New Year, Same Alyssa

Am I the only one who miraculously did no changing, experienced no radical mindset shift, and confronted zero personal demons at the stroke of midnight last Saturday? New year, same old me.

Not that I'm complaining. For the most part, I'm pretty okay with my life. Minus, of course, a few big things that I've been working on changing for a few months now (ahem, employment-related). But I work out almost daily. I drink tea, meditate, journal. I have good and healthy relationships. I have a side business I enjoy. And I'm staring down the barrel of a pretty big life change.

It made no sense to me to set a lofty goal to radically shift anything in January, when in my case a whole new deck will be dealt to me in a month's time. I'm sorry, I'm doing that annoying, cryptic blogger "I have a secret that I can't tell you" thing, aren't I? The post revealing the secret is already in the works, don't you worry.

I said everything I have to say about the fact that it's a new year, and aside from adjusting from writing 2016 to 2017 in my journal, I feel the same as I did a couple weeks ago. I have made zero resolutions for the year. I made no goals for 2017 (though I did make quarterly goals, because that works for me). I woke up Sunday morning and went to my same old yoga studio and taught my same old yoga class, and then went to a diner I've been to a thousand times before with my same old boyfriend and same old friend Michael and ordered a breakfast I've gotten more times than I can count. Then we came home and I read the same book I'd been reading since the end of 2016, ate dinner on my same old plates, and slept that night in the same old bed.

Because for now, everything is the same. But it won't be for long, and I'm enjoying what is and what has been and starting a new year with the same mindset I grew into over the last couple of weeks: I am humbled and open to receive all that the universe wills.

While things are still the same, here's what's happening on the day-to-day scale....
What's New With You

Reading thanks to the generosity of loved ones at Christmas. I was able to finally replace my on-its-last-legs iPad (that was only being used for the Kindle app at this point) with a Kindle Paperwhite so I've been working through my library ebook hold list. I was gifted the latest Jodi Picoult which I have been dying to read for months, and couldn't wait to dive in. I'm also re-reading the Harry Potter series on audiobook and have been for a few weeks now.

Watching the leftovers of a Hulu watchlist. I succumbed to pressure and hit Play on The O.C., so I've been stumbling down memory lane for a bit now.

Tossing everything. Nothing is safe around here. In the past month I've taken no fewer than a dozen boxes and bags to donation centers; I still have two bags and a box of home goods, a bag of clothes, and a trunk full of blankets and linens to drop off. You guys, I have a STUDIO APARTMENT. Where was I keeping all this crap? How do I constantly find more to get rid of every time I try? I'm not objecting; having less and being content with a simpler life is something I've been working toward for nearly two years now. I just am in serious disbelief over how much has been passed over in every previous declutter... because there have been many.

Training for my mental health, physical health, emotional health. Well, and for a race. A marathon, to be exact. It will be my second, and it will hopefully be even more fun than the first. I was going to add in a few shorter races on the road to this 26.2 miler in the spring, but these next few months will probably be kind of hectic and I want to just focus on this one goal race and do my best to get myself to the start. Minus, of course, a trip to DC in April for a race repeat!

Listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on audiobook, keeping me nice and entertained during my runs and bus trips to and from the city these days. It's my second favorite of the Harry Potter books and I haven't read the series since my first run back in 2014, so I'm really enjoying the repeat experience.

Exploring neighborhoods of New York. David lives in Hell's Kitchen (midtown west), so that's where we end up spending most of our time in the city out of ease and convenience. And it's a great neighborhood: home to Restaurant Row and more options for delicious food than I can count and and steps from pretty views of the Hudson and my great state. But it always amazes me how getting out of midtown sorta feels like leaving the city altogether. We've hit almost all the boroughs together (though neither of us is in a hurry to round out all five on Staten Island, honestly) and are having fun adding more and more to our New York to do and done lists.

Preparing for some really fun and important weekend plans over the next few months. There's some travel, some Iris Studios events, some friend visits, a dog birthday, a wedding, and lots of miles. Bring it all on!

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  1. You don't need to resolve to make any big changes - life is already taking care of that for you! I'm excited to see where this year takes you!
    For a hot second we were thinking about moving to a smaller apartment so I've been starting to toss some things (which needed to happen anyway) and I'm having the same experience. I continue to learn that if there is space, I WILL fill it up. Or apartment is small but we've still managed to cram in a ton of stuff and definitely more than we need.
    I hope your training goals well and that things click mentally and physically. Your first marathon was fun (from my perspective at least), but I do hope this one tops it!
    Not that I've spent a lot of time in New York, but the differences between neighborhoods always fascinates me. It's so striking to get on the subway in one place and come out in what feels like an entirely new city. DC feels that way too am I am guilty of not exploring enough neighborhoods, but I just love the little pocket where I live so much that I never want to leave!
    Can't wait to see you soon :)

  2. decluttering is amazing, isn't it? you just feel lighter when you see all that stuff go. we finally emptied 3 GIANT bins of Kayla's stuff that was sitting in the living room for a year and i hated seeing it every day so i wasn't sad to see them go and this time around, NO MORE BINS. i told her if she can't find a place for *insert object here*, then it either goes into recycling or donation.

  3. Ooo, The O.C. it's been a while since I rewatched that but I will always have a soft spot for Seth Cohen! Here's to lots of health, happiness and new jobs in 2017!

  4. I have no goals this year either. Just working on habit changes as I've fallen into some terrible ones over the last few years (thanks, depression).

    I love the way decluttering feels. I went crazy on New Year's Eve day and tossed a ton of stuff. Still need to do more and bring a couple of bags to Goodwill but just knowing that some of that shit is out of my house before the new year started made a big difference. Need to tackle the child's room next.

    I have some friends from Staten Island. It's not THAT bad.

  5. Hello my friend! Nothing is safe around here either. I also often think where the hell did this all come from?

    I will always prefer a physical book but I did not fully get on board with the e-reader until I got the kindle paperwhite. I love that thing.

  6. hahaha the first line. i think i'm still me, but something about a clean slate does make me feel nice and refreshed, less of a grumpy grinch.
    yay for new books and kindle! how exciting.
    can't wait for all the new things that this year will bring you :)

  7. Yes to enjoying this moment of life while you're in it, even if some things are still in limbo! I definitely woke up on the first and was like welll everything still feels exactly the same! Sounds like so many fun adventures are in the works for the coming months!

  8. I used to love the OC. It's probably a good thing that I don't have Hulu & Netflix doesn't have it or I would definitely get sucked in. I didn't make any new 2017 resolutions either. I have enough goal/to-do lists as it is.

  9. Ohh yay for fun weekend plans!!! I never watched the OC, should I? I did binge One Tree Hill for the first time last year. I am with you on not really feeling any different just because it is a new year. I did use the new year as a way to reset my eating though now that I dont have pregnancy as an excuse for bad behavior lol. Decluttering is something I have been trying to do around here as well. Why do we hold on to so much stuff that we dont need?? I hope 2017 brings you awesome things friend! Happy New Year!

  10. I have a confession to make: I've never been to NYC. I've always meant to go...just never made it happen. So, I especially loved the paragraph about "exploring neighborhoods of New York."
    Although I've had some big changes from 2016 to 2017, and I have things that I want/need to accomplish, and I like lists...still, weirdly, I'm not a blogger who writes annual/monthly/quarterly goals. I can relate to your opening segment.

  11. *whispers* are you pregnant? Haha the cryptic hints just made me have to ask! Also, I love Harry Potter on audio book. Really brings back the magic.

  12. Ohh what marathon are you doing? I'm also training for'll be my third! That's awesome that you got into Cherry Blossom. I wasn't so lucky, so I signed up for the Rock n Roll half instead :)


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