The Non-stop, Won't-stop One

When weekends are as full of fun firsts and good times worth remembering as this one was, they're deserving of a photo-filled recap with details I hope I'll never forget.

Friday night was the first public event for Iris Studios. In case you missed it, here's the skinny: two other yoginis (collectively, @threeyoginis) and I launched a business within which we host public and private yoga (and similar) events in local studios, homes, public venues, etc. Following a private birthday party (which we booked THE DAY we launched, November 1), we just held our first open-to-the-public event: a workshop called Malas & Merlot, where 15 ladies came out to join us in making their own malas and getting to know new friends over wine and snacks. It was a beautiful event and our hearts are so full of gratitude.


Next morning was the Donut Run 5k, hosted by the BEST donut bakery in my town and from which proceeds benefited Covenant House of New Jersey. It was sweet and special for a few reasons. I haven't run a 5k in a year and a half, and hearing the chatter of people in the pack around me reminded me of life before marathoning. I was hit with a flood of memories from my very first race, how excited and anxious and nervous I was to start, and how proud I was of myself after the fact. I tell you, it nearly rivals the feelings I had before and after my first marathon last year. Those first 3.1 miles gave me a love of racing and distances great and small.

But on the flip side, it was a cold, windy morning and I was lucky enough to retreat to my warm home after the run. Too many kids, even here in my state, don't have that. Homelessness isn't happening in some far-off, distant land. It's happening in front of all of us, all the time. I was honored to have been able to donate to Covenant House this year to help provide shelter and care to those who need it most this year.

Afterwards, David met me here in NJ and after too many grocery store stops, we headed over to my friends' place to mull some wine, spread some holiday cheer, catch up with friends I adore, and play dirty word bananagrams. Because we're adults.

And on Sunday, my siblings and I headed to my mom's to celebrate her birthday a few days early. Rather than, ya know, take the day off, she made a delicious dinner for us and accidentally dropped a saucy spoon on my head, resulting in this:
but the more important result of the day was this:

And now it may be a gloomy Monday, but with so much joy in my life, how could a rain cloud ever take away from all the good?


  1. LOL I did that to kayla but it was cake batter and she wasn't mad about it!

  2. Mulled wine...sounds delicious. Must try - did you use a recipe or do you just wing it? ;) How fun for your Momma's birthday...saucy spoon and all. :)

  3. Your last line...I'm so glad to hear you say how much joy you are feeling. And, your family photo is a beauty!

  4. oh my gosh the spoon on your head hahahaha. sorry.
    Malas & Merlot - what a fabulous idea! congrats on the event, that is awesome.
    that is so awesome that the donut race donates the proceeds to covenant house. such a fabulous organisation and one of the ones i currently donate to monthly. it's so easy to get caught up in life and forget that many people don't have the things we take for granted, like a warm house.

  5. Hooray for good weekends! Looking forward to the next event! You and your brothers look so much alike.

  6. Looks like an awesome weekend with lots of good stuff in there :) I LOLd at dirty word bananagram, might have to try playing that version sometime hehe.

  7. Congratulations on a successful event-- it looked like so much fun! I wish I could teleport to come and take yoga with you! What a fun 5k for a great cause! Sounds like the rest of the weekend was wonderful with friends and family. I may have laughed a little bit with the spoon on your head, but hope the sauce came out of your sweater :) haha


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