It's the Time of Year

It's the time of year for...

Leaving slippers beside the bed to step into the moment I swing (or wrestle) my legs free from the covers

Swapping one daily water bottle refill for an afternoon mug of warm tea

Dressing in layers, double-wrapping thick knit scarves, and never leaving home without a hat

From the High Line, my beloved Garden State in the background
Daytime outdoor adventures with the promise of hot cider, then hot cocoa, and always hot coffee, to warm up at the end

Celebrating my life on the run, remembering that my three-year running anniversary will soon be here and that I've been a marathoner for one year and three days, and knowing deep within my bones that I can still and will do anything I want to do

Taking days off from chilly outdoor runs to warm up in the hot yoga studio and appreciate those heaters more than ever

Soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

New beginnings

Slow mornings with long sips from piping hot coffee cups

Being thankful for these and countless other blessings, but doing your best to count them all daily too

Making space for the things that matter most

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  1. YES TO ALL OF THIS. Especially the hot cider, to hot cocoa, to hot coffee. I would probably swap the coffee and cocoa but that's because I'm a cocoa junkie, lol. This month is definitely holding all sorts of happy feelings for me so far and I love it! <3

  2. yes x 100! to all of this.

    hot soup and heaters when it's chilly outside is the best and i LOVE that photo of you crossing the finish line!

  3. I was just thinking to myself how I know it's getting colder because I've started keeping my slippers right beside my bed!

  4. Matzo ball soup. YUM. And happy running anniversary!

    I love fall. The clothes, the food, the getting dark early, the hot drinks...everything you've mentioned. I adore it all. Except the running. You know how I feel about that.

  5. Hot cide/cocoa (with heaps of whipped cream) are one of my favorite things about it being colder. So excited for your new yoga ventures.

  6. This is most certainly my favorite time of year!!! (Hopefully it will cool down some!) Yes to all of these things! Nothing better than cider, cocoa,tea and soup! I am so excited for you on your new adventure!!!!!!! I wish you all the best!

  7. I am so glad for mulled anything! Mulled cider and wine are my 2 favorite fall/winter drinks! I am a little sad that winter is right around the corner though. I enjoy it when it gets into the 50's and 60's but beyond that, I'd rather move south. Can't wait to hear more about your new adventures! Lots of luck!

  8. It sounds like you have some amazing things going on for you right now and I'm so happy for you! I know it's been a tough year for you!

  9. yay for running anniversary coming up and marathon anniversary - i am glad it made you think those things and i can't wait to see what you accomplish next. the picture of you 3 yogis is fabulous. my 3pm mug of tea makes my soul happy. much better than a diet coke (i'd love to pretend it was water but most likely diet coke). what is the thing behind the soup? it looks delish, the soup does too.

  10. Now I want matzoh ball soup. Yeah, as much as it sucks to be in frigid weather, there's something super nice about the cozy factor of it. I LOVE coming home from work on a cold night (bonus if it's a Friday), throwing on a big ol sweatshirt and sweats, some fuzzy socks and grabbing a blanket. I also use a space heater too because I'm 90. I light candles, order takeout and just...relax. Nothing better.

  11. I love this time of the year :)

    Thanks for linking up with us and sharing your beautiful thoughts!

  12. Hooray for the new business! Congratulations and best of luck!!! I've been all excited to get my boots back out. And I wasn't really thinking about it but some hot cider would just about hit the spot right now...


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