It feels so much like fall. Every moment lately has been wrapped in a slightly chilly breeze, every step outside is surrounded by crunchy, colorful fallen leaves, and my heart is singing. Everything about this season is so sensory, I find: Fall has unique smells and tastes, colors only October can conjure, and the first cool day on bare skin is heaven after months of sticky heat. Even the shadows and the way the sun shines remind me very specifically of fall. I guess it's no surprise, then, that the coming of fall changes my favorite songs and playlists over from summer's jam band tunes and up-tempo beats every year.

The Chainsmokers & Halsey – Closer (hashtag completely obsessed)
Lapsley – Hurt Me
X Ambassadors – Unsteady
Megan Hilty – Dare You to Move
Miguel – Adorn
Wet – Body
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Ne-Yo – Higher Place (literally all the songs up to this point are on my yoga class playlists)
The Lumineers – Flowers in Your Hair
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine
Colbie Caillat – Goldmine
Jason Mraz – Quiet (just because someone's got me relating to the lyrics of this one a lot lately :))
HAIM – The Wire
AWOLNATION – Woman Woman
Sia – Breathe Me

Also, I feel like I should acknowledge that yes, I keep songs in my rotation for an almost uncomfortably long time.

What's on your autumn playlist this year?

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  1. I never know how to find new music since I virtually abandoned the radio for podcasts and books. I'll definitely have to give some of these a listen. I love the first Lumineers album so, so much (2nd was eh) and I was a huge Mraz fan til he got so weird. I haven't tried anything of his in a few years, though. Off to spotify!

  2. Once I love a song, there is a very real probability that it will be in my rotation forever. As in forever forever. I'm still doing my fall playlist, so excuse me while I check yours out.

  3. um, right now i am listening to a lot of music from the 1920s lol. but yeah i totally keep things around for too long as well. i haven't heard any of these (that i know of) but your little line about Quiet made me curious so I totally googled and <3 sigh. love it.

  4. Songs I know on that playlist--ZERO.

    I just found my old iPod so I have been listening to all that's on that. So I guess what's old is new for my playlist this fall. And Shinedown. All the Shinedown.

  5. Any playlist with AWOLNATION is my kind of list! I have been listening to the same songs for the last 20 years with some new ones sprinkled in so I totally get it. Oh fall, my favorite season!!! Whenever it happens to arrive down south for the two weeks in November LOL. But season is a state of mind, right? Just go with it...

  6. You know I'm all over the yopga playlists :) Also, I am overjoyed whenever X Ambassadors – Unsteady comes on in class (which is where I first heard it). I am beyond obsessed with that song. Also, HAIM. They're 10x better live and The Wire is a great one. My songs stay on rotation pretty much indefinitely. I'm VERY picky about adding new music.

  7. Closer & Unsteady are on repeat for me ALL THE TIME!! Good song list! And PS- love your blog challenge prompts!!

  8. I am also totally obsessed with Closer. I think I'm responsible for at least a million of the views on youtube. So good.

  9. I so dig the song Closer and I'm super proud I can sing the whole refrain - ha! These are all pretty chill - I love new music recommendations! I've been on a country kick since the beach and I'm NEVER on a country kick.

  10. I love when you post these lists because I always love half of them-- meaning I would also probably love the other half I'm not familiar with!


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