I Fell For Fall

Weird how it isn't officially winter yet, but it feels fully in swing around here. In Northern NJ, we've had a few teensy dustings—followed immediately by rain or temperatures warm enough to melt any trace of snow away. And while I'm not looking forward exactly to the three-plus months of snow we're sure to get as soon as January comes, I'd love a white Christmas this year to help me really feel in the holiday spirit.

But we still, in the technical sense, have a few days of fall left. I always think of fall as October; the end. Seasons take different shape after that: November means it's "almost the holidays" and then from Thanksgiving to New Years it's "the holiday season," something that feels wholly separate from the burnt oranges of October and the gray blanket that covers the whole of actual winter. But autumn it remains, and these have been a few of my very favorite things of this past season...
Bigelow Green Tea with Mint & Decaf Lady Gray Tea
A mug of tea is sometimes the only thing that beats the cold once it sets into my bones when the weather turns chilly. These have been two of my favorites this fall, the former without anything added; the latter with a little raw sugar and almond milk.

Community & This is Us
David and I have, for the most part, pretty different taste in TV. Community is one of the few shows we can agree on, and we've been making our way through the whole series on Hulu. And This Is Us is the perfect drama to fit the space left by my other loves, Parenthood and Friday Night Lights. Thank frog (and David) for Hulu.

Whether I'm working at home or at David's apartment, there's no such thing as real quiet. He's facing 49th Street; my downstairs neighbor is quite fond of an old-fashioned radio that he turns up full-blast and that is on a frequency low enough that it basically feels like a bass vibration under my apartment all the livelong day. So while science says quiet is best, I find pseudo-quiet that's constantly interrupted by low mumbles and shrill firetrucks to be anything but productivity-promoting. Coffitivity is my favorite thing! It's coffee shop-inspired ambient noise that is just loud enough to drown out the downstairs neighbor, but not interesting or in any way coherent enough to be distracting.

Archer Farms Apple Cider Donut Coffee
Bought this on a whim, because if there's apple flavor involved, it's usually something I want to be a part of. I was browsing Target (because when am I not?) when I found this and promptly went home and made a pot. Oh my yum.

Essie Stylenomics and Licorice
I love fall nail polish shades more than any other season. You can still play with some color, but the dark polishes are my favorite—the way they pop against pale fingers just looks really pretty to me. I have a lot of dark blues, reds, purples, and grays that I reach for, but the ones I repeated most this fall were Stylenomics, a deep green (that stays relevant through Christmas and beyond) and Licorice, a shiny, bold black that I'll keep wearing through March.

Bullet journaling and gratitude all in one
I mentioned in my post last week how I took this year to refine some habits, including my planning and journaling system. I fully embraced the bullet journal in the truest sense this fall—meaning, it's a list of things to do, and not a hand-drawn planner like some of the very artistically-inclined Instagrammers post under the #bujo tag I suddenly found myself stalking on the weekly. The result has been better organization and productivity and more peace of mind after expelling the thoughts that keep my mind reeling.

Dove White Bar
I honestly can't remember why, but back in the summer I decided to try using bar soap rather than body wash. And I'm converted. I'm super happy I switched and I feel like this might be a weird thing to list, but I seriously feel so much cleaner and like I produce so much less product waste. I'm also pretty positive a bar lasts longer than a bottle of body wash, and a pack of three bars is definitely less expensive than even inexpensive body wash.

Have a look at my favorites from last summer here.


  1. It feels like it should already be winter because of the freezing temps we're getting LOL!! This is us was definitely the show of the fall - I can't wait for it to come back! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I'm making some planner changes in 2017, one of them being switching to a vertical layout. I'm planning on devoting one of the daily boxes to listing 3-5 things that I'm thankful for that day. Offitivity sounds amazing, going to check that out now!

  3. i love the bullet journal concept; mine works for me and it's just bullet points jotted down on a blank sheet in my planner...things that don't have a due date but things i can't forget and need to be done.

  4. I was just thinking about how sad it was that I was already hating winter and it's not even officially winter yet. I'm so sad, I ran out of the candycane lane tea and can't find it anywhere this year! We're on the same wave length with the dark green nail polish-- I looove it!

  5. I use bar soap exclusively with a shower gel on hand to use here or there. It used to be the opposite.

    I despise that all of the sudden bullet journaling is trendy but wholeheartedly support dumping thoughts into a list. I have to do it or I don't have peace.

  6. I LOVE This Is Us! Such a good show. I'm starting a bullet journal in 2017. Super excited.

  7. Those are two of my favorite polishes as well, I agree about the dark colors.
    I switched from body wash to solid bars and then to sometimes lavender infused honey but mostly nothing. It's crazy but washing with just water is a real thing and it totally works :) Plus, no toxins or chemicals or whatever of any kind.

  8. Green tea with mint is the best! And I can't do quiet either, for similar reasons. My dogs lately seem like they do nothing but lick themselves and that wet, slurpy sound drives me up the fucking wall. So I drown them out with Pandora. One of my favorite stations is mostly video game music (not the beepy annoying kind - it just sounds like epic instrumental), which I later learned is designed to keep game players engaged and explains why it works so well!

  9. Wait, I feel like I need to go out and get that coffee right now. It sounds amazing! Apple cider anything is my fave, but add in donuts? OOOOO, yes.

  10. Hahaha the Dove bars do seem like a weird thing to list, but they're my favorite too! Actually, I switch between those and the green "go fresh cool moisture" ones because I like the way they smell. I just started drinking that green tea on Sunday nights- so good! Coffitivity sounds interesting- I'll have to check it out!

  11. I've heard about the dove white bar before, so I feel like I should give it a try. I just don't have a soap holder thing in my shower lol. I recently started watching This Is Us and am enjoying it. I wimped out and stopped watching Parenthood when it started getting sad, but I should probably finish it.

  12. i am super into bar soap, body wash does seem wasteful to me, and i don't feel as clean. its been years since i've used dove soap though, and i have been craving a change. i just got a bunch of new skincare last month, and one of those things was body wash because i thought it would be better for my skin than bar soap, but i really don't like it and i'm already back to bar soap haha.
    I STILL haven't watched This is Us. I don't know what I am waiting for.
    Sorry for the ridiculously late comment.


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