While You're Waiting

While you're waiting to hear back after a recruiter meeting, a first interview, a job application, or a recruiter submission, remember that the holidays are coming, people are starting their vacations early, and everyone has a full workload.

Check your email constantly, and unsubscribe from everything non-essential so that little (1:1) that shows up in your Gmail inbox tab and gives you a temporary mini-heart attack while you think, hope, wish might be a response or an update doesn't turn out to just be a notification from Netflix that they added new episodes of a show you don't even watch.

Write a marathon training plan, schedule spring training races, and map out new courses.

Reread the Harry Potter series.

Rewatch all of Gilmore Girls, even though you just did that like a couple of months ago, because the revival is almost here and you must be prepared.

Change one word on your resume and then be tempted to resend it everywhere it's already gone in the hopes that that one change will be what tips you over the edge.

Remember that you are not your circumstances, and that not getting the job doesn't mean you're a failure or a terrible person. Remind yourself that it just means you're in a tough industry in a saturated market and you can't take it personally.

Take it personally more often than you want to admit.

Read every single job board you know of daily, troll your favorite sites and business' websites for openings or hints about hiring, send cold emails and more LinkedIn messages than you ever thought you could muster the strength for.

Reevaluate your methods no less than five times a day.

Go for a run. Take a yoga class. Be grateful you have these outlets, but struggle with feeling motivated sometimes. Many times.

Go private on Twitter, just in case.

Check your spam folder daily, just in case.

Cook, even though your kitchen is way too tiny for it. But that's okay, because you have nowhere to go, so you have plenty of time to do 11 loads of dishes in the span of one meal prep.

Feel extremely grateful for the yoga classes you teach and the freelance work you've secured for keeping the lights on.

Keep trying. Try to be patient. Try not to lose faith.

Write things to post on your blog so you don't write badgering emails to recruiters and people who interviewed you 20 minutes ago about whether or not they've made a decision yet. Stay busy.

Remember that you are not your circumstances. Say it twice if you need to.

Never forget that having a hard time doesn't mean you shouldn't still be a good person, so be a good person.


  1. i always check my spam folder on the regular; i've found emails that were never marked as spam in this folder! love these suggestions :)

  2. I'm starting the job search for maybe finding a new job next year and I'm already so overwhelmed. You're not alone, girl! Love these reminders.

  3. Hang in there, friend! The waiting is hard... so hard! I have definitely been in your shoes and I can relate to the constant email checking and sending and everything in between. The right thing will come along, I just know it!

  4. Oh, man - I remember these days. It's been a while, but I was unemployed in spring of 2012 and my entire LIFE was...well, this. Biding my time and trying to stay busy and going crazy and obsessing and feeling hopeful andddd then getting let down. I laughed at your sentence about unsubscribing from emails because I still feel that now when I'm waiting for an important response to something, hear the Gmail chime & realize it's an email from Bath and Body Works. Boo.

    Good things come to those who wait and I hope that rings true for you! We need some good news in 2017...I'm counting on ya. :)

  5. I actually went private on IG (until after the new year) and I totally get it. I'm not in your boat but trust me when I say I'm floating right next to you. And although I know I don't NEED to say it, I am: I'm here if you need me... for anything.

  6. Sending you my all my love. I've been there. It blows. I hope all else is still going well, and know that you're a bad ass especially when you're discouraged and doing all kinds of amazing, productive things because of it. Let's catch up soon!

  7. I'm scared that one year from now, I may be writing this exact same post. You don't mind if I just copy and paste it, right? ;)

  8. This is a surprisingly sane post for the madness that is job-hunting. Sending you lots of hope for the right fit to come along soon.

  9. Can I just tell you how much I hate that you wrote this post?! Ugh this is so hard. I know this is such a tough time and I wish I knew what to tell you to make it better...but I can't because I don't have a company that needs a writer (but if I did I'd tell you, "You're hired!").

  10. i wish i could say something helpful.. i hate that you are going through this and i hope things turn around soon. 'you are not your circumstances' something i have had to remind myself in the past, and recently as well.


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