my workouts in Garmin and my calendar anyway. I can write notes about them there. And I don't really want to worry about getting them up Sunday nights anymore. It was a weird thing that I felt super committed to, for no real good reason, and I'm all about cutting back on the never-ending list of things to do lately.

2. Which sort of relates to my general feeling of fuzziness lately. All during Mercury retrograde (which thankfully ended last week), I felt so ungrounded and like I was constantly in my head but not at all in the real world. On Sunday, as I pulled into my parking spot at home after teaching yoga I turned to David and went, "Did I lock the door to the studio?" Long story short, I ended up driving the 20 minutes back to the studio to double check (it was locked) and felt like a nut. Friday morning, as I left to take a yoga class, I was sitting in my car literally not sure if I had CLOSED my apartment door. I'm not usually this forgetful or panicked about this kind of stuff, but it was a weird few days. I don't know if giving myself less to do will help, but hopefully shedding away some of the things I'm constantly thinking about or organizing in my brain will help me feel more grounded in each moment. Fingers crossed.

3. I'm almost out of my third week in the new gig. It's going well—I'm reasonably busy (or, more accurately, assigned with tasks), I'm being paid a fair wage for my skills and work, and I'm not being treated like an idiot or lesser human. All in all, a huge step up from my last few roles! Because it is only a short-term initial contract, I'm trying to stay in the "one day at a time" mindset, and have a few different ideas for next steps in mind depending on whether or not my contract extends. But mostly, just trying to remain in the now and focus on the goals in my immediate future that I'm looking forward to crushing!

4. I'm thinking about hosting a blog challenge of sorts. More like a link-up with prompts, but a little bit different from anything I've ever seen before. My goal is to give my blogging routine a refresh and a new jump-start and hopefully give some others the same. But I think I'm too small for it. I'm probably going to do it anyway, so maybe be on the look-out for that.

5. I didn't watch Monday night's first presidential debate. You're horrified, I know. I can see it. The funny thing is, to people who know me in real life, this might be surprising because of my unrelenting political awareness, my personal campaigns to make registered voters of all my friends, and the way my political and social beliefs govern my day to day decisions, including where I shop. On the internet, this is a lesser-known thing about me because I rarely discuss it. Not because I'm afraid to be challenged, or because I'm not convicted in my beliefs. I'm not, and I am. But I tire of screaming about it all the damn time. When something needs to be said, I'll say it. But here in blogland, luckily there's Steph who always beats me to saying what needs to be said and I can't ever think of a point she's missed.

Anyway, the debate. Here's the thing. I know who I'm voting for. There is nothing that will change that, because my vote has been decided based upon knowledge of the American and global political system, the values and ethics that are most important to me, and the desire to protect my country and all the people in it. There is only one way to vote when those things are taken into consideration, as far as I'm concerned. To recognize the alternative as an actual alternative is to give it a dignity it doesn't deserve, and I can't believe that we let it get this far without the right people standing up and saying "ARE WE F^$*ING KIDDING HERE?!" And to be completely honest, I fly off the handle and become a very, very angry person (and that person takes a longer-than-comfortable amount of time to settle down) when I have to hear his voice, listen to him miss the point so obtusely, watch him degrade and disrespect people who have earned the base level of human respect, and just wholly and completely fail to understand the very point and gravity of the job for which he's applying. I wasn't up for that on Monday night, so I got the Cliff's Notes in print the next day. I'm satisfied with that.

6. I'll stay on this little soapbox just long enough to remind you to register to vote. Most of you still have time. Go here to do it, and then show up to your polling place on Tuesday, November 8, and stand in line for however long it takes to get to that voting booth and participate in this national institution, the right that was fought for on your behalf.

7. I wouldn't normally have said something, but the other day, my little brother posted this on Facebook. (Know that his spelling and grammar hits me where it hurts, too, but the sentiment remains ever as strong.)
He received beautiful, sweet, heartfelt comments, and when I shared the post on my page, I was touched by the number of comments and texts I received from friends, some of whom who wouldn't know my mom from Adam, asking about her and sharing positive energy our way. Luckily, my mom isn't facing anything terminal, but she's been in pain and severe discomfort (to put it mildly) and with major question marks hanging over her head for just too long. I shared some of these comments of concern with her and I know the positive energy is reaching her and doing wonders for her mental state right now. Bottom line: Never underestimate the value of telling someone they're special, or opening yourself up to loving words and thoughts.

Much as I hate to sign off on an odd number, I think I'm good for today. Linking up for the first time with Kristin & Joey!


  1. oh Alyssa. I am so sorry about your mom! please let me know if there is anything at all I can do.

    I didn't watch the debate either. I can't vote, but even if I could, that wouldn't change my mind and I personally do not want to see or hear more about one of the candidates than I do from other ways. It's always on TV at work, and I unfortunately work with several people who have extremely warped views on things and it makes me sad for this country... I'm not normally one to encourage ignorance, but there are some things I don't want to think about constantly.

    yay for #3! i'm so happy for you. and #4! sounds fun. count me in fo shiz.

    as for #2, i get that. i haven't gotten 20 minutes away, but the amount of times i turn around and drive back down my street to check that i locked my door, or walk back to my car to check i locked it.. insane. but i hope you start feeling more like yourself and grounded soon.

  2. I know what you mean about cutting back on some things - I need to do the same! I am hoping to begin attempting minimalizing both my home and my life. There is so much unnecessary stress. I am glad to hear that your new gig is going well so far! That is always such a relief :) You didn't miss anything not watching the debate. Trump constantly interrupting Clinton and going over his two-minute time. I had to stop watching it ha ha.

  3. Your mom and you have been in my thoughts since I saw your post.

    100% this: my vote has been decided based upon knowledge of the American and global political system. I am continually shocked in this election cycle how people think we can just pull the hell out of the global political and economic systems. Sorry friends. It doesn't work like that, not anymore. It's truly insane.

    I do a lot of my posts for me - goals, TWTW - but in the past I have absolutely found myself in a "what am I doing this for?" scenario with some of my standards and stop. It tastes like freedom, right?

    I say go on with your prompts. If you give me text about it, I'll share it for you. I'm sure others would as well. I don't typically participate in a straight up month of prompts mostly because I don't like to click into a blog reader and see a roll of the same posts, but I do like to cherry pick and with some topics I like to see what people end up doing with them.

  4. Sending good thoughts to you and your mom.

    I might participate in a prompt now and then and I'd definitely help share them around.

    I had someone tell me he doesn't vote because he doesn't like election propaganda. I could not even.

  5. Mercury retrograde had everything all a mess! Now that it's over and I can't blame things on it, I'm feeling a little lost. But I totally understand what you mean about the fuzziness.

    I'd totally link up for some prompts. Granted, I'm also a selective linker-upper, but I do make some effort. :)

  6. Your brother did a good thing. So many things on facebook are done out of stupidity or for the wrong reasons - I love a genuine pick-me-up.

    I'm interested in seeing your blog plans. I see so many people lately tired of the sameness of blogging but doing little to combat it (myself included, so lazy). I also feel the fuzz, or the haze as I think about it, often. I try to focus on what I was thinking about in the time I can't remember. Usually it's worrying about something that will never happen (ie, imagining how a completely unrealistic scenario will play out) or thinking about something internet related and inconsequential. I need to work on being more in the moment, clearly.

    On an unrelated note, I'm trying a yoga class for the first time ever next week! I'm strangely nervous since I have never ever been able to even touch my toes!

  7. I would definitely like to see what you're thinking about for #4, I always love when people start up new things like that.
    I honestly never watch the debates. I believe in looking at a candidate's voting/work history (or um, lack thereof) rather than what they say in the moment, because actions speak louder than words.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your mom :( I hope she gets better soon!

    I am totally down for whatever blogging challenge you plan on doing and would share it. I am so glad you are enjoying the new job! I watched parts of the debate but I had to quit. It was just awful.

  9. Mercury in retrograde. IT IS A REAL THING.
    I'd love to here more about your blogging challenge idea!

  10. Wow. What a lovely post from your brother. I missed that on facebook. All the love, light, and comfort to your mother.
    The debate. I support your decision NOT to watch based on what you said. I'm pretty sure if I was still living in the U.S., I'd make the same choice. The negativity that a certain candidate makes me feel is too much negativity in my personal space at the moment.
    I'm intrigued with your blog challenge, and I have no doubt that I will participate and support in all ways possible!

  11. Eh, I just crashed and burned on an IG photo-a-day challenge. It's nice to have prompts but sometimes they feel inauthentic so they can become a burden. I'm always up for trying one though!
    I don't know how I feel about the retrograde thing (I don't really follow it) but there are those days when you just feel so off...or weeks, whatever :)....maybe that's part of it?

  12. I hate to hear your mom is in pain . . . prayers she heals and finds relief! I'm a hot mess lately too . . . I feel you girl! I think lots of mine is just general stuff that is challenging in life right now . . . but I live by the motto that this too shall pass. I dig your idea of a link up with prompts - why not!?!

  13. I'm so sorry about your mom! I hope whatever it is gets resolved so she can get to feeling better!

    I've thought about hosting linkups before, or making my own book challenge, and I never do it because I don't think anyone would participate (I actually have a post scheduled for Thursday about all the linkup ideas I've had in the past. :P). But if you do one, I'll definitely join in!

  14. I'll be thinking of your mom as well, friend! And I definitely would be interested in what you come up with prompts/link-up wise. Too often there is the same ole same ole in blogland and I'd love to see your take on something new!

  15. Late as always but will still always comment. No more SS, huh? I feel you on that. I always felt a pressure to get them up Sunday morning, and if I didn't really do anything that previous week it was a waste. I track my workouts with an app as well, and I know no one cares to read it.

    I totally get the flaky feelings. I have moments where I forget the weirdest things. Things that should, at this point, be as rote as breathing. It's frustrating. I've been very much trying to clear my plate lately. I'm barely on IG, FB, or Twitter anymore. Not because I'm busy but because why? It's such a freaking time suck and I *usually* don't gain anything from it. I truly believe less is more.


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